2014 Aug 31 | West LA VB

Maybe videogames geek?


It's definitely raining over there.

Big balcony.

Volleyball on Saturday morning with West LA.

Me hitting the ball.

Jumping and hitting.

I just like the overall composition here: the edge of the net is in focus and everyone is smiling.

Getting low.

David running for the ball.


I have no idea why I would jump here, but apparently I did.

David going up.

And again.


Good dig, and good start of a run to be ready in the back.

Jump hit.

Jump serve.

Over the net.

Nice dig.

And another sliding one.


I like the sand getting hit off the ball.

Ogii was putting sunscreen on my back at volleyball but she missed a spot on the left. She claims this is my side, which was my job, but I don't think so.

Hmm... I wonder if this is still good? It's been in a drawer forever.

Is that April 14th, 2009 or April 9th, 2014? It's a rather important difference.

We were looking for exactly one of these, but it appears Home Depot doesn't sell them, even though it uses them.

Are these cacti bred to be different colors?

If new spines emerge as white or yellow, it sounds like they just spray-painted the things. Well, I guess that's much cheaper and easier than doing genetics.

Ooh, Ogii has a labeler. It was a very bad idea to show me that; now everything gets a label.

Our tool comparison. Mine are all bigger.

Public Access TV in LA has lots of Hispanic and Asian channels.

I never played Super Mario 64 when I was a kid, but I used it to test out the connections.

I understand they want the propane tank out of the way when they paint the floor, but hanging it from the fence seems pretty dangerous.

I love these shorts, but they're getting pretty ragged. I look for new ones in every store I go to but they're all much thinner and cheaper quality.

I ordered a bunch of poker chips and only half arrived. I waited a bit, then went back to the post office to see if they had another box. Sure enough, there it was, but they had mislabeled it.

All the chips.

Three were damaged. Also, they are mostly a little too fat and fit in the racks way too tightly, but maybe after playing with them a bit it'll get better. Also, they sent me too many gray ones and not enough green, black, purple, and yellow, but I emailed them and they sent the correct ones quickly.

I spent some time looking into getting a programmable thermostat, but I'm not sure what type we have, and I think it might be missing a wire or two that's needed for this. Plus, it's only going to be hot for another month or so, so I guess I'll just leave it alone.

It was hard to find studs either by tapping or with a stud finder, but you can also look for the nails in the baseboards.

Ogii putting up some string lights on the balcony.

Aw, the Gatorade I want is gone.

It's always nice to get a bit dirty; it feels a bit more like real work.

There was a caterpillar on a leaf of a plant we were looking at buying.

When you touched it, it reared its head back and pushed out these horns. Never seen that before.

One downside of the new apartment complex: the garbage chute tends to fill up on the weekend, so people will just leave their garbage beside it instead of taking it down to the dumpster.

What's this?

Somebody who took his dog out in the morning let it pee on the garbage, too. Disgusting.

A second big problem is that a lot of the washers and dryers are broken. This washer on the first floor leaks.

And the dryer beside it is unplugged.

A dryer on the second floor is taped shut, the other one doesn't heat, and one of the washers doesn't spin.

These playing cards are so pretty.

But I guess they don't actually come in those colors. Looking at the manufacturer's website and they don't even have them there.

I win. I can stop his pawn and if he tries to take my back pawn, my front pawn can get away.

I guess I'll hope for a stalemate.

I win again. He can't stop me from getting a queen without losing his rook.

Uh oh, he's attacking my queen. Better run away.

This seems safe.

He pointed out I could have won a free rook if I would have taken his rook with my queen instead of retreating. Have to keep my eyes open next time someone doesn't castle by now.

That's a pretty messy route.

New farthest distance in Jetpack Joyride: 9000m even.

My computer wouldn't recognize my phone to get pictures off of it, but thankfully after some Googling I figured out how to make it work again. I'm pretty sure I would have never found this on my own since it was hidden under ACER device, which makes no sense.

That's a terrifying board. Four-card straights and flushes and even a possible straight flush.

The Amazon app lets you scan in a barcode to check their price, but the dumb thing kept scanning when it was still blurry and wouldn't read it.

I've never seen this sword before, and it's the only one I've seen in months that is possibly better than my current sword. So I bought it, and then somehow accidentally sold it the next round. Gah.