2015 Jan 25 | videogame party, poker

The bedroom light went out, but I don't know how to remove this plate. I tried moving the glass plate but it doesn't go up or to any side.

Finally I tried gently pulling down because some websites say they have clips but this actually has metal bars that act like springs. I've never seen that before.

Ogii made dinner in this pot but it got so hot it burned the side of the oven mitt and pieces stuck to it.

It's not a top-quality oven mitt, but that was a bit scary.

You need to slide your card to get into this ATM at Vermont and 3rd. However, someone stole the card reader.

Someone stuck paper in the door so you could still get in, though.

Trash all over.

And even some lube sitting on the trash can; ick.

Not very clean.

I wonder if whoever took the card reader wanted to sell it or if it was just vandalism.

Cloudy out; you can barely see downtown from the highway.

You can't find normal Post-It notes anywhere anymore. Now they're all the accordian style pop-up or super sticky or recycled or something. However, I saw this big 12-pack...

... and it was the normal ones! I grabbed it as soon as I saw it just in case someone else came by and tried to get it first.

Pretty sunset.

Nice house on top of a hill.

Uh oh, traffic is all backed up here. Maybe I should go around the block and come in from the other side?

Nope; it all cleared up before I even got there.

Everyone is pretty good about getting out of the way of firetrucks.

Cool clouds.

Neat paint job.

Was just about to get on this highway when I saw this sign; a 45-minute delay for a 20-minute drive.

Thankfully I could just barely make the last exit before the traffic jammed up, so I took that. I ended up having to make a figure-8 to get back onto another highway, but it worked out.

Saturday night was another videogame party. Mario Kart with the trucks driving at you is always crazy.


Ogii just got blown up in Bomberman.

Having fun now.

Exciting game.

Big group of people.

Mario Kart in the den.

Mario Party fun.

Good number of people, not too few and not too many.

On the side TV.


Bumper Balls, my favorite Mario Party mini-game.

Dance Dance Revolution.

These two were pretty good.

Me giving it a shot.


From behind. The guy on the right was really good.

Tekken 3.

Ogii playing Mario Kart.

Me playing.

Funny weekend quote.

A hummingbird just about to land.

It was Mark's birthday, so Jesse brought cake for poker.

Table 1.

Table 2.

Three-way all-in. I had top pair and a flush draw against two over pairs; AA held up.

AA vs 72; 72 had a flush draw on the flop and went all in, then hit two pair on the turn and river. Crazy.

I had three jacks vs Ogii's two aces on the flop, but she caught a third ace on the river to beat me.

The tournament winners.

Four-way all-in, everyone had great hands except 27, and then a straight came on the board so it was a four-way split pot.

Last hand of the night and a huge pot; everyone was all-in preflop. Ogii was ahead with QQ vs 77 and AJ until a 7 came on the flop.

A Valentine's Day event with fun seating names from the seven deadly sins.

The other four.

We got tickets to this one and it automatically put it on my Google Calendar after I got the tickets in my GMail inbox. Nice, but a little scary that Google knows all of that.

I like that it includes the confirmation number, though.

Again, 7500 coins in Jetpack Joyride after the five days instead of a clothing item. Although you can buy a piece of clothing for around that, so it ends up being the same. Just not as fun.

Crazy Amazon pricing again. The three pack is a few cents cheaper than the two pack and the eight pack is four times more expensive than the four pack.

For a moment I thought I might have to sacrifice my queen to avoid checkmate, but thankfully my bishop was still on that diagonal.

He ran out of time, but I only had my king...

... so it was a draw.

In this opening if they don't cover the long white diagonal sometimes putting my queen on it can win a rook. His rook was actually safe until he moved his knight back and blocked his queen from protecting it.

Free rook.

Pretty easy win unless I really mess something up, but still want to play carefully just in case he trades everything off and can get back to eat my pawns first.

A video of hummingbirds sharing peacefully, a bit uneasy, and fighting.