2014 Nov 02 | Dagii baby shower, Halloween, port of Long Beach cruise

Ogii's sister had her baby shower on Sunday.

You had to guess what baby item was in each bag by feeling them.

Our guesses weren't that great.

Feeling the bags.

Revealing what's in the bags.

This was easier than most because there weren't that many balls, so you could kind of calculate it by counting the number of balls in each column and multiplying by the number of columns.

I guessed 64; there were 63.

Ogii with my prize.

Cute setup.


Cutting the cake.

It was really good.

Ogii adjusting Dagii's tiara.


I'm reading A Tale of Two Cities and the language used is so much richer that most modern books. I started reading at least five books published in the last few years and quit partway through because the writing was so boring.

I was trying to run away from Ogii's welcome-home kiss on our hardwood floors in my socks. Bad idea; I slipped and rammed my foot into the TV stand. It swole up pretty big but didn't hurt too bad, so at least it wasn't really hurt.

Ants are getting in the hummingbird feeders and the sugar water is dripping everywhere. I'm going to look for some with a different design.

It took 10 minutes to get someone to cut this chain for me. I could have grabbed a hacksaw from another department and cut it myself before then.

Alcohol builds up after parties and we don't drink it, so it takes up all the space we use for milk, orange juice, and Gatorade.

Star Wars license plate.

I wonder if that references something or just hazard in general.

Cool clouds over DTLA.

Instead of waiting in the garage until the traffic clearned, this person in the black vehicle pulled partially out and blocked traffic coming in the other direction and people from this side trying to turn into the garage. Dumb.

I don't think saying "open to public" is going to get many more people to come down this nasty alley.

Saturday I filled in last-minute at an office whose doctor was out sick for the day.

They had a really nice waiting area for patients.

I believe they're setting up the skating rink in Pershing Square.

Lots of kids at school for Halloween.

Ogii placed some candy on our door in case kids came by, but I don't think any did.

There was going to be a lot of rain on Halloween night, unfortunate because it's so rare in LA, but we decided we didn't want to go to the West Hollywood Halloween Carnival and be stuck in 100,000 unmoving people all trying to get back to their cars if it started to pour.

So we did a downtown bar crawl instead. Ogii and I had playable shirts and ties.

Another bar.

And another.

And another.

And another.

Neat makeup.

This couple had some fun outfits.

Big fluffy cloud.

Palm trees and downtown.

A clear view of downtown.

This guy was listening to headphones in his car.

Not sure what happened here; maybe someone ran into it from the back and it got pushed into the car in front of it?

A lot of firewood.

An accident near downtown. This woman was screaming as they loaded her onto the ambulance.

It was between a car and a motorcycle.

The helmets.

Palm trees from below.

Sunday I had a CE meeting in Long Beach.

I was going to get up early for a sunrise picture, but I forgot that the time change would make that earlier, so I got up early but not quite early enough for sunrise. Oh well, I'll just get to the meeting early.

I love water with lemons; I hate water with cucumbers. When did this become a thing?

We had a cruise around Long Beach harbor afterwards. We found seats at the front of the boat up top with this nice reclined back to lie on.


Some birds on top of a nearby boat.

A steam paddle boat.

They had to open this little gate to let us out.

It didn't open all the way at first.

So they used this boat to push it more.

A lighthouse we went by.

The Queen Mary and a cruise ship.

Long Beach, new and old buildings.

There were a few boat controls up top so kids could play with them.

One of the cranes in the port.

A straight-on view.

A crane operator. I like the little window air conditioner on the side.

Three cranes.

A pelican flying by.

Bridge in the distance.

Lots of containers.

Seals on a buoy.

A couple looked at us.

That's a nice lens; over $2000.

A view of Long Beach with the edge of a tanker.

Long Beach.

More seals.

These are artificial islands with oil derricks.

The white and blue building is a giant derrick on wheels.

A lot of birds following this boat.

A dome.

The lighthouse with buildings in the background.

A seal was hanging around looking for food as we got off.

Sorry, guy, no food here.

This lot is always full and people are always waiting for others to leave so they can take their spot. This guy is a jerk.

The power button for the Prius is pretty close to the power button for the radio. I've turned off the car instead of the radio a few times while sitting at a traffic light. I wonder what would happen if I hit it going 80mph down the highway? I'd assume nothing, there has to be a safety device built in, but I'm not 100% sure. I'm sure not going to test it, though.

I'm going to try using this new poker clock called Travis Poker.

However, I noticed one weird bug. If you keep the blind levels the same but add an ante after a break, it doesn't show the blinds, just blank lines. It only happens after a break and when the blinds are the exact same, though.

It's easy to fix, though; you just press forward to go to the next level and then back to come back to the current one and it's fine. And you'll notice it right away, so not a big deal, but still a weird little bug.

"Only 2 seats remain at this price!"

And yet the plane is 80% empty. What crap.

I love when Google Navigation pops up and says a faster route is available. I just wish it would do it more often; there are plenty of times I'm driving, take a route I think is faster, and it really is.

This dumb thing always tries to autocorrect my login. No, that's not helpful; you ruined it.