2015 Mar 22 | West LA VB, Dave & Busters

This washing machine at our apartment is pretty crappy; the clothes that were on the bottom are all wet and the ones that were on top are completely dry. This will happen if you overload the washer, but this was a few inches less than their recommendation. Really annoying.

Our Tuesday-morning laundry ritual, since I hate hot clothing and Ogii loves it. I throw the fresh-out-of-the-dryer clothes on her, then she throws them to me to hang up so they cool down a bit before I have to touch them.

Aw, my sunglasses broke.

After three or four different types of glue, they seem to be OK.

I really want some Dr. Pepper.

I used to like the "Maintenance Required" notice that pops up on the Prius when it gets close to needing an oil change, but if you go over that mileage, it stays up there all the time, not just when you start it. Also, when I brought it in, they said it didn't need an oil change, just an injection cleaning and tire rotation. I wonder if those appointments are preset into the car or if the dealership creates a new one every time I go in?

The Hollywood sign between palm trees.

A big house around Wilshire.

And another.

These houses have some nice lawns for being inside the city.

Volleyball on Thursday evening.




A sailboat was in trouble because it was so windy, so a lifeguard boat went to help it out.

Going up for a block.


It looks like he's walking on the edge of the sand.

And one more.

Some neat steps by the volleyball courts.

Some of us went to Dave & Buster's on Friday night. We got this snow cone drink.

And this Corona one.

Multi-puck Pac-Man air hockey.

Four-player hair hockey.

A beer pong game.


I like how many people can play together.

Ogii was really intense during this game.

Until she lost.

Basketball. One guy absolutely destroyed everyone else.

A new game where you smash items at different areas using the pads.

Back to air hockey.

Dance Dance Revolution.

Even at 25% off, that's a lot of tickets for a light-up necklace.

Shredded phones.

Neat shoes.

A car with a very pretty paint job.

A foggy morning.

I think at this point that's bordering on illegal for obstructing your view.

This guy got in an accident on the highway and was turned sideways.

Three of us all-in preflop. I was a little worried about clubs; I was not expecting a 9 on the river.

Top pair and a straight draw vs... four of a kind. Ouch.

AA won with a better full house on the river, so I wonder why it showed an aces cracked animation on his cards.

Yeah, that's not good.

I check shoved the flop, which turned out to not be the best decision.

I raised preflop, then folded to a reraise. Probably a good fold at the time, but it would have been nice to have been in it to hit three aces.

Top pair with a bigger flush draw loses to a straight on the flop.

I stayed in a motel room and got these itchy bites that hung around for about a week afterwards. I'm guessing it was bed bugs.

I forked his king and queen with my bishop; nice.

As usual, I didn't defend my king well enough.

Aw man, messed up due to time pressure and stalemated him.

Oops, moved too fast.

He gets my knight for a pawn.

Then he gets the pawn back with his queen, and I have to move my king, which means I can't castle any more.

I tried getting sneaky and trapping his queen with my knight. Instead, he took my rook for free. This was a pretty disastrous game.

Another common mistake I make.

He gets my bishop and now my rook for free.

Another mate.

Nice, I get his rook.

After eating a few pawns, I retreated my king back, except when he used his king to go after my knight...

I forked his king and queen.

Oops, I shouldn't have pushed the pawn yet, because he gets my queen and then the pawn.

Except if I move my rook to the open file while he does that, I get a checkmate.

As per usual, my king is under attack.

This is ugly.

I got his knight, he got my queen and rook. That's not a very fair exchange.

Oops, he can just take my bishop for free with his bishop now, and if I take his rook with my knight, he can then take my rook and be up a piece.

Except he moved his rook back, which let me try to grab his queen.

That didn't work, but I did get a pawn and then a rook for a bishop.

Sometimes the game messes up when it starts. There's no way for those pawns to really get that way.

I should win this pretty easily.

Except I was premoving to save time, and I miscalculated which moves to use for my bishop to stop his pawn, so his pawn ended up queening and I ran out of time.

I wanted to watch The Flight of the Phoenix, except we don't get those channels.

And it's not free on Amazon Prime.

The full movie is on YouTube for the same price as Amazon, but there's also a completely free version on there, too.

Super Troopers 2 went on Indiegogo to finance the movie. It made it in one day, easily.

This would be cool to have at the wedding if I had $25,000 to throw away.