2014 Sep 28 | Opulence Party, GITD VB, Sorrento VB, poker

Exercise class in the mall.

A DJ at the Opulence party at the Warwick in Hollywood.

Lots of umbrellas, even though it's indoors.

Interesting picture on the wall.

And some more going up the stairs.

A view from upstairs.

Ooh, a bag of snacks.

And a freezer.

With popsicles inside.

Andrea, who I haven't seen in forever, was there as well.

Now I don't have to use two hands to hold onto my drink and popsicle.

This woman's dress matched the design around the Warwick barrier.

There are lots of Destiny's; I wonder which this is? Oh, right above it is a sticker for Destiny Church.

A patient came in wearing these saying he had a problem with his eyes.

Ogii made some new hummingbird mix in the left feeder, but they didn't touch it and only went to the right one. I wonder how they know it's different and what they don't like about it?

A pretty good BBQ place, although it's in a somewhat ghetto neighborhood.

I like how they spelled "console" on the first ad.

Tall skinny palm trees in Santa Monica.

And short fat ones.

Dinner at Cha Cha Chicken before glow-in-the-dark volleyball.

Good bump.


David going up to get the ball.


Me hitting the ball.

Everyone taking a break.

The net and a player.

We tried the light-up ball, but it was way too hard.

Everyone watching the ball.

Me swinging again.

A man made out of glowsticks.

Getting ready to serve.

David about to serve with the Santa Monica pier behind him.

We had people coming in throughout the night. A few people couldn't find us, even though I thought they directions were pretty clear, but these two did.

Good hit.

Another player with the pier in the background.


A view from the back.

Me ready to start.

We went to Happy Endings to watch the UFC fight with a few other people.

They had huge portions of chicken and pasta.

And this cool make-your-own-S'mores platter with a little fire.

Poker on Sunday. This was a crazy hand; five people were all-in. AK made a full house.

Table 1.

Table 2.

We had football on the TV.

Me dealing from the other table so I could watch the game.

Another big hand with three people all-in. I was way ahead with AA, but JJ hit another J to take it.

The final three with the money.