2014 Nov 16 | multiple TVs, hummingbirds, online poker tournament

The front-left stove burner has about a quarter of an area that doesn't heat.

Some jerk let his dog poop by the elevator and left it there.

That's neat.

And that.

This semi went through the light but then blocked everyone trying to turn.

Ogii made deer sausage smiley faces.

I got two TVs displaying the laptop output...

... using an HDMI splitter. I had to play with the resolution a bit, but it eventually worked.

However, when I tried to connect my projector to the laptop, there wasn't enough room to fit both the VGA and HDMI outputs; poor laptop design. There are also no other output options on the laptop.

And I can't use a third HDMI splitter to the projector because it doesn't have an HDMI input.

One TV has RCA out, though.

However, HDMI in + RCA out through the same TV doesn't work...

... even though RCA in + RCA out through the same TV does. But the laptop doesn't have RCA out. So I'm stuck; there are no other output+input options that I can try as far as I can think of. Options: (1) Just be happy with 2 TVs and forget the projector. (2) Buy a DVD player that has pretty much whatever outputs and hook all three displays up to that in some manner, assuming it will allow multiple outputs. (3) Get a second HDMI splitter and then an RCA converter to go to the projector. I'll try #3, although I'm a little worried about the signal getting degraded or not being converted correctly.

11:11 on 11/11.

I couldn't find the taco shells. Ogii said she put them in the freezer. Taco shells are one of those things I never save; if I have a few extras, I just throw them away. Who saves taco shells? Ogii, I guess.

I ordered regular honey at McDonald's because sometimes they give me honey mustard. They somehow misunderstood me and thought I ordered six honey mustards. When I got the bag, I told them no, regular honey, and they gave me six regular honeys. What am I going to do with all of these?

A fast end to that online poker tournament.

Onto the next one. This was a weird tournament because the beginning levels are only 3-minutes long, which is super-short.

That's a good flop for KJ of spades. Would have been funny if nobody had a spade.

I went all-in preflop. Not sure why he called; maybe he was shortstacked.

My pair wasn't good this time. I raised to get him to shove all-in, which he did, but then I got unlucky.

A four-way hand with a 3-way split pot.

My pair held up; we were both all-in preflop.

Again, all-in preflop; I'm not sure why he called this one.

Two pair on the flop to take out AA.

My slightly-bigger hand won when neither of us paired.

Top pair no good. And to think I almost called here.

I made a full house.

This was just checked down to try to knock the other player out.

Everyone has diamonds.

It's hard to fold an ace at this spot in the tournament as everybody is either all-in preflop or folding, but I'm glad I did here.

Top pair to take it.

And my top pair here wins; I got lucky against AQ.

I'm the chip leader now.

It was a really weird structure. Like I mentioned, only 3-minute levels at the beginning, then after level 20, it slows down to 12-minute level and the blinds actually decrease again. I guess it's to get a lot of action early on and then have more "real" poker after the rebuy period is over.

I folded top pair on the flop because betting was getting pretty strong; I'm glad I did.

Three 8s is good.

I totally bluffed this hand. I bet preflop, flop, turn, and river with my inside straight draw that hit nothing, and finally on the river the opponent folded.

We were both all-in on the turn, but he got lucky on the river.

Wow, that's insane. I hit trips, am pretty likely to make a lot of money from one of the other two players, and my internet connection goes down. By the time I got back the hand was over.

Top pair on the flop is good; I guess he didn't think I had a 9.

We kept raising back and forth until he finally folded.

That hurts for QQ.

QQ is beaten again.

I raised pretty big here and everyone folded.

I'm in fourth place now, but still a fair number of players.

The opponent bet, I raised as a bluff, and he folded.

The same thing happened here except that this time I actually had a hand.

Same thing here; I bet, he folded.

And same thing here. He spent a lot of time thinking about it, though, so I was pretty worried.

And he folded again.

This time someone called my bluff and got some of my money. Hard to fold top pair there, though, unless I was betting the whole way.

Yeah, the 10 of spades is pretty good by the river.

Top two pair to win.

Bottom pair with a flush draw that doesn't come in.

Hey, I lost with AQ vs KK in the previous tournament where the opponent hit a K as well! The good news is I'm not out this time.

In 7th place with 7 players left; I have a lot of work to do, especially because I'm so far behind everyone else.

I worked my way up a bit and now there are three groups of chip sizes: the short stack, another player and I with around 80k, and four players with around 200k.

Normally I and the other player wouldn't want to fight with each other until the short stack got knocked out, but in this case, both of our hands were too good.

I've worked my way up to the other big stacks. I also turned on the four colors of cards instead of two to make it easier to not think you have a flush when you don't.

I really wanted the short stack to call here, so I only called the bet by the player on the right instead of raising, but the short stack folded anyway.

It looks like I'm dominated, but it's almost a guarantee that four cards will come out that are higher than a four, so we'll split the pot.

I thought maybe I would win this with the bigger kicker to go with the two pair on the board, but not this time.

That's a pretty good flop for QQ.

I shoved all-in on the turn and he folded. Good thing for him, too, because a fifth club would have come.

I went all-in here and he folded. Maybe I should have only called his bet, but then if he has a heart bigger than a 6 and another heart comes out, I lose, so probably better to just win what's in the pot now.

Yeah, I don't think I'm calling two all-ins with this hand.

Good choice by me.

Now there are three of us, although I'm still behind.

A lucky king for me.

This is tough, I have the nut flush draw, but with no pair and only a draw, I'm almost certainly behind, so I folded.

Don't like folding 99, but with two overcards he's likely to have, time to give up.

I bluffed here and won.

Last hand of the tournament and we are both all-in pre-flop. I was ahead until he hit the A on the river.

Won almost $200, not bad, although not nearly as fun as live poker.

The final rankings of the top players.

It's easier for me to order this book on Amazon from the Goodwill of Orange County that to spend the time and money to drive there and buy it.

This lot is always full, except obviously in the middle of the morning.

I wonder if I'm going to have to jump this fence to get over there... nope, this gate has plenty of room to squeeze through.

Blue lights on the left, yellow on the right.

We went to Los Globos.

Fun hands in the stairwell.

Ogii by a metallic mannequin.

Metallic torsos.

The dance floor.

Practicing poker by simulating 10 people playing with all the cards face-up. This is a perfect example of why you don't place KJ; you're dominated by the hands on either side of you.

Hummingbird outline.

His wings are cool here.


Coming in.



They're very shiny.

Peeking around the edge.

This one has a little purple on the throat.

If I use a flash, the camera maxes out at a shutter speed of 1/200th of a second, which is way too slow to freeze their wings; you need more like 1/4000th of a second for that. However, if I do that, it's too dark, so I think it's better with a flash and slower shutter.

A closer view. Their little feet are cute.

At the Korean Friendship Bell in the south bay.

Ogii with a wooden statue there.

We went and played poker in the Moose Lodge in Torrance and played a game of pool beforehand.

There were three tables of players, and it was pretty fun. Lots of action.

Crazy hand in the cash game afterwards: two pair vs trips on the flop vs AA, and a third A comes on the river.

The best fork: king and queen.

He fell for this trap.

Now I get his bishop for a pawn.

Good idea, except...

... when I block with my pawn, I now have multiple threats, although I can't use the pawn to take a piece because it would put me in check.

I can, however, take his rook with my bishop, which was rather hidden.

I'll just take this free pawn.

Oh no, that was a horrible mistake.

I attack his knight...

... he defends with the queen, I attack his rook...

... he moves it, I take the knight, threatening his queen and rook...

He forks my rooks and attacks my queen with a discovered attack, so I take his queen...

... and, after all of the dust had cleared, I was down a rook for a bishop. Not sure if I was winning at some point and made a wrong move, but it was fun.

I get a free bishop...

... then, after he moves the knight...

... I get a free pawn...

... then I get another free pawn...

... then a free bishop...

... and then a checkmate. It was almost like he wanted to lose by the end.