2015 Feb 22 | House of Delegates, Winchester Mystery House

A ton of Korean BBQ places in Koreatown.

According to Yelp, this is the best place. It's OK, but I don't think it's worth the price, especially considering what a pain it is to valet. Also, usually the food comes out in too small of pieces to really fill me up.

Throwing milk for the Mongolian new year.

Oops, Ogii got a bit on her.

These plants smell really good.

Foggy morning, but even if we can't see the sunrise, we at least know what time it should come up.

I wonder of these people are moving out? If there was a fire or something? Or just trash?

"How low are you willing to go?"

It's been very foggy out lately. It's the thermal inversion, which traps all the smog. It actually kind of stinks outside.

Candi and I drove up to San Jose for the optometry House of Delegates. It's foggy up there, too.

The motel has washing machines with built-in detergent dispensers.

Is some of this candy 50% or 75% off? And if so, why are there different percentages?

Cool ring.

They daisy-chained the power cord on this lamp.

Candi with our flag.

Some checks give to the California Optometric Association.

Speaking on a certain issue.

Time for awards.

The Optometrist of the Year and his family.

Doctor-senator Ed Hernandez.

Candi accepting one for LACOS.

We won society of the year.

Now the fog is gone; time to get some stuff done on the computer by the pool.

The glare was pretty bad, so my laptop ended up being an expensive phone charging station.

The hotel tower above the pool.

We were almost directly under the flight of planes on the way to the airport.

The hotel had fresh poporn in the lobby.

We went for a walk that evening. We passed a bell for the fire department.

Very upscale on this side of the road...

... and less so on this side.

A rose garden.

Lots of roses.

A light pink one.

And a dark pink one.

Dark red ones. They all smelled differently.


A very nice little area with benches, pathways, grass, bushes, and small trees.

It's directly under the flight path to the airport.

There was this little hill with very thick grass on it.

It was nice to lie in the grass.

An orange tree.

A big tree.

A redwood.

Lots of pinecones.

A statue from Pune, India, a sister city of San Jose.

Weird wavy grass over here.

We didn't see any of these animals.

This creek looked pretty dry.

A welding company put all kinds of interesting metal artwork on the fence.

Construction at night.

Caribbean restaurant.

Cool lights in the hotel.

Drinks in the evening.

Day two of the meeting; society flags.

The AOA president speaking.

Swearing in of the new COA board members.

Barry will be the new COA president.

Some of the students.

Raffle prizes.

The past president's society always does something fun for him.

In this case he goes to Africa and performs free eye exams.

So they reenacted one of his trips.

A couple there named their child after him.

The hair from the wig kept getting in his eye during the speech.

The members of our society who attended.


Then Candi and I drove up to Napa to have dinner with some of her college roommates. I was taking pictures with my phone on the drive, and they all came out looking like they are tilt-shifted, which is a selective focusing technique to make objects in the picture look miniature.

Normally it takes a very expensive lens or a cheap computer program to defocus the edges; in this came, my camera was so crappy it did it by accident.



More horses.


Tons of flowers.

We went to a fairly expensive restaurant in Napa. This was their S'mores dessert.

We stayed the night at their place and then went to the Winchester Mystery House on Sunday. Mrs. Winchester kept building rooms almost non-stop to trick ghosts.

Some of the guns.

The lady behind us in line said the pulled pork sandwich was really good. Coming from Texas, I was wary, and I was proven correct.

Player piano.

A view from the back of the house.

And from the front.

Over on the right you can see one of the doors to nowhere.

And this room you can only enter from this outside door about a foot in the air.

You were supposed to put one item in the house upside down for good luck. In this house, they put all of the poles upside down.

More stained glass.

A close game; almost even in material, but very off balance. Unfortunately I got checkmated by his pawn.

I should win here because I have the opposition: the kings are one square apart on the same column and he has to move, so he has to give way and let me in.

Here we go.

And he can't sneak around and eat my pawn before I can do it to his.

He tried, but I was closer.

A lot of action in the upper-left corner.

This isn't what I had planned, but getting a passed pawn is usually a great benefit.

And I still got to eat his pawn.

He kind of had me worried with his knight and queen coming after my king, but I defended well enough and my passed pawns on the left are too strong to stop.

So cold.

Except in LA, where it's almost 80.

We watched a $3/$5 Live at the Bike game on the computer. StickyRice, an internet YouTube guy who got a ton of attention by turning $2,000 into $50,000 and then losing it all again playing online poker pretty crazily in one night, was playing there, so that brought a ton of attention to the game. It was a fairly boring game, apart from StickyRice trying to do chip tricks and wearing an offensive T-shirt, until the last hand of the night. A ton of people called the big blind, StickyRice made a huge raise to get everyone to fold, but Josh, who had been pretty aggressive all night, called him. Josh's play made sense because the last time StickyRice did that StickyRice has a horrible hand, but in this case StickyRice got lucky on the flop and hit three of a kind. StickyRice bet, Josh went all-in, StickyRice put on a horse mask and put his stuffed duck on the table, and called. After he won, he didn't show his obviously-winning hand for a few seconds, which is poor etiquette, and Josh hit the horse mask. Crazy ending.