2015 Jan 04 | NYE online poker tournament, LACOS holiday party

Lots of leftover Shock Top and chocolate liquors in the fridge.

The Rosslyn Hotel and the other sign on top of the buildings are rather nice looking.

I love the little ball used as a cuff link on this shirt.

I reported this dryer as broken; it looks like the repair person replied on the tape he used to keep it closed.

Lots of clouds.

The O in Octane should be an octagon, not a hexagon.

Accident on the highway due to the rain. I should be going 80, not 0.

Three strawberries, jackpot.

This guy left his keys in his trunk lock. I was going to tell him, but he was driving like a maniac and I didn't want to try to keep up.

They stick this big piece of foam on the back of the packaging to keep the magnets from sticking to other packages.

Why it pays to play pocket pairs. He had QT so after he called and the river came a blank, I won.

Like the last hand, only this time I lose with top pair, only-OK kicker.

Aw, didn't make much money with my big hand.

He bet, I raised, he reraised, I went all in, and he called.

He has top pair, ok-OK kicker, but this time it's enough to win against my flush draw.

I made a straight on the turn but then he made a flush on the river. He checked, I went all in for right around a pot-sized bet, he thought a long time but eventually called. I'm assuming he was worried about a bigger flush, but he made the right choice.

There was a tournament on New Year's Day, so I played in it. First hand of the tournament I hit two pair on the flop against his top pair top kicker and I knocked him out. There's a saying: never bet all your money with just a pair. He didn't follow it.

I hit top pair on the flop, bet the turn, and bet the river, and he folded. I wonder if he had something better than me.

Aw man, it'd be nice to be in this hand: I would have flopped a flush.

I hit top pair on the flop but there's a possible flush already. I have one of the flush cards, though.

I played it a bit too aggressively, especially when he flopped the second-best flush possible.

Even if my flush would have come in I would have lost. Bad hand.

Love flopping sets.

Won a decent amount of money with it; I bet every street.

Pretty good flop, but everyone folded to my bet.

Aw, I would have made a full house. In hindsight, it would have been better to slowplay it a bit, but since I didn't know that on the flop, it was probably better to win it there because that's a very dangerous board.

He checked and I bet the flop and the turn and he kept calling. When the A came, I just checked, which was a good thing because he hit it. I think I played it pretty well and he played it poorly, but he got lucky on the river this time.

I missed that pretty hard, and against three players, someone has to have something.

Nice, trips again, and he shoves huge on me.

He had a pretty bad kicker; bad play by him. Only a better hand is calling his and only worse hands are folding to his shove.

The danger of hitting three of a kind when you don't have two of them: once in a rare while, the other person will have the last one of them and have a better kicker, like I did her.

Another set that I made decent money off of.

They both had the same hand.

I'm doing pretty well; 170 out of 2882.

And about a third of the stack of first place, certainly workable.

Small pot, but he folded to river bet.

Not a good flop for 77.

The one opponent still in the hand folded to a bet here.

A huge shove. If it were smaller, I might call, but not for 20 big blinds.

Don't think I'm good here with third pair.

Ah, he showed a bluff.

Didn't make too much with AA.

A shove and a call, so I folded. I was sad on the flop because I would have made three of a kind but then with the 9 the one guy made a full house, even though I would made a straight. Very happy it was all-in preflop because I would have lost a lot of money otherwise.

I couldn't believe a pair of twos wins against two opponents, but sometimes you get lucky.

Everyone checked the flop and the turn so I took a stab at it and everyone folded.

I'm 158/3285, about 2.5 times behind first place's stack.

Yep, good fold here.

I folded preflop to a reraise. I would have actually chopped the pot, but it was a good fold because I was behind.

I folded on the flop to a bet with two calls. I was actually winning then, but with all of the over cards and flush draws they could hit, it's good I folded.

Runner runner flush and runner runner straight draws aren't good enough for a 3/4 pot bet.

Dumb internet connection disconnected. Even worse, the flop came 22x, so I would have won a lot of money.

And then I accidentally clicked fold with JJ.

Top pair, good kicker wins.

This was an interesting hand. The player with JJ shoved, so I folded...

... and QQ, AK, and another AK all called.

I would have won the hand with two pair. I still made the right choice pre-flop, but if I would have called the all-in instead, I'd have been the chip leader of the entire tournament at that point. Oh well.

The hand that knocked me out of the tournament. We both hit two pair on the flop, but his A9 was better than my A4. I had the diamond draw, too, but it never came.

No money for me; I was 640 and they pay to 441.

First place for almost $6000 would have been nice.

Ogii is cleaning the patio table and a hummingbird came to eat.

He has a bright, shiny red throat.


The red-throated guy chases everyone else away if he's around, but these two green ones eat together.

My socks leave lots of pieces on the carpet.

I picked them out by hand and then used a lint brush to get the rest, but I ended up with mostly Ogii's hair.

Usually I wish Google Navigation would use more local streets instead of the highway when they save time, but maybe there should be an option to not send me down scary streets like this one.

A couple of dogs were on this road. I hope nobody hits them.

Rims on a Prius.

I'll be reading a book, hear about another book or two that sounds interesting, and buy them on Amazon for $4 or so. However, I'm really falling behind; I have way more books I haven't read than I have.

Google lists how to change your CName on Godaddy without even having to go to their site, very nice.

The holiday party for LACOS.

I had the last number, so other than the person who goes first and gets the last steal, I had the best choice of presents.

Everyone checking out a cool soft contact lens power checking device.

The candy dispenser I brought.

Ogii got a car wash kit.

Socks for Candi.

Corey stole a Coffee Bean gift card from Sharlene.

But then Howard stole it from him.

Corey went back and got Marley & Me.


Table 1.




And 5.

Candi brought brownies as well.

Amrita with Mae-Lae and Gene's baby.

A subreddit for smashing items always has people from Super Smash Bros asking questions in it, even though their subreddit is smashbros, not smash.

Oops, he can take my queen for free.

But he didn't. I wonder if he missed it, moved too fast, or just felt sorry for me.

Better move it now.

I should win this pretty easily; I'm up two pawns with one being passed.

Unless I let him fork my king and rook; aw.

This one I was also ahead but my king wasn't safe enough.

Won this one. Against this opponent, I would often be up a pawn or two but then he'd still win.

I forked his rook and queen with my bishop.

Except I didn't see that he could do this to get out of it.

I unskwered my queen from my rook, but then if he takes my rook with his bishop for free, he pins my queen to my king. From a bad position to a much worse one.

Friendly afterwards.

Oops, that's definitely not what I meant.

I want to bring gum and kleenex to the prison, not a gun and kleenex.

Hacking attempt using GoDaddy. It looks official, but if you hover over the link, it shows that the site is dtnsk.ru in the bottom-left of the screen, some site in Russia, so obviously not real.

This guy has been spamming the poker subreddit with links to these videos which he puts tons of ads on.