2015 Mar 29 | VG party, Station 24 VB

That's weird; why just Mastercard? Maybe they save money by dealing directly with each individual credit card corporation and the Mastercard connection is down?

Merging late across the solid white line.

Shopping in the cheap clothing district.

Although all of the stores sell basically the same items.

I didn't know they have pheasant hunting here. I wonder if they're wild or only in a farm?

Lots of poppies in the field.

More with the sun on them.

I like that this company hand-write my name.

Happy two-years-together meal from Ogii.

"Honey, you forgot the 'r.'" And she first wrote it in red but it melted. Oh well; it's still nice and tastes good.

A bit hard to tell, but there are two Prius Plug-Ins behind me.

I kind of want to get one of these postage scales so I don't have to keep buying postcard stamps, but I'm not sure if it would be worth it given how small our volume is.

That is literally the worst example of time and date they could possibly have.

That's helpful. Thankfully they were written out inside the chart.

I never knew the medical center has an electric plug in. Although I'll let the Tesla have it; I'm only there one day and he needs it to drive, whereas I can use gas.

Videogame party.

On the Wii.


More people on the Wii.

Dance Dance Revolution.

It was a big hit this time.

More people.

And more.

Eight-player Super Smash Bros on the Wii.

There's always leftover beer that we don't really want to drink, though.

Why aren't you supposed to touch what appears to be forms you're supposed to use?

Soccer players in Santa Monica. Although I don't like playing on smaller fields like this.

Volleyball with the Station 24 group.

Some of them bring their kids.

And their kids are pretty good.

Mother and daughter.


Eyes on the ball.


Joe bumping.

About to hit.



Good platform even though she's midair.

She must have learned from her mom.

The son is the same.


There were a ton of people out at Dockweiler.

Hey, this guy is in my reserved spot!

Aw, but he left his phone number to call him if I came. That's OK, then, I don't want to interrupt him if he's nice like this; I'll just park on the street for a bit.

Mongolian vodka shots during poker.

The three winners. Elizabeth completely crushed us when it got down to three players.

This dumb bishop move that gets a pawn and a rook.

And then I'm an idiot trying to save the rook and just give up the knight, too.

This isn't good...

... but I chose the absolute worst possible response, letting him get two rooks for free.

A cool checkmate.

This should be a stalemate, but I guess it says I lost on time.

Oh well, onto the next one.

Playing against a Mongolian player.

Haha, he just gave up his bishop for a pawn.

Oh. And a queen. Yeah, that's bad.

I got a checkmate, so I don't even need the bishop skewer of his queen to his king.

Funky checkmate.

I've been hit by this queen and knight arrangement a few times.

I still haven't figured out if it's preventable or not, but it usually ends in me getting checkmated.

One of the best April Fool's jokes I saw. Reddit's data is beautiful subreddit, which is usually pretty graphs and such, was changed to all pictures of Data from Star Trek.