2014 Dec 28 | Christmas lights, videogame party

Coming into the Los Angeles airport. This would be a nice place to put an ad of some sort.

I never need the attendant. It's the dumb machine doing something wrong.

The mailboxes at the apartment were left open. Someone could steal all of the mail in this section.

I couldn't find a nutcracker in the random kitchen items drawer, so I put it on my list to buy one. Ogii had three of them in the utensils drawer, though.

A shiny card.

The BIO at an office wasn't working. I looked at it, and it appears the mirrors inside just got knocked off; someone must have dropped it when cleaning. It should be pretty easy to fix; just open it up and put them back in place. They ordered a new one instead, though.

I ordered this book used online and it came with this Royal Caribbean coupon inside. I wonder if it's worth anything.

Lots of cars that way, not many this way.

LA through the hills.

The Umami Burger at The Grove has this cool wall.

You get this token after your meal.

So you can rate their service outside by placing it in one of these jugs.

Some important guy in the Ugg boots store; they weren't letting anyone else in.

Us in front of the tree there.

We drove around the Grove area looking at lit-up houses.

Some reindeer.

More reindeer.

Lots of trees.

Even more reindeer.

A bit simpler.

A ton of stuff in the yard.

They didn't get to the tops of the trees.

Downtown by LADWP.

That's a rather scary memorial.

A golden statue on the wall.

A map of Grand Park, but you have to stand in the grass to read it.

A chrome car.

Greg told us there were lots of lights around here.

Lights along a canal.

I made hummingbird food with sugar and water rather than buying it. You can put red food coloring in it, but they seem to eat it fine even though it's clear.

I like these mini-tables at Starbucks.

A nice house up on a hill.

Videogame party Bomberman.

My favorite Mario Party minigame.

Super Street Fighter II on the computer.

A lot of people showed up.

Smiling and having a good time.

Ogii destroyed everyone in Bomberman by winning three straight games.

Dance Dance Revolution.

Me playing.

Mario Kart.

More Street Fighter, and Super Smash Bros on the other TV.

Multiplayer Tetris.

You Don't Know Jack.

A two-on-two game in Mario Party.

Gauntlet Legends.

NFL Blitz.

Twisted Metal.

NFL Blitz on the projector.

My king is under attack, but I think I can block stuff off enough.

He exchanged pawns, but it didn't really open anything up except it actually helped me a bit.

I get a free move after I move my bishop here because his king will be in check. If he doesn't move his h8 rook, I can take it.

He moved his rook, but my queen is after him now.


A fire, but it looks like they stopped any major damage.

Cool clouds over downtown.

Another angle.

Poker at our place. They both showed one of their cards, showing that they both already had a flush. So now it's a mind game of who has the bigger other flush card.

One guy brought Jell-O shots.

999 vs top pair on the flop, but then one and then a second king comes to make the other person a bigger full house. Super unlikely.

Ogii sitting behind her castle of chips after destroying everyone in the cash game.