2015 Mar 01 | videogame party, online poker tournament

Normally I'll grab a couple of jelly beans, let Ogii take the ones she wants, and then eat whatever's left. Unfortunately for Ogii, this time I love all three of these, so she's gonna have to grab her own.

I got the Prius back and the bumper looks fine. However, the steering wheel kept pulling to the right. Thankfully after a few miles it went back to normal.

Hip hop radio station billboard.

A little farmer's market in downtown.

Lots of fruit.

The street was blocked off for a movie filming.

This ferrari was turning there. I wonder if he's a movie star or director or something?

A giant sun screen for movie filming.

That's weird. It's not like there's a city-wide shortage.

The delivery people at a Domino's in downtown use bikes instead of cars.

Ogii bought this little food warmer. It was about a quarter of the size that we were expecting. Remember to always check the dimensions.

A lamborghini at the crosswalk while we wait to go into the Laugh Factory in West Hollywood.

Ah, they want me to do a Schirmer's test to determine how dry the patient's eye is. I tears are kind of schimmery, so it makes sense. Although I hadn't done one in so long I had to look up on Wikipedia how long to leave the strips in.

Eating at Fogo de Chao for lunch.

Because Jenny was in town for a few days.

These thin slices were my favorite.


Many types of meat. Although I think it was a bit expensive for what we got; there are plenty of other places that are cheaper and slightly better. Although one of the workers was Mongolian, so Ogii chatted with her a bit.

That's one way to keep a gate open.

I had used this yellow rubber band for years to hold the phone cord I leave in my backpack. Candi borrowed it by the swimming pool in San Jose last weekend, and it was so old, it got all streched out from that and didn't hold the cord correctly any more. Time to upgrade, I guess, but it fit perfectly in one wrap, and I couldn't find any new ones that did the same, so I'll have to double the new one. The problems of changing something that works so well after it breaks down.

Cool clouds.

Videogame party at our place.

An intense game of GoldenEye.

Mario Kart.

Having fun, even on Rainbow Road.

Someone brought this virtual reality headset you use with a cell phone. Pretty cool.

I love people's faces when they're playing racing games.

Back at the main TV.

For some eight-player Super Smash Bros on a Wii U that Steven brought.

Dance Dance Revolution.

Multi-player Tetris.

More funky clouds.

Above downtown.

There's an ATM I like to use by the music center downtown. However, I have to walk all the way around this gate to get to it after parking on the street.

However, I noticed a little space this time.

And I can just fit through it. Just saved myself like 15 seconds of walking; nice.

An office I fill in at had these roll-on glasses you use after patients are dilated. The ones I buy come individually wrapped in a giant bag; this is much, much more space effective.

Aw, the sleeves on my favorite shirt are starting to become a bit worn.

Ogii left this note in my camera bag.

A very poorly done attempt at adding some license-plate lights.

A fun queen, rook, and pawn endgame.

Oops, that was a mistake by him.

At this point I should win easily; I have three extra pawns and two of them are passed.

I like this update to the Park Me app that shows you the entraces to the garages.

Lyft has a promotion to give new drivers $1000; they only had to give one person a ride to get the money. Then they shut the promotion down early because so many people applied, but Ogii and I both registered before the cutoff. However, their network has been jammed by so many new applications, so we haven't been approved yet. It said we had to give a ride by Thursday, March 5th and it doesn't look like our applications will even be halfway done by then. Hopefully they'll extend it; otherwise they're going to have a lot of annoyed people.

Poker at our place. Three all-ins preflop. First AQ was ahead with a pair on the flop, then TT with a flush on the turn, then 55 made a full house on the river.

69 made a straight, although it's the low end of the straight, so it was kind of confusing. Had to count it out card by card, 34567.

Table 1.

Table 2.

Table 3.

The money makers.

I got my money in really bad, flush draw vs three kings, but I got lucky on the river.

I was way behind on the flop, way ahead on the turn, and then we split it on the river.

I got really lucky here and hit two of the three cards left in the deck that I needed after the flop. I bet a pot-sized bet to be all-in on the river, and he finally called.

Aw, I had two pair on the flop, but then he hit runner runner flush.

Sweet, a big raise from someone in front of me when I have KK.

And I take it.

Preflop I'm slightly ahead; after the flop I'm way ahead.

I thought about making a move here and raising but chickened out.

I'm glad I did.

I bet the flop and he folded.

Flipping again preflop and I win again.

The poor guy with 77 barely had a chance against AA.

This time I was slightly behind preflop but hit a card.

At this point I was up a lot so I was raising almost every single hand preflop or somewhere along the way and most people folded.

That's a nice flop.

I lost this one.

And won this one.

I bet the flop, bet the turn, and checked the river. Maybe I could have gotten him to lay down the 10 of diamonds with another bet on the river, but it would have been tough.

Now I have the other two players crushed in chips.

I called his all-in pre-flop. Probably a bad move given how weak my kicker is, but at the end of a tournament, any A-high hand is pretty strong.

He hit a straight to take it on the river here; now he's slightly ahead of me in chips.

But I hit my jack to win the tournament here.

First place for $100.

Another tournament; this was a bounty turbo. Normally I don't play turbos because they move so fast you have to be extremely aggressive and lucky, but I figured I'd try it. On this hand I got really lucky, too, and hit my three-outer on the river to beat his KK. The bounty part is that you get an extra $5 for every player you knock out.

The very next hand I got KK.

He folded to my river bet. Maybe I should have checked and let him bluff or bet at it?

Knocked someone else out.

When the flop came, I was thinking it would have been nice to be in the hand. Not after seeing their hands on the river, though.

Lots of all-ins but nobody hit a pair.

I knocked three people out with this one hand.

You'd think it would be by hitting my ace, but it was two more eights instead.

I hate AJ; it always kills me in tournaments.

He had me beat the whole way.

This time I'm ahead after I check-raised all-in.

One player called and I won.

Again, I was dominated the whole way here.

Any pair is usually pretty good to shove with, but not with that big of an all-in in front of me with my pair being so small.

One opponent called my all-in and I won. Huge pot for me.

This time I had the pair and the opponent had AK, but I won again.

I'm in fourth place, about a third of the way behind the chip leader.

Once I hid quads on the flop he doesn't have much chance.

The opponent folded here. Maybe I should have just called, but if he has a straight draw, I don't want to let him see a card for free.

He had JJ and hit three of a kind on the flop; I had AK and hit a straight on the river.

A good river card for me.

Another player gets four of a kind.

If I wouldn't have hit two pair on the river I would have lost less here.


The last hand of the tournament; I hit three of a kind on the flop and it was over.

I won $374 for getting first place but also made another $80 by knocking out 16 other players for $5 a piece.

Back to a cash game for a while. I flopped a straight flush.

Flopped two pair, made a full house on the turn. I don't think he can put me on 27.

I bluffed the river and he didn't fall for it.

That's scary; hopefully he doesn't have a flush already. Thankfully he folded.

It wouldn't have mattered, though, because I would have made a full house.