2014 Nov 30 | Thanksgiving, poker

They just wrote the floor number in this parking garage with a marker.

Big steaks at Outback Steakhouse.

An old person must have owned this electronic picture frame before I bought it at the thrift store. Every young person would know what this cord is for.

This bottle of contact lens solution lasted almost three months.

I think LA water is pretty clean, but Ogii thinks differently and won't drink the tap water.

Ooh, it lights up.

You don't even need these classic consoles; you can play all of the old video games on your phone now. Crazy.

I've seen lots of bumpers and rims in the road after accidents, but this was the first time I saw a headrest sitting in the middle of the highway.

I came out and was trying to figure out why I parked so poorly. Oh, yeah, Ogii parked last time.

Average income of optometrists in a survey. Looks like a group practice is the way to go.

I made some shelves that looked exactly like this except a little shorter.

Cool-looking building.

The sun across the hills.

Nice farm house.

Ferguson protestors in the middle of the road.

All these buses were backed up because of them.

In South Dakota I'd be hunting in -20-degree weather the morning of Thanksgiving; in Los Angeles, I'm playing volleyball in 80-degree weather.

Good bump.

Big serve.


From a different angle.


Lots of sand got knocked off the ball when he hit it.

Good form.

Nice clouds.



Ogii's turkey.

The food.

The people.

Me carving the turkey.

Kendra with a leg.

Pretty ladies.

Kat and Kendra with the wishbone.


And Kendra wins.

I'm watching chess videos on YouTube; I wonder why Japan's highest paid male gigolo is on my recommended list.

I wanted a bunch of 30-second sand timers.

However, I couldn't find any that were cheap. This pack came in 30 seconds, one, two, three, four, and five minutes at around $2.50 each, not too bad. I figured I could just drill through the plastic of the longer ones, dump sand out until they lasted 30 seconds, and then glue them shut. Great plan, right?

Except the inside containers were made of glass, not plastic. Which I didn't realize until I shattered one trying to drill a hole in it. At least I was using a channel locks to hold the container instead of my hand when it shattered. So much for that plan.

The addition they're putting over the garage looks very nice.

Neat brick wall and door.

I'm not sure if this had a name, but "The Annoying Singing Thing" is pretty accurate.

The lamp looks like a penguin.

A chocolate chess set; when you take a piece, you eat it. Fun, but a bit expensive at $40.

Cool wooden handles.

We bought an Advent Calendar at the candy store in the Grove for $10. They had this one at Ralph's for $1.50. We'll see which is the better value.

We had a movie drink-along with Spaceballs and Planes, Trains, and Automobiles.

I don't think you expect your opponent to flop a full house with those cards.

I forked his king and queen with a rook. You don't see that very often.

I'm up a pawn and have one passed pawn; I should win this.

Now we have an equal number of pawns but one of mine is still passed; a bit harder, but I can still maybe win.

Up two pawns; easy win now.

And I got checkmated, gah.

Always fun to do this after you fianchetto your bishop.

Goodbye queen. The only safe square for her is e6, and once I move there, the opponent can move his knight to c7, triple forking my king, queen, and rook. I got a little too aggressive with her.

Kat got a royal flush at poker at our place.

Three aces is no good once even a low flush gets there on the river.

Table one.


And three.

This hand made me the chip leader. The player with JT went all-in, I had AA and along with another player had much bigger chip stacks, so I just called hoping to get the other guy to call as well, he went all-in with AK, and I called. The JT almost made a straight flush, but not quite. Even if AK would have only called, we would have both been all-in on the flop because he made two pair and I made trips.

The money winners.

And I came in first to beat Max in second when neither of us even made a pair on this hand.

Another online poker tournament.

Always nice to win with AK.

I have no idea what T3 was doing in this hand.

It was a pretty small pot, when the turn came everyone checked, I bet to see if I had the best hand, one player raised, the next went all-in, then a third went all in. That answers my question, which is a very strong, "No, I do not have the best hand with only top pair weak kicker."

And I was right. Three of a kind versus two flushes.

That's a good flop for me.

I called, called, called, and lost. If I would have bet acting like I had top pair, I would have won; if I would have folded assuming he had top pair, I wouldn't have lost as much. Calling so much is horrible play with this hand.

Everyone in the hand has big cards.

Even though I only lose to the ace of clubs, I only called his bet on the turn in hopes that he would go all-in on the river.

He did, and I won.

Aw, I would love to call 200 to see if I can make a straight, 1850 is almost double the pot, so time to give up.

I wouldn't have made my straight anyway.

I shoved and the opponent folded.

Pretty good flop, if he was on a flush draw, good thing for me that I bet and he folded on the flop.

Feels good to flop the top end a straight, although I'm scared of the flush draw.

Pair and low end of a straight draw isn't going to cut it for the other guy.

It's horrible when you have KK or QQ or JJ and the flop has an A.

I'm doing pretty well; third place.

Here I bet the flop, checked the turn, and bet the river with a bluff, and the opponent folded.

Lost about half my stack here when I bet the turn and checked the river. Maybe I could have gotten him to fold with a bet, but that's pretty hard in the later stages when someone has top pair, even with a weak kicker.

My 99 held up vs his 55 all-in preflop.

Another all-in preflop but this time I ran into AA and was out of the tournament.