2015 Feb 15 | LABV, Valentine's Day

Ooh, free money in the dryer; someone didn't pick up the coins that fell out of their pockets.

I called to get a repair for this dryer, but the company said the outlet is bad, so the apartment management needs to fix that.

And just to be sure, they write it on the outlet.

A coworker bought these chips and they were great. Definitely going to have to buy this brand.

Bette Davis' quote on the best way to get into Hollywood, which was to take Fountain, on Fountain.

You're not supposed to park on the left side by the fence, and this is why; the car on the right had to go back and forth multiple times to squeeze out. Someone was even sitting in the driver's side of the SUV and didn't move it out of the way.

Big tree.

Flowers for Ogii.

We went to the Bicycle Casino on Friday night for their Men's Night out.

They had drinks and dancers and poker. We showed up 30 minutes after it started and the tables were already all full. We waited around an hour but gave up after that. At least we got some free backpacks and hats.

So we went and played $2/$3 in the other part of the casino. My second hand I had AA and lost everything when my opponent hit two pair. Then Ogii lost all of her money. Thankfully I was able to build it all back up and we left up $10. We also got free food, and the steak and banana split were really good.

They just barely left enough room for someone to squeeze through if he's turning, but not by much.

From our place to Playa del Rey takes around 30-45 minutes. Usually I take 10 and then 405, but in this case, it's much slower that way, and going down 110 is 33 minutes faster, even thought that actually overshoots the beach and you have to drive back north a few miles. If I took the normal route, it'd double my drive time.

Volleyball on Saturday morning.

Eyes on the ball.

Lila hitting.

Nancy reaching.

Michael spiking.

They put hearts and balloons on the nets. It was kind of fun when someone hit the balloon with the ball.

A lot of people brought food and candy; these donuts were really fun.

Going up.

Jack hitting.

And serving.

Watching the ball.

Long dive.

Anik hitting.

I thought this shot was kind of pretty and simple.



Anik hitting through the heart.

Anik is a teacher and brought a lot of the candy her students brought her. She gave us this as an engagement gift.

Cool shoes in the thrift shop.

The roadside food stands smell so good when you're hungry.

We needed some white leggings for Ogii for the Valentine's Day party. Thankfully we saw these mannequins as we were driving by, so we knew this store would have them.

Working on our face paint.

Finished. I also had a wig but it was blonde, not white, so it didn't really fit with the outfit.

Headed to Hollywood. It's 15 minutes faster to take the highway a bit north and then come back south than to take Hollywood Blvd itself.

At the Love & Lust Ball.

A dancer.

And one on the other side. I like her makeup.

You were supposed to wear red and white, but a lot of people had black.

A whipping station.


Parish, the event creator, on the left. He always has some amazing outfits.

An artist outside.


Funny shirt and briefs.

One of the dance rooms. A couple of guys had light-up headgear.

Another one.

I really like this ceiling.

Everyone got a kick out of this guy wearing only a thong and a backpack. Although again, it was supposed to be creative red and white outfits, not minimal black.

Dripping hot wax.

A guy with a light-up hula hoop.

A fire dancer.

Leaning back.

Another one.

Hey, you'll mess up my makeup.

We parked at the Hollywood and Highland parking garage. It gets really hot in there; 93 degrees.

Aw, the autorefractor at work isn't working, so until we get it repaired, I have to ret everyone manually.

He has a queen and a knight, but I can still maybe get a queen.

He was annoyed that he lost on time, and he probably should have won, but it was a bit tough at the end to pry my king away from my pawn, and that's why the clock is there.

For some reason Google Maps will be a bit tilted when it opens on my phone. I don't like it; I guess it looks more artistic, but I prefer it being straight from above and at the normal orientation.

1 hour slower for a 30-minute drive? Yeah, definitely not taking that route.

Aw man, on the flop he had four jack outs or runner runner flush, so like 10% to win, but he got there.