2014 Oct 19 | videogame party, poker

Nice sun rays.

After Hitler, I'm surprised anybody on Earth would name their kid any derivative of Adolf. Interesting how a single person wiped out an entire name.

Lots of nice car dealerships here.

And more right beside them.

The blimp and a hummingbird feeder. Unfortunately no hummingbirds wanted to be in the picture.

The US Bank Tower changed their lights to a rainbow when the Supreme Court allowed gay marriage in multiple states.

I went to buy another big TV from Craigslist for the videogame party here. They're up in the hills with a nice view...

... but they have these horrible steps to walk up and down every day. Tough trade-off.

Dumb apartment; the drawer won't come out any farther than this because the stove is in the way. And if you put the utensils in the normal way, with the handles facing you, you can't tell what anything is;all you see is handles.

They put a Raiders picture on the outside packaging, but it doesn't look like it's on the paper towels themselves, so nobody is going to see it anyway.

I want the little table this is attached to but not the cabinet on top. Maybe I could buy it, pry them apart, and resell the top?

But not for $150; I don't know if I could resell the top for that much.

Poker on Thursday night at Curt's. I had a pair of fives and flopped a full house. I didn't want to scare anyone away, so I checked. One player bet, the other called, and I called. On the turn I made four of a kind. I checked again, the first player bet, the other player went all in, and the first player called before I even had a chance to act because he was so anxious, haha. I called, he called, and my quads beat their full houses.

That hand made me the chip leader. I got some more lucky cards as the night went on and ended up getting second place.

I bought two books at this thrift store for $2 total. The cashier told me if I came back on Friday it would be half off. Thanks for the info, but I'd spend way more in gas and time driving back here than the $1 I'd save. Although good to know if I buy anything big.

Videogame party friday night. I got another big TV so we could fit some more players.

Intense Goldeneye match.

Versus Mario Party, which is usually more fun.

Two 100%s, a 98, and a 96. Still a pretty competitive game.

Super Smash Bros.

Another intense match.

Candi and I gave a lecture at the Western Regional Conference on Saturday morning to students from all three California optometry schools on why students should join organized optometry. I used mostly pictures, not words, as they advise you to do during presentations, but it was still a bit dry, so I added a 30-second clip of a cute animal every 15 slides or so. Everyone enjoyed those. Hopefully they'll merge the good feelings of the cute animals to joining the state association.

At a photobooth after the presentation.

Fun hats.

And normal.

Candi trying on Google Glass at the vendor fair afterwards.

We also gave out eyeball gumballs to students who answered questions during the leture. I wanted these chocolate eyeballs but couldn't find them anywhere. Of course I saw them in the store later that day.

No, I don't need an attendant. I just want to scan my items and leave. Gah.

This guy parked halfway between two parking spots in a pretty busy area. I was going to park behind me, but then I was into the red zone behind me, and I'm not risking getting a ticket for that.

Sizzler isn't the type of restaurant I normally think will have valet parking.

A lot of water pooling in the apartment garage.

It was dripping from the ceiling here. I wonder where it's all coming from.

Poker at Aelred's on Saturday night. Three aces on the flop; that's fun. It went check, check.

On the J on the turn, Ray bet, Jesse went all-in, and Ray called. Ray had a J for a full house but Jesse had the A for quads. Too bad for Ray that he hit his J.

It got down to Jesse and me heads up. On the last hand, I had KQ but his AA held up. Second place for me. Jesse got super lucky earlier, too. He was almost out, then called half of his stack with 57 offsuit, hit two pair, and kept doubling up like that with crap hands that hit the board. Crazy comeback.

We played cash afterwards. I hit 999 on the flop, went all-in, and was called by three people. Ray needed a diamond for a flush (which really he would lose) or a Q, Katelyn needed a 7 (or a Q, but then she'd lose to Ray's bigger straight), and Jesse needed a diamond for a bigger flush than Ray. Instead, it came runner runner 8 and 6 to make a low straight for Jesse. What BS, but a fun hand.

Ogii won a free Redbox DVD with McDonalds Monopoly.

Sunday night was a poker game at my place.

We had 16 players.

I gave away some bags I had received from various conferences over the past few weeks to the three biggest hands before the dinner break.

Lucky hand for me. I played 2-6 and flopped a full house.

Top two pair (10s and 8s) on the flop vs KK vs AA and everyone went all-in. AA caught another A on the river to win.

This was the hand I got knocked out on. I had 4-7, hit a four on the flop, and went all-in hoping to scare off a K with a weak kicker. I wasn't getting AA or KJ to fold, though, and then Cheryl hit two more aces to make quad aces.

The top three with all of the chips.

Some decent payouts after having 15 rebuys.

They've been working on this building by the building I work at on Thursdays.

Getting it a little higher.

Adding some floors.

Even higher.

The walls are all filled in.

Starting to add the windows.

And it's done. They started in December of 2013 and it's now October of 2014, although it looks like the inside still isn't quite finished, so about a year.

Lots of Head Starts.

Dumb Google Navigation wants me to go straight, turn left, turn left, and turn left instead of just turning right. I thought maybe there was a tunnel or bridge or something, but nope, I can just turn right here.