2015 Jan 11 | Turnbull Canyon, Hansen Dam, Dance Revolution

Hiking around Turnbull Canyon. You can't drive beyond this gate.

A house down in a valley.

A rabbit on the trail.

The trail curves around and up.

At the top is a water tower. There are multiple trails from every direction that end up here, although I think the one I took is the shortest and has the smallest incline. I'm not even sure where the others end up.

You can see this Buddhist temple and, if you look hard through the haze, downtown LA in the background.

Not fun trying to drive down from there, though. I didn't get phone service so I couldn't use navigation and I ended up in this tiny little maze-like set of roads. I stopped, turned around, and went back to the major road and went the other way instead of trying to navigate through this.

Not sure what JMM stands for.

Ogii can't even do a single squeeze on these hand exercisers.

Snow-capped mountains and palm trees.

Lots of pages colored by kids at this office.

To get to this ATM, you have to swipe your card at the door. However, someone ripped that off. I wonder what they plan on doing with it.

A tiny little dirt road with big divots. I didn't get stuck, but there were a few times driving up that the Prius' tires were spinning for a while. I would have liked to have a Jeep or pickup for this. There were actually a few other roads I wanted to check out, but there was no way the Prius was getting up those.

Don't fall off the edge.

And don't get scratched by the bushes on the sides.

I had to drive around this traffic cone. Not sure if it meant road closed or be careful, but it wasn't too bad.

Back onto pavement.

Some really nice houses around here.

That's one way to keep the power strip out of water on the floor when it rains.

Interesting clouds.

Finished all of the tortilla chips before my entree came.

More refined than George Clooney? That's stretching a bit.

A little park by Hansen Dam.

There were a fair number of these birds, along with ducks.

Kind of a weird area; lots of sand with scattered spots of trees and bushes.

There were some streams you had to cross over, too.

I found some sticks and used them like ski poles to balance when I went over on the logs.

You couldn't see the lake from that area because there were too many trees in the way. However, if you came over here, there were various paths that let down to the lake.

And then another path right by the lake that circled around part way as well, although you had to dodge some trees on occasion.

The trees around the lake make it look like fall.

A mushroom.

The batteries in my BIO aren't charging. The light on the power supply lights up when I plug it in, but the lights on the charger don't come on. It's getting at least some connection, though, because when I put the BIO in the charger, it won't turn on. I unscrewed the charger and opened it up, but it looks like all the connections are fine. I emailed the company and they said send it to them. I'd assume it's the charger, not the batteries, but they said send everything, batteries, charger, and BIO, to them. So now I don't have a BIO, not too horrible because I can still use my other lenses, although it is a bit harder and I don't get quite as good of a view, and it already cost me $90 just to send it via UPS. Hopefully it's not too expensive.

Five hummingbirds on one feeder.

The one red-throated male is very territorial and will come and chase everyone away.

He also chirps and thrums his wings very loudly.

These three guys were trying to push this minivan that apparently had died. I would have jumped out and helped but I was already a bit late.

Neat lines of vegetation growing here.

A little market that was just closing down.

That's interesting. I've never seen an ATM that will give you $50s. The only ones I've seen that do anything other than $20s are in Vegas, and those are $100s.

Thursday night poker. Someone sent the host these gold cards, so we used them.

I love this game; people are a lot of fun. The first player raised blind, I called, the guy behind me re-raised blind, and almost everyone called. The flop was K59, one player bet, another called, everyone else folded. The turn was a 6. The first player went all in, and then a lot of talking started between the two. He offered to show one of his cards, everyone at the table was pointing to which one they thought he should show, and finally the other guy folded anyway.

The guy who folded had JJ, and the guy who went all in had KJ, which was winning.

The guy with JJ could only have won if the river had come the last remaining J in the deck, we flipped the river, and it was the J! Good fold at the time, though. Other fun moments from the night: A guy who sucked out on the river to pair is single A to beat the other guy's KK rubbed his cards on his nipples, one guy asked another guy who is basically a professional player if he knew what running it twice meant, and two guys bet $2000 that one of them could hit 75/100 free throws. In another crazy hand, guy 1 and guy 2 are still in. Guy 1 went all in. Guy 2 asks guy 1 if he can ask guy 3 whether to call or fold. Guy 1 said yes if guy 2 pays guy 1 $5. Guy 2 says sure. Guy 2 asks guy 3 what he should do. Guy 3 says he'll only help guy 2 if guy 2 pays guy 3 $1. Guy 2 says OK. Guy 3 tells guy 2 to call. Guy 2 calls. Guy 1 shouws a full house to win. Ah, fun times.

Drivers stopped in the crosswalk because they went through the intersection instead of waiting.

Paying $3 to watch a movie on YouTube is a decent deal. We don't need to pay an extra $1 to watch this in HD, though.

Dumb thing won't work with AdBlock on, though.

This annoying BMW driver is in the carpool lane but going slower than the traffic to the right.

"Dolor" is Spanish for "pain."

Accident in the rain.

This bridge looks cool in the rain with the lights on.

Denver the Last Dinosaur is on TV. I haven't watched that in over 20 years.

Mrs. Right.

We went to a club in Hollywood that had a Dance Dance Revolution machine on free play.

These two were both really good.

They played fast songs.

The main dance floor.

And a second one.

A dancer on the stage with a light-up hula hoop.

Interesting art on the wall.

Big speakers.

An outside smoking area. The woman on the right was really dressed up.

Back to the DDR game.

A guy in a unicorn hat.

The guy in the green shirt played both sides alone a few times.

Some people held onto the back to be more stable.

A couple going at it.

Not your regular footwear for DDR, but it is fitting for the dance club.

The guy on the left is having a lot of fun.

Two other people who dressed up.

A video of people dancing on DDR

I thought I was OK here. I totally forgot he could checkmate me this way because my rook blocks me.

Walmart should only have one spot on the map, not one for each department.

Good to be part of this group on Facebook because sometimes there is useful info like this.

It's so annoying that a government entity spells both of my names incorrectly.

The the page I'm supposed to go to to renew the box has moved, and then even after I go through all the trouble of setting up a new account, it still says I can't update it online for some reason. What a waste of time.

First YouTube survey ad I've seen.

"Been booted out of a meetup group for no reason?" I think the organizer is pissed off that happened to her, but I doubt it's for no reason. If this is only a group of people kicked out of other groups, I don't think I want to be in it; it'll likely be lots of weirdos or assholes.

We can pick any seat we want.