2015 Apr 05 | West LA VB

It was sitting at 30% for like 15 minutes. It says don't turn of your computer, but what else am I supposed to do if it's still sitting here like this in a couple of hours? Thankfully it finished up on its own.

The laundry room got really hot and humid after I ran the dryer. Sure enough, the vent was off.

This electrical outlet is still bad. I'm not sure how, because the machine will still turn on when it's plugged in, but it won't heat. I even switched the machines and whichever is plugged in here doesn't heat. Weird.

Love the carpool lane.

This truck's tire was smoking.

I grabbed some of these, but when I compared it to the cost on Amazon, it seemed really expensive.

So I checked it at the price scanner and it was half of what was listed. Ah, someone had placed on 10-sheet pack in the 25-sheet pack spot.

Goth Skittles.

I wonder if that's legal.

Sunset-looking paint job.

This guy had plugged his iPad into the ceiling outlet at McDonald's. I guess if there aren't any on the walls anywhere this is rather ingenious.

I'd even say you could do them both on the same day, not just the same weekend.

I'm not sure exactly what this is. He should have a better explanation.

I like this bumper sticker.

I tripled my buy in at the Bicycle casino. But what really got people excited were the purple tickets they threw into every pot for a chance to spin a wheel to win money. People were even saying, "If you give me the ticket, I'll let you win the pot."

This guy was driving kind of aggressively. Probably not something you want to do when you're advertising something.

A woman died in North Dakota, and an urban legend was created about her looking for the treasure buried in Fargo. So we watched Fargo, then This is a Real Story, which is the true story of what happened, and then we went to Los Feliz 3 to watch Kumiko the Treasure Hunter, which is a fantasized version of her story.

There are only three theaters and this one is tiny; only three seats on the left side and two on the right.

Stars in the ceiling.

The parking meter says 6am-9am is $5 and 9pm-4pm is $9 on weekends. But what if you park before 9am? Do you only pay $5 for the whole day or do you have to pay an additional $9? The way it's written here it sounds like the latter.

But it's actually the former. I'd say they should rewrite how it's worded on the machine, but I guess there's not much space, so maybe it'd be too hard. I don't think so, though.

Volleyball practice before we start playing.

This is a good set of items.


Spiking and blocking.

This guy is a fitness model. We kept joking how his muscles had muscles.

This woman was really good.


David hitting the ball. I like her expression in the back.

David with a big jumping hit.

It was a potluck so people brought food. I was going to bring chili or some other sort of meat but all of the articles I read online said you can't leave meat out more than an hour in hot weather and I didn't want to make anyone sick, so I just brought some rolls.

I like the sand bouncing off her forearms.

Driving back the traffic is pretty bad.

Going in either direction would actually be pretty good except for all of the people trying to park at the beach coming from the other direction; it kills any flow there is.

At least I'm on this side and not on that side trying to park; it's completely stopped for a long ways.

Trying to sneak through when they have a chance.

I'm just saying.

Maybe they're shooting some sort of movie for school?

Stop getting screwed. They just come out and say it.

A lamborghini.

Ogii made her chips pretty at Aelred's.

A straight flush vs a royal flush.

My computer kept saying it couldn't find the iP 1800 printer. It's right there under unspecified devices and I haven't changed any of the settings. Why would it do this? Finally I got it to recognize it again.

Uh oh, Facebook messenger notifications block the board. Not good when I have only 1 minute to make all of my moves. I hope I don't have to move any pieces to a6.

This is sneaky. I'll attack his queen with my knight. If he takes my knight with his bishop, we're just even after I take back, but...

... if he moves his queen instead, I get a checkmate.

Hopefully he goes for the free pawn on e4 with his bishop...

... because then I get his knight and then rook for free.

My plan is to take the g6 pawn with my knight and even if I'm temporarily down a bit if he takes back with his pawn, it'll leave a bit hole for my queen to come in. His best option it to take my knight with his knight to prevent that.

But he doesn't, so here I come.

He actually didn't take with the pawn, so I brought my knight back to go in with my queen.

Wait, isn't this checkmate?

Oh, crap, I didn't see that his knight could just take my queen. So much for that plan.

Uh oh, he's going to fork my rook and king with his knight on c2. I'll move my rook to prevent that.

Except then he just goes to a different square and does the same thing. Gah.

This is a pretty close game, but I should win; I have more pieces and more pawns. But I ran out of time.

I went down to get a dental exam from Lila Ninh, a fellow volleyball player. I traded her an eye exam for a dental exam. I stopped at this McDonald's for lunch first. Their address is 666; you'd think they'd try to get 667 or something instead.

One, I hate the face that guy is making, two, I hate that the woman is wearing headphones, and three, I don't see what great benefit a pharmacy can offer to newlyweds anyway.