2007 Nov 17 | Beowulf

Who has time for a can opener?

Beowulf was showing in 3D at the IMAX. I thought it would be completely sold out, but it was only about half full. The 3D really stood out in some of the scenes, especially when the camera was just above the ground.

You can see a guy on a motorcycle stopped behind me in my rear-view mirror. This would never happen in San Francisco; they always drive up between the cars to get to the front. There seem to be fewer motorcycles here, but maybe that's because parking is such a pain in San Francisco that there's a big advantage to having a motorcycle there.

You're supposed to stop where I stopped. This guy went a tad bit farther.

This woman was in the right lane, but she moved way into the left side at the end because she actually wanted to be in the left lane to turn. When the light changed, she waited in case the cars in the left lane started going first, and the cars in the left lane waited in case she started going first. We all just sat there for about 15 seconds waiting for everyone else.

Another big difference between Texas and California is people here almost never honk if you commit some traffic transgression. I'm not sure if it's because people are nicer or if they're just so used to being cut off and everything else that they would be on their horn constantly otherwise.

I pretty much exclusively get books from thrift shops or borrow them for free at libraries. Even the Barnes and Nobles $5 cheap books seem horrendously expensive to me now. I like to cycle through the types of books I read so I don't get bored, usually in the order of fun fiction, current intellectual, classic, and then history/war. I have to get the current intellectual books from libraries because they're too new for thrift shops, but the others I could always find at a Goodwill or Salvation Army in Berkeley. However, in the Houston thrift shops I can't find any of the classic or history/war type books, so people seem to be more intellectually oriented in their reading in Berkeley. Plus, the main public library is closed for repairs and the UH library doesn't seem to get many of the current intellectual books I want to read.

Why would you ever buy underwear at a thrift shop? You're not even saving much money.

I wanted to buy a thick metal coat hanger to keep in my truck in case people lock their keys in their cars. I've opened two doors for people with hangers since moving to Texas (not to mention jumped cars and changed tires), but the last time the hanger I tried to use was too skinny and just kept bending straight rather than pulling the lock up. What are the chances that I'd see a hanger just lying on the ground on one of the few days I'm looking for one? It wasn't quite strong enough, though, and probably a little short.

I don't understand people who will wait 5 minutes and block all other traffic to get a parking spot that's a little closer. Now, if someone's pulling out, I might wait for them, but this lady just started putting her groceries in her truck.

I can't seem to find these little erasers for the mechanical pencils I like anywhere. However, some of the cheaper pencils come with them, so I end up buying a pack of those and just leaving the pencils somewhere for people to take. Interestingly, it might actually be cheaper to do that than buy the erasers themselves.

I generally don't shop at Fiesta because the food seems to spoil a little sooner than at Randall's.

However, when it comes to spices and anything foreign, Fiesta has a much better selection. They actually have whole rows dedicated to foods from other countries.

What's an "early Sunday edition" and why does it even exist? What's wrong with just having a Saturday edition? Actually, I don't even see a Saturday edition anywhere.

I realize it's rather hard to park in the space at the end because of the wall, but it would take less that 15 seconds to pull back out and drive back in to be in the middle of the parking space. I really want to park an inch away and make whoever did this get in through the passenger door and crawl over to the driver's seat.