2014 Oct 12 | VSP vision screening, San Francisco Fleet Week

It's a disgrace to the Porshe name to drive one of their SUVs. Nobody should buy such a thing to punish the company for daring to ruin their image in such a way. Plus, I'm assuming a Porshe SUV doesn't perform so much better than a regular SUV than a Porshe car does to a regular car, so the drivers should also be punished for their pathetic display of conspicuous consuption.

In Germany, you always, always get out of the way of a faster car behind you. This driver is disgracing BMW and the entire country of Germany by not doing so.

Maybe some weird way of writing, "I love blue"?

The drive up I-5: lots of hills here.

There is a runaway truck ramp on both sides of the highway. I guess that makes sense; I wouldn't want a semi with no brakes to have to get across all the lanes of traffic.

It looks more like a jump, though.

I wonder if he just likes pizza or if he owns a company or something.

It's cool how they made the truck cab out of a heart.

An oil derrick in the middle of a crop.

I never realized they're basically the same distance, just in different directions.

Aw, now it's only two lanes and this truck is passing the other going like 0.5mph faster.

A tractor in a field.

A ton of cows.

Just like on the drive to Las Vegas, everyone pretty much goes exactly 80mph.

There were a bunch of signs around here about the water.

Another one.

Everyone was driving in the left lane, which normally I'd be annoyed about, but since the road on the right side was so bad, it makes sense here.

Now there's a lot of traffic. So much for just cruising along.

There were a couple of these orange triangle things that popped up on my Google Navigation. At first I thought maybe it was an indication of the radar from a police trap, but there were some others out in the middle of nowhere and I can't find anything online about it, so I don't know.

Pretty river.

This guy was begging people for gas. I ended up giving him some. I figured if he really ran out, it'd be the right thing to do, and if he's scamming me somehow, well, he's begging for gas in a truck stop, so that's already karma.

This was interesting, a very insulting liberal radio station. Most liberal stations are more fact-based and conservatives ones are more attacking, but this one was an exception.

A windmill outlined by the sun.

A helicopter doing something with these towers.

What? A traffic circle in a smaller farming community? That can't be right.

But it was.

Friday morning I had volunteered with VSP for World Sight Day at their office in Rancho Cordova. They had some vans set up outside...

... and some stations inside as well.

The pretesting area.

The line of patients outside.

Picking out glasses after completing the exams.

We found out that many patients who only spoke Russian were there today, so I used Google Translate to look up some basic translations.

I made some Russian cheat sheets for myself and the other doctors. Although thankfully they had translators so we didn't have to use these.

Pretty field.

An old bridge between the new bridge.

This giant bench was up in the Berkeley hills along at a scenic overlook.

A couple sitting on top of it.

I got room 313.

There was a Chevy's right next to the hotel; what good luck.

Although their mixed grill was a little weak; they gave me two sets of chicken instead of the shredded beef.

I drove by the house I used to live it; it looked the same.

Including the landlord's junky truck still sitting in his driveway 10 years later.

A neat house a few blocks away.

Up early the next morning to check out the Golden Gate Bridge from the Marin Headlands.

Interesting sculpture.

Driving on the same lanes as the cable cars always freaked me out.

$34 for 24 hours is around the cheapest you'll find for parking in downtown San Francisco.

To use the bathroom, you slid your paid parking ticket in the slot. That's a neat idea.

A waterfall in the park.

New and old buildings.

The same on another side.

A tall building.

Interesting mural in the Hilton parking garage.

Some cool paintings at a thrift store.

It's weird how the stairs on the inside are out in the open.

I stopped by Bob's Donuts to grab some for my former coworkers.

A bit hard to gauge, but these donuts were huge, like a foot across.

I like this rainbow way more than people's initials in fresh cement.

California Street, a few pretty large hills.

Looking down towards the bay.

I dropped off the donuts, although nobody I worked with was there today except for Dr. Szeto who was in with a patient.

Schroeder's Restaurant, which has great German food. Unfortunately it was closed on Saturday, as are most restaurants in the financial district.

There were a lot of vendors set up at the end of the Embarcadero Center, though.

Bracelets made out of forks.

A very pretty picture of a past Fleet Week.

I've never seen this type of vase before. There are spikes at the bottom you jam the stem into.

It's San Francisco, with the Golden Gate bridge on the right, the Pyramid building in the middle-left, and boats in the bay.

I never went to the Exploratorium, but I'd assume it's very similar to other science museums.

It was pretty packed for Fleet Week, so this traffic cop was constantly yelling at people.

Coit Tower and a palm tree.

A huge cruise ship.

Have to eat lunch at Boudin.

I forgot how good their sourdough chili bowls are.

Lots of different breads.

Teddy bears.


A band playing outside.

This guy has a pretty big lens.

Even bigger.

And another.

Parking was really expensive around here because of Fleet Week, and even though most of the garages were full.

Stop for some chocolate.

There are a few swimmers. It's really cold up there, so most are in wetsuits, but a few old guys are just in swim trunks.

There was quite a crowd on the lawn here.

A plane overhead.

Some sky divers.

A plane with smoke.

Planes over the Golden Gate Bridge.

I was planning on taking the cable cars back up to downtown, but there was a problem with one stuck on the tracks or something, so I ended up walking instead.

Lots of people watching from their homes.

And others scattered along any open area.

More on top of a house.

I guess the cable car is running again.

I'm glad I didn't take it, though, because I would have missed seeing these.

Flying in front of Alcatraz.

Around Coit Tower and the Bay Bridge. It was funny because this was right by Lombard Street, the really curvy one, and most of the tourists were so focused on getting pictures of that they missed all of the fighter jets flying around in the sky.

This was the tallest building with people on it that I saw.

I wonder when the last time this car was moved.

An ad for Geico. I don't mind these ads on other days, but during Fleet Week it seems rather cheap.

Such a gay billboard. I don't know any other city where that would happen.

Cool mural.

A magic bus; I wonder what this does.

Nice sculptures.

A shark gun.

I walked all the way up to Union Square just in time to see the Blue Angels.

I was hoping they'd fly by the flag, that'd be a great shot, but they didn't.

One did fly by this sculpture, though.

Why aren't these people looking out the window?

This was the entrance to the Marriott at Union Square.

The lobby is actually up on the third level; the first floor only has art and elevators. I thought I was in the wrong building until I walked back out and saw the doormen.

This is the same sculpture as the one on Treasure Island.

Such a San Fransican view.

I love that the lanes say "Bay Bridge" on them so you know which ones to take.

The new Bay Bridge beside the old one.

It's rather pretty.

Nice view.

A huge cross in the field that says "Jesus saves."

Weird bumps in this field.

Tons of sheep.

I love this windmill beside a single tree in the middle of a field; so peaceful.

"Love being kept"?

A mini tornado.

I get back to LA, ready for some sun after foggy San Francisco, and it's foggy the next few days.

This patient had these weird bumps on her eyes. I took a picture and asked online, but nobody there really knew what they were, either. I told her to come back if they don't go away, so we'll see.

The trash can is around and under the drawer, and I have never once successfully thrown the used toilet paper roll into it while sitting on the toilet. It's a pretty hard angle and I'm throwing with weird form, but you'd think at one point I'd randomly make it in there.

Cool color on this old Dodge Viper; only the 1992-1996 models had the side exhaust pipes.

McDonalds had coffee beans sitting out; it smelled really good.

What a messed up order. They forgot my hashbrown, bun, pancakes, and jelly. And they didn't fix it all at once; I said I'm missing my hashbrowns, and they got that. Then I read off the menu that it's supposed to come with buns, and they got that. Same thing with the pancakes and finally jelly.

I wonder how many of the winning pieces are thrown away because people don't turn these over.

I'm going to check, though.

Sweet, I can fork his king and queen with my bishop. Don't get to do that very often.

I'm pretty sure this is a won game at this point.

Yep, definitely.

Time Warner rolled out the upgrade, we bought a new modem, and we went from 5-10Mbps to 50Mbps.

1,000,000 gold in the stash.

I racked up a lot of extra spins on this one.

New high score; 12,005.