2014 Aug 17 | drive-in movie

I'm surprised they can write "bitch" on an ad on the side of a bus.

Pretty hill with trees and sky.

"You are one slug?" No idea.

Nice mini-park.

Lots of various nerdy things this could refer to.

A tow truck waiting on the side of the highway.

Tuesday evenings they have free movies on the beach in Long Beach.

A bit of trouble with the DVD skipping, but they got it working.

The Goonies, a great show.

LA Prime is in the Western Bonaventure motel, one floor above the only rotating lounge in LA. We got a deal for a restricted menu through TravelZoo for Ogii's birthday.

The bread was amazing.

I was surprised at how good the steak was since rotating restaurants usually have only decent food, and our waitress was super-nice. Definitely a great place.

They even had a little cake for Ogii.

All moved in, but still not with everything put away. We couldn't find the shower curtain, so Ogii threw up some of the plastic wrap. Good idea.

It's just a ball, but it has this amazing display that everyone stops and looks at.

Home Depot didn't have the dowels I needed.

It did have these cheap and nice doormats, though.

We thought about putting fake grass on the balcony, but it didn't look realistic enough.

Lucky spot 13.

I told a woman it was free since it was after 6pm, she said she didn't think so and put money in, and later on I heard her talking to her friends about how she wasted her money because it was free after 6pm.

That's a cool vehicle.

Very nice.

I went to Ikea to get some more dowels, and they have an entire section up front with spare parts.

All kinds of dowels.

These two were looking for pieces as well.

And super-cheap food; two hot dogs, a drink, and chips for $2.50.

They had an eat-for-free special, but you're really not saving all that much unless you eat like 20 hot dogs.

They have huge elevators, too.

Everything's still not quite put away, including kitchen supplies, so this is dinner.

It looks like we have at least one Mongolian and one Swedish neighbor in our complex.

Lots of sand.

We went to Vineland drive-in movie theater. Ogii's playing her game before the shows start.

If you pick up the popcorn with your tongue, you don't get butter all over your fingers.

We were watching TMNT and Guardians of the Galaxy, a really good deal for only $9.

You could see the other movies too, though.

The one behind us is what I was most interested in: Expendables 3 and Hercules. However, it was really hard to see them.

A fourth screen on the other side.

I kept getting three bonus spins in Jetpack Joyride, so I was stuck at the slot machine for like 12 spins instead of 3.

Skewering his queen to his rook.

But he can just block with his pawn. That was obvious.

Trapping his knight. I have two passed pawns on the left, so I should win this.

And he can't stop my pawn from queening.

Offering a queen exchange.

Oh, that's bad. That's very bad. He killed the knight protecting my queen, put me in check, and prevents my king from defending my queen.

Love these forks.

Discovered check wins the queen or at least a rook.

I didn't realize he could just take my queen for free here, so I moved by g2 pawn up to prevent check.

Thankfully he didn't see the free queen either, though. Whew.

Close rook and pawn ending.

I managed to get two of his pawns for only one of mine on the right.

Then I got a few more for free, and now I get the last one.

Please take the free bishop...

... so I can get your queen.

He's up a couple of points, a knight for a pawn, so I have to try to win a little here.

A free knight is a good start.

And I win after I eat up his pawns. A king and knight vs two pawns might be a draw, but vs three pawns it's definitely a win.

Unless I screw it up.

And stalemate him, gah. Pushing the pawn to g2 would have won.

Another revealed attack. However, instead of winning his queen for a bishop and a rook, he can just take my queen after he takes my bishop and I take his queen. It was a great plan until he moved his rook to attack my queen.

I got my pawn into a queen, though, so I win.