2015 Feb 08 | Super Bowl

We leave our recycleable out so the poor people who come by with their shopping cards to pick them up and take them in can make a bit of money. However, this guy left all of these on the ground here, rather rude.

They made the front of this other apartment complex look really nice, but it's still pretty old inside. Good reminder to never trust first appearances.

People stopped in the middle of the intersection and blocking traffic.

This mannequin is attached to a battery to make her arms move around and wave the sign.

Zo et is. Latin? Initials?

In Germany, you always get out of the way of faster cars behind you. Pretty disrespectful to not do so in a German-made car.

Clouds over the mountains.

I think this is the farthest I've ever seen a sidewalk pushed up by a tree.

Lots of dryer problems. I swear I'm the only one in the entire complex who calls in to request repairs.

It looks like an official road warning sign, but it's just an ad.

All these people in the left lane are going to the left, which is backed up, so it's much to take the right lane here.

Only a few cars made it through the intersection on each green because it was backed up in front. They need to change when the lights turn or something.

This cop car had a bicycle tied on front. That's weird.

Playing Live at the Bike so later on I can review how I played. I started with $300 and ended up with $700. After watching it at home, I should have had another $300. I was a little too much of a sissy on two large hands, one where I should have bet and one where I should have called; instead, I folded on both. Good to know for next time.

Another car stuck in the middle of the intersection when we have a green light, except this time it's a bus blocking every lane. Normally the bus drivers are pretty good in traffic, but not this time.

A bunch of cops and a film crew.

Maybe they're filming a movie scene?

A single cop in a carpool lane. Is it legal for them to do that?

Well, I would have made a full house on the river, but it still would have lost.

Neat little bridge.

Super Bowl and poker at the Moose Lodge in Torrance.

Kings vs two flush draws, both flush draws got there, but the kings made a full house. Crazy.

Tons of food.

And dessert.

Selling raffle tickets. It was fun because you got this huge string of tickets instead of only one.

Well at least the jacks got put out of their misery quickly when the aces hit another ace.

Top pair and straight draw vs made straight vs flush draw, everyone gets all their money in on the flop, and the flush draw gets there.

A sliver away from dying by flying into a laser in Jetpack Joyride, but I was saved by getting the "M" to get the SAM.

I've never liked the 5; it's always busy.

Another Live at the Bike. I did better this time, $300 into $900, but (1) I got a lot of good hands and (2) all the other players were terrible. The last game there were some weak players, some overly-aggressive players, and some good players; this time they were all very weak. I played a little better but still should have done a few things differently, again, mostly being more aggressive.

"I received this product free in exchange for a review." I don't care what you say; that's definitely going to bias your review.

This guy was chattering really loudly. It was rainy and cold; I wonder if that had something to do with it.

Very foggy this morning. There's an inversion layer holding the smog in, so it's kind of nasty outside.

The other doctor who uses this office must have kept using one side of the alchol pads. Weird.

I can't figure out which set of lines is which on this lensometer.

Ah, a manual.

But which set is the "stronger side"? We normally say more plus or more minus, not stronger.

So here, it appears the stronger side is the more minus, because that's what they say is what is subtracted from in their equation. But I swear I still get it wrong sometimes. Oh well, not that big of a deal, but still annoying.

The air conditioning kicked on it and it was absolutely freezing in the exam room and very cold elsewhere. Thankfully someone changed the settings and it went back to normal. You can't adjust the bars, so I was about ready to go find some plastic and duct tape it on there.

Ooh, that sounds like a good deal.

Except they've already decreased the $7 to $5, so saving $2 isn't nearly as good as saving $4.

Different shades of mountains through the fog.

I thought you weren't supposed to ride bicycles side-by-side in a lane, but I could be wrong and they're cops.

You don't see Ferraris in this part of town very often.

Palm trees and clouds.

Pony parties. I hope they treat the ponies well.

Geeks in love.

Cool clouds; it's like they're splitting apart.

Suge Knight ran over some people in the parking lot of Tam's Burgers, so somebody made a fake Yelp Review.

It's pretty long, but very well written.

It's sad somebody is dead, but the fake review is entertaining.

I'm in the second-largest city in the US with a major cell phone carrier and I can't get service. Gah.

Ooh, this could be fun.

Sacrifice a bishop for two pawns to open a hole in front of his king.

Except he didn't go for it. Then he started moving on the left.

Whoops! I wanted to move this pawn one space, not two.

It actually worked out quite well for me, though; a passed pawn attacking his queen.

I thought he'd move his queen. If not, I'll take it.

Ah, that was his plan: pin my queen to my king. I still come out ahead, though, and win the game.

There is so little news about Selby that Mobridge possibly getting a ShopKo has two stories.

I was driving through an intersection when somebody coming from the opposite direction turned right in front of me. I slammed on the brakes and turned left but still didn't manage to avoid him.

I pulled off to the side past the intersection and he kept going. I'm sure he didn't have insurance.

Headlight cover pieces.

Interesting; there's styrofoam inside the bumper.

Poker at our place. Three eights for one player but a full house for another.

Three of a kind was pretty good, but just to make sure, better make it quads.