2014 Oct 05 | LACOS networking, LABV

On Monday morning I went to Culver City to do a vision screening with the Lions Club at a school.

Interesting art, I'm guessing for sale, at a corner.

Yep, I'm in the ghetto.

Not sure what exactly happened to this truck but it was pretty bad.

A guy switching lanes way too late. Then again, this section is pretty confusing.

I think this is a plate you'd order when you're in a certain mood and then regret it most of the time.

Aw, not the Goodwill blimp.

Lots of different colored houses.

Black Mom B? Black Momba?

This vehicle's back window is perfect for reflecting the skyscrapers.

I wonder if they got permission to use those characters?

Hong Kong Wholesale Center; I'm guessing not.

Why did they have to add the last two? The first three were perfectly fine as they were.

Some sort of construction in the early morning?

LACOS had a networking event on Tuesday night.

Barry gave a lecture on specialty contact lenses.

There were appetizers and drinks.

Another vision screening with the Lions Club on Friday morning.

We haven't had clouds in LA in over a month; now there are some neat ones.

I went to a MiMenter event on Saturday morning.

They had two mentors per table with around six mentees to just chat, then we broke into different groups to have sessions.

There were a lot of people there, but they were mostly pre-med, no optometry that I could find.

It's been super-hot lately.

Volleyball with LABV on Saturday afternoon.


I like how open this picture feels.



Up for a hit and a block.

Bad timing if you want to see his face, but it's kind of a fun photo.

I like the lines of her legs, back, and arms; very sturdy.


Solid set.

Big spike.

Everyone was really sandy because of sweat. You can see exactly where my sand socks were.


A guy walking by gave his water to this cop directing traffic.

Hey, why isn't register 13 open?

They're replacing the plants in these containers at our apartment complex.

At first I thought some kid hit all the buttons, but the elevator was actually broken.

Getting a picture of sunrise in Pasadena.

Okularfest, my favorite CE meeting because they have beer and German food, was on Sunday.

They had a photo booth. The event organizer always dresses up; he's a lot of fun.

Lots of vendors.

The organizer drinking a beer while introducing a speaker.

The ceiling had a ton of little metal circles with lights behind.

And even a German band.

Good food.

And beer.

My password is correct. Windows 8 is stupid.

This was a close game until I let his queen sqeeze in here. I knew I had to keep him out but I forgot about it.

Two pawns and a rook versus a bishop and a rook; I'm not sure who wins this. Maybe it's a draw.

Although now I get one pawn for free.

By doing this.

He got a little greedy trying to queen his pawn and I ended up checkmating him. Good thing, too; I only had 8 seconds left.

You'd think I'd learn to stop opening up my kingside, but nope. I'm actually so far ahead on material there's no way I should lose; it should be simple to get a pawn to queen.

Except I let this happen. That bishop stops all of my pawns, super powerful here.

He just ate them up one by one as I moved them.

What's this? Another open kingside? Yep.

At least I didn't lose any pieces, just a pawn.

Although that pawn is one square away from queening now.

Then he pushed my king up and around the entire left side of the board.

Back to where I started.

Weird Google Maps. This shows the highway as mostly open...

... but this shows it mostly crowded. It's the exact same time, too.

Using points for a motel room. They still charge me $1.50 for taxes and fees, though.

The top 6 Los Angeles Meetup groups are 3 hiking, 2 random stuff, and 1 concerts. Very healthy.

The top 6 San Francisco Meetup groups are 4 tech, 1 random stuff, and 1 walking. Very nerdy.

Time Warner has been rolling out speed increases across LA. Looks like it's about to hit us.

It's about a 3-5 times increase.

However, older modems won't work with the faster speeds, so you have to lease or buy a new one. Most plans work with most modems, although the very fastest Ultimate plan only works with one modem.