2014 Aug 24 | Black Hills South Dakota

View of Marina del Rey on the flight out of LAX.

Port of Long Beach.

It says there's power between seats, but I didn't see anything. Maybe it's just for business class? But then why is the sticker here?

Ah, there they are, underneath.

The cabin we stayed in.

All wood inside.

Plenty of candy.

And toiletries.

Mom and Ogii feeding a bunny in the morning.

A couple of deer.

First stop: Big Thunder Gold Mine.

Watch your head.

Us in the mine.

They had to stop when they hit iron.

The first elevator in the area with an indicator to let you know what level you're on.

Panning for gold. There's a few pieces!

Ogii showing her gold to Dad.


Downtown Keystone.

A chainsaw sculptor.

Very nice.

On a chair.

Taking the 1880 train.

Mom getting pictures of us.

Some people who are going to climb up the side of the rock wall.

A guy taking his chickens out.

Pretty view.

Dad and I saw a few deer in the morning, then Ogii saw some more on the train, so I was annoyed she was winning. But then I saw a few more near the end of the ride, so everything was OK again.

Bear Country USA. You can just see the multiple sets of horns sticking out from behind the trees.

Keeping an eye on us.

A wolf.

Big horn sheep.

The bears did like to walk between cars.

A big one on top of a rock.

I hope he's not thinking I look tasty.

One behind Ogii.

And Mom.

Cougars sleeping.

Bears in the water.

On top of a log.

Throwing bread to the bears.

That brings a lot of them.

These two got into a little fight right in front of us.

Growling at each other.

Ogii's video of the one smacking the other one.

Pronghorn sheep.

Some badgers growling at each other.

Running towards us.

A lynx.

And a spotted one.

The bear cubs seemed to really like their handlers.

Aw, so cute.

Keeping an eye out.

Some kid lost his shoe over the edge.

So a handler grabbed it for him.

Foxes sleeping.

Mom with a pillar that looks like a bear in a tree.

Next stop: Cosmos.

Me standing on the corner.

Mom trying to get across the room.

Bent trees.

Dad seeing who's taller on each side of the board.

The Museum of Black Hills Institute wasn't on our itinerary, but Dad had us stop there anyway.

Some skulls from Mongolia.

Colorful shells.

Some sea creatures.

Dad and Ogii.

T-rex skulls.

A map of where they've found T-rex skeletons in South Dakota.

Pretty much all of them have been found in the northwest corner.

In this little curve.

Neat railroad spike.

Then we went to Mount Rushmore.

I should have moved Dad over a bit, but otherwise it looks pretty close.

Mom and Dad looking.

More deer.

And some more.

I saw the first deer five minutes after leaving the airport the night before, but Dad took the lead the first day.

I see a trend to the morning.

Mist in the hills.

With some clouds.

A giant chair.

Some small waterfalls.

Roughlock Falls.

Mom by them.

Ogii's picture of a bee.

Water droplets.

This stream had some very well-camouflaged fish.

Ogii and I in front of Bridal Veil Falls.

Some trees way up on a ridge.

Dairy Queen! They only have mini versions of DQ in California.

Lots of barbed wire at the High Plains Western Heritage Center Museum.

Old rules of the road.

Some arrowheads.

Ogii with buffalo.

An old saw.

Trial frame set.

Mom and Ogii looking at old household items.

A crib from a barrel.

Nice view.

A map of the pony express.

Starting in San Francisco.

And ending in Missouri.

You can see three states from here.

Cheaters in a poker game.

Upscale women's clothing.

Uh oh, it started pouring.

I ran to grab umbrellas from the car but got soaked in the process. Air-dry time.

Big raincloud.

We tried going up Mount Roosevelt but it started raining before we got there.

So we went into Deadwood instead. It was pretty packed.

Days of 76 Museum.

All kinds of items from the times.


Dad in a mirror that many famous people have looked into.

Holes from bullets that went through a man Poker Alice shot.

Baby moccasins.

An old car.


And another.

Where Wild Bill Hickock was shot.

The Midnight Star had Kevin Costner memorabilia.

Cheap root beer floats.

A ton of chairs set up for the nightly concerts.

A police car set up to look like the Blues Brothers.

Complete with sunglasses and cigarettes.

Ogii and I went to Cadillac Jack's in search of a poker game, but there were none running when we got there.

So we played penny slots instead.

This Jeep made his own parking spot.

Back up to Mount Roosevelt after the rain. A chair made out of a tree stump on the trail there.

The monument.

You could go up via these small stairs.

Us at the top.

Mom and Dad on the ground.

There was a lookout on the western side.

Pretty view.

With Ogii.

The sunset lit up the clouds.

Day two is over and Dad is pulling ahead.

More deer in the morning.

Turkeys, too.

This guy must have helicopter tours.

The Crazy Horse building was very nice.

A great outdoor area.

Ogii with a teepee.

Ogii and Mom with what it will be like when finished.

Jewel cave is huge.

Going in.

Watch your head.

Some interesting formations.

A stalactite and stalagmite.

Little ones in the ceiling.

Rock that looks like bacon.

Longorn cattle.

Sylvan Lake.

Ogii in front.

A view from the Needles Highway.

Ogii by the edge.

And me.

Me in front of the eye of the needle.

Ogii in front of the needles.

Going through one of the many tunnels.

Us in a cave.

A buffalo at Custer State Park.

A prarie dog eating.

Those don't count for the deer count.

Donkeys looking for food from tourists.

Mom feeding them.

The babies weren't interested in our food.

Feeding them out of the car.

Hey, those are for the animals, not you!

A blue bird on a fence.

This guy has a rather large lens for his camera.

Eating some flowers.

A pretty view.

A tunnel you could see Mount Rushmore through.

Another stop to see a long ways.

The road split around these trees.

Cars coming through a tunnel.

Another view of Mount Rushmore through a tunnel.

The pigtail bridges.

You could see the 1880 train from our cabin.

That's a big steak.

End of day three and Ogii almost tied Dad for the daily count until Dad saw a herd of five right before we got home.


Smoke from a factory mixing with the clouds.

An old saloon in the town of Scenic.

A jail beside it.

A hawk flying above sunflower fields.

Ogii in them.

Ogii's picture of one of them.

A buffalo in the Badlands.

Ogii with it.

Some guys on a skinny ridge watching us.

The Badlands.

A prarie dog eating a Cheez-It.

The guy on the left appears very interested in what the other one is eating.

A panoramic.

Ogii way out on a ridge in the middle.

Crawling back.

Me in front of the colorful rocks.

Mom feeding some white prarie dogs.

It was too long of a wait to actually see the missle at the Minuteman Missile National Historic Site, but we looked around the visitor's center.

Ogii and I in front of the dinosaur at Wall Drug.

He has a really long neck.

Inside Wall's Drug Store with a bunch of record-breaking bucks on the wall.

Aw man, not these dumb things.

You guys do it.

In front of a buffalo.

We already saw the real one, though.

Free water.

On a jackrabbit.

Articles on Ted Hustead, the pharmacist who created Wall Drug.

A dinosaur that roars every 12 minutes.

Card game cheaters.

Ogii by a big bear.

Articles on Wall Drug.

That would be fun to make a lamp out of.

Ogii with a gambler.

Dad and Mom with a hunter.

And me with a pretty woman.

Ogii on a saddle.

Lots of little shops.

Pretty stained glass.

The front of the store.

A restaurant across the street that was really good.

Rows of sunflowers.

Dad won, but he did have a front-seat advantage. 111 total deer over 4 days.