2014 Nov 09 | videogame party, Feria de Salud, poker

Racer Kim?

Palm trees and mountains.

I like these tall, skinny palm trees more than the short, fat ones in the previous picture.

These trees go all the way across the road; they trim the bottoms to let cars through.

Lots of traffic in the other direction.

You're not supposed to be on your cell phone.

Neat area with the rocks on both sides.

So I guess that means everyone can use it at other times, right? But still most people stay out of it.

This urinal was pulling away from the wall. I don't really want it crashing onto my feet.

I saw an F-117 flying around north of LA.

Curving around the road.

Looks like it's going to land over here.

The toilet paper roll had two points on it. I tried to squish them out, but I only managed to make one side a different curve than the other. This is not good for my OCD. Thankfully we have some parties this weekend so people will use it up.

That's a fairy, not an angel.

Blurry pic, but I was surprised how close these people could get to the geese.

I went to Kenneth Hahn Park to take a sunset picture, but there were a ton of cars in all of the lots. I wasn't sure what was going on until I got to the top and saw this: a cross country meet.

Tons of people. Thankfully the spot I wanted to take the sunset picture from was a bit father away from all of the school camps so only a few people were over there.

Near the start.

The guy in the back has funny running form. Then again, maybe it's only because they're almost done.

Both kicking it in for the finish.

Sunset to the west gives red, orange, and yellow colors.

Looking opposite of the sun during sunset tends to give blue and purple.

The moon coming up over the mountains behind downtown. I would have liked to have the moon a bit closer to the skyscrapers, but I would have had to be a bit farther north for that.

Zooming in on the full moon.

Poker on Thursday night. This was an exciting hand for the guy with 77. You think your 777 on the flop is good, and you hope someone has a K or Q or straight draw or flush draw so you can make some money and not just have everyone fold, but you're scared of straight and flushes coming and beating you. Then on the turn you have a full house, so you're pretty confident, and when the final 7 comes, your quads are unbeatable.

I did pretty well.

I give these shiny pencils to kids who come in for exams. The container on the right is the old one; apparently yellow, orange, and purple are the least-favorite colors.

It's so smelly being behind these asphalt trucks.

The city inspected our complex and listed things that needed to be fixed in every apartment.

It's so annoying dealing with late cancellations for an event. Four of these people cancelled within the last hour. If I RSVP for something and I don't cancel within 24 hours before the event, I will be there.

Videogame party on Friday night.


On the third TV.

Love seeing people's faces when they win or lose.

Mario Kart.

Lots of people watching the Tekken matches.

Way too much beer in the fridge from people bringing it to parties and not drinking it.

Too many chips, too.

A hummingbird eating from the new feeders.

And another one.

Ogii with the hummingbird feeders reflected in her sunglasses.

These dogs were very interested in a squirrel up in a tree.

Ogii's sister and brother-in-law gave us passes to this float lounge.

It's a sensory deprivation tank with very salty water that you float in for an hour.

It was very peaceful. It was a touch too warm for me and I was a little worried about a few drops of salt water hanging out in my eyebrows getting into my eyes, but it was nice other than that. We also both fell asleep by the end; he had to bang on Ogii's container four times to get her up.

Lots of bicyclists along this road. Lots of hikers, too, but the landscape is a bit boring.

This black-and-white picture looks really cool on metal with how the light changes as you move around it.

Ugly vehicle body, ugly color. Who would buy this?

A big tree in the middle of the road.

Gas is getting really cheap.

A red Tesla; most are black.

I was driving down the road and heard a scraping / rattling. I thought it might be another car, but it kept following me, so I pulled over.

This piece of metal had somehow jammed itself up into the bottom of the Prius.

Thankfully it looks like it didn't damage anything; it just put a hole in this plastic cover.

Sunday morning was the yearly vision screening at Feria de Salud. This lot used to cost $6; they jacked up the price since last year.

First these two students from Long Beach helped patients fill out the forms.

Then students from UCLA and USC checked their vision.

We had old people...

... and young people.

Answering some questions.

We had enough students so some could point at the charts to make it easier.

Then students from Western and SCCO checked the health of their eyes.

Most people make really funny faces while performing direct ophthalmoscopy, so I had to take a lot of pictures to get normal-looking ones.

Her face is a little scrunched up, but not too bad.

At the end the doctors checked out the patients.

They let them know if they were fine or if they needed full eye exams.

Along with answering any questions they had.

And re-checking their ocular health if the students were unsure.

Most of the patients spoke Spanish, but some of the doctors did as well, and we had some volunteers act as translators, too.

I tried to avoid checking out the patients unless it got really backed up so I could hop around and help the students, but the doctors who were there early in the morning left around 1pm, so I jumped in for the last few hours.

The list of volunteers.

Another Prius Plug-In.

It even has the same water marks around the door handle mine does.

Poker at our place on Sunday night.

Table number one.

Number two.

And number three. This was the first time we had enough people signed up for three tables, and it worked pretty well.

With that many people, over half rebuying once, and nearly a third rebuying twice, we had a pretty good prize pool and paid the top five places.

The top three.

Watching the World Series of Poker on TV. That's a pretty crazy flop. We ended up not watching much of it, though, because the players took so long to act it was boring. The World Chess Championship is also going on now, and that's too boring to watch live, too.

Wifi names, diablo and angel.

That pawn in front of his knight is rather unguarded; I wonder if I can take it.

He blocked with the knight, but if his pawn now takes my bishop, I get his knight and pawn.

Well, so much for that idea. This is rather unpleasant.

After some exchanging, I'm down a queen for a rook. That didn't work out.

Didn't protect my king well enough, so now he's running away.

Yeah, king, you're really not supposed to be over there.

He should win this as he's up a knight...

... but sometimes your time runs out even in a winning position.

One, I have to get my rook away so he can't fork it with my king using his knight, and two, he can't protect both the pawn and his bishop with his rook, so one will fall.

I like these slightly unbalanced games. I have a bishop pair and an extra pawn vs his rook and bishop, so it's pretty close.

And now I win.

Although not this time. We're both moving super-fast due to time, too.

Aw man, my brilliant plan to get a rook with my bishop via discovered check thwarted by him simply moving his king.

My queen is really going after his king, but his queen got to my king first.

Ooh, free pawn.

Oops, missed his queen taking my queen for free. Not-so-free pawn.

Pushing his queen around.

Wait, he's exchanging his queen for my knight?

Maybe he just feels sorry I lost my queen on the last game.

Nice pin.

Dagnabbit, he blocked it.

Ooh, trap coming up.

Please take the knight with the rook.

Success! It's not often that you fork with a bishop since you have to take an undefended piece and at the same time attack two other pieces, but it happened here.