2014 Sep 14 | surfing lessons, LABV

I wonder if the owner of the company told them to spell "Banquit" or if the sign company did that. Also "Centerpiecs."

This guy scratched "Ford Explorer" off and put this symbol on. Maybe it would look good if he actually did a better job on the word removal.

This sign actually looks like this. It's weird driving by it.

A Bentley, although we're in Brentwood, so that's appropriate.

Waxing the surfboard.

A guy on a motorcycle with a surfboard.

It appears he made the correct choice; he parked to the left and it doesn't look like I'm going to find a spot any time soon.

I drove through the entire parking lot and didn't find anything the first time around, so I drove up, looked around on the main road a bit, still didn't find anything, and drove back through the lot again.

Still nothing. I saw these two women walking while I was up on the main road, though, so maybe that will be a better solution.

I found a parking garage a few blocks away. It only allowed two hours, but I didn't think I'd be longer than that anyway. Plus, most of the spots had meters, but as far as I could tell the charging ones were free; pretty cool.

Surfing lessons with the Santa Monica Surfers group.

There were some decent-sized waves.

Aw, I cut my foot on something. Now there's sand all in the cut, too.

You have to put your hands by your hips and push yourself up. It was actually pretty tiring after paddling out against the waves; it's like doing push-ups.

Taking a break.

I saw a guy taking pictures of his friend. I asked him what lens he was using and he said only a 400mm. Well, even the low-end 400mm is around $1400.

I'm guessing he's some kind of eye doctor.

Neat-looking gas station.

The Spadena House, also called the Witch's House, in Beverly Hills.

Fun sign.

And the Mosaic House.

An angel on their front door.

Volleyball with LABV.

Eyes on the ball.

Good hit.

Good form.

Diving for the ball.

Nader with his ball.

Two hands up.

Good bump.

Popping it up now.

Keeping it going even though she's on the ground.

Her front foot is really jammed into the sand.

Nancy diving.

And Michael, too.

Always good to smile.

Dinner at Cucina Rustica, really good with multiple happy-hour specials.


I don't think we need all of these chocolate chips.

Aw man, I accidentally hit the down button on the elevator, now I have to hit the up as well, and if one comes on the way down, the doors will open and the people inside will stare and me and wonder why I'm not getting in.

Nice pictures in the restaurant bathroom.

At first I thought this was a meeting with F Scott Fitzgerald, but he's been dead quite a while now.

Hummingbirds at sunrise.

Watching Wonder Woman on TV and this woman could control ants with her mind. She made a rather overdramatic face while doing it, though.

Also, a few ants aren't going to cause an entire building to collapse in a few minutes by chewing on the wood. Shouldn't they be termites, anyway? Who writes this stuff?

Oh, we that's some great formatting in this PDF.

And once you zoom in enough to see it it's just bars. Great, very useful information.

I should win this; I'm up two pawns and one is passed.

I traded two of my rooks for his queen, which puts me up another point. Two rooks should usually win vs a queen.

However, my internet connection was bad, so it was eating up much more of my time that it was supposed to. It'd say I have 55 seconds, I'd move in 5 seconds, and then it'd say I have 40 seconds or something. Which meant I was trying to move way too fast and this happened.

Goodbye rook, goodbye game. I thought the program had some sort of system built in so a slow internet connection wouldn't eat up your time, but it sure messed up this game.

When I tried to order trial contact lenses online, it said I couldn't order any. I called the company, though, and they said it would be fine. Well then why have the limit in the first place?

An exam plus glasses for $49? That's insane. Maybe they're hoping to make it up with lots of options, but Groupon patients very rarely do that.

I feel sorry for the bears in Reaper; they're so cute.

So if there's a ledge, I knock them off it instead of killing them. That way I can imagine they're happily swimming around down there.

There are all of these different swords.

With different properties.

And I'm not sure which is best.

So time to bring up Excel and see what they have. I'm not sure if I calculated it right, since I'm not really checking it, but for a general idea, it's good enough. They're all pretty close, anyway.

The helms look the same, but one is offensive and one is defensive.

That sounds fun.