2014 Dec 21 | Christmas

The dark clouds look neat.

Some accident on the highway slowed everyone down, though.

There was something wrong with this woman's ID not matching her payment name or something. It took about five minutes to get it all sorted out.

In the meantime, her friend went and found some more stuff to buy.

And then after that she added some more items herself; gah!

Skier or snowboarder.

That sign does get your attention.

I'm not sure if I want to touch this light switch or not.

Snow-covered mountains north of LA.

More cool clouds.

A little bit of mold in the walls of the office again; time to call the guy to clean it up.

Ogii was randomly selected for TSA pre-check, so she could go through the line without taking off her shoes. However, she had metal on her boots, so she had to take them off anyway.

There was a giant line on the left at the bookstore in the airport, but the cashier on the right had nobody waiting in line. I guess people saw the line and figured that was the only one.

I got almost to the end of the book until I realized I had already read it. I didn't read about the ending on Wikipedia because I didn't want to spoil it, but then I wouldn't have bought the book.

An optometrist is in prison with him.

Let's eat somewhere Midwestern.

I love these cupcakes; you can't get them in California.

It's weird seeing knephla soup in a chain restaurant.

Cute mice Mom made.

My Lego creation.


These balloons were nearly impossible to blow up, and then the kids popped them in three seconds.

We drove 8 hours round trip through the night, switching drivers every few hours to sleep, so dad could go see a patient in the hospital. Some places were pretty foggy, which was a bit scary because we saw 3 deer, a fox, a muskrat, and two rabbits on or near the road. Thankfully we didn't hit any of them.

You don't see this sign in California.

I don't think that's how you're supposed to hold the cue.

I think Monica has this one.

That's a bit tougher.


Toy time.

Long shot.

Monica and the 8 ball again.

And again.


Mom blowing out her candles.

Lots of snacks.

Child racing.

They're inquisitive.

Lots of presents.






Lots of food.

Everyone eating.

Looking for food in her mouth?

Santa time.

For adults, too.


Someone needs to open these.

Working on the presents.

From the other side.

Still going.

Getting closer.

Our table is full.

A flashlight.

Dad and me at the Wall Drug dinosaur to go along with the picture of Ogii and me.

It sings that fox song.


But all the same color.

Monica opening a present.

Mick's big one.

That's pretty old.

Still working.

Pretty much done.

They're asleep.

The children are gone; dog time.

Playing with the dog.


Calling the numbers.


Lucky number for our breakfast.

This floor is trippy.

Good racial variety of their dentists.

The line for the department of social services.

All these vendors set up outside, too; I hope they're not scamming people.

Webcam of downtown. It looks pretty clear.

Webcam of Santa Monica at the same time; super foggy. Why it's always good to check the weather there before heading to the beach.

Watching a video on photography tips.

This section was about finding the right spot rather than just taking the first shot.

Comparing wide angle versus zoom lens.

Sometimes it's important to wait for things to line up and harmonize.

In this case, the clouds and the mountains.

And the clouds and the road.

I'm guessing Google put Boaz's review at the top since he's a contact on Gmail. Kind of scary, though.

I love passed pawns.

That's game.

About to get another one.

I give up a knight...

... for two pawns, but get two passed pawn out of it. Let's see if I can make it a queen.

Pushing closer.

Taking a free pawn. Oh, no it's not; I just gave up a knight for a pawn. Game over for me.

Lots of attacking going on in the middle.

That wasn't the optimal move choice.

Now I get his queen.

Looking at some other website addresses. $4000 is a bit steep for now; maybe in the future.

And this one is just a dumb cyber squatter.