2015 Apr 12 | West LA VB, bachelor party

This microwave at the prison doesn't work half the time. And sometimes it will turn on when you open the door. I'm pretty sure that's not supposed to happen.

Ogii must be here. She always leaves half-drunk glasses of water and random washcloths around.

I don't like hardcover books, but I guess I can read this one in bed if I throw my pillow on the floor to make space for it.

It smells so nice outside of our apartment complex with all the plants and flowers blooming.

Thanks for the warning, but...

... it's a little late; there's no way I can exit to try to take a faster route by now.

The accident.

This field was full of poppies the past few weeks; now they're all gone.

Stormy clouds.

Mountains, clouds, and palm trees.

Ogii was getting stuff out of the fridge, I was getting stuff out of the freezer, and some ice from the freezer fell onto her head.

Some of these calendar comics are pretty thoughtful.

Ogii has a line of loofahs waiting for the family to come.

And towels with name labels.

The left piece of bacon was made in the microwave, the right was in a skillet on the stove. The microwave is more evenly cooked and much easier to make, but I still think the skillet one tastes a bit better.

Live holy.

I wonder if you can see a bunch of butterflies here.

Volleyball on Thursday afternoon.


Solid hit.

Jump serve.

Reaching serve.

Everyone watching the ball.

Gah, I hate it when the ball covers their face and ruins an otherwise good shot.

Leaping hit.

Eyes where the ball will be going.


Accident on the road.

I'm surprised they blocked off the center instead of having him move to the side.

I'm guessing this person works at the airport in some manner.

Accident to the left of the carpool lane.

Downtown and palm trees.

I guess if the door still works, why fix it.

I wasn't planning on having a bachelor's party, but I guess someone else did. Our plan for the night.

The group at Saddle Ranch in West Hollywood.

Cotton-candy dessert.

Kendra riding the mechanical bull there.


A video of Kendra and I riding the bull.

Into a limo for a bar crawl.

Dmitry "breaking the seal."

More fun with the doll.

First stop after dinner was Eagle LA.

I thought it was weird there were very few women in here. The vibe in this gay bar was the best one of the evening, though.

The next stop had a photo booth.

Our pics.

Uh oh, shirts are coming off.

Bringing the doll to the next stop.

Lock and Key. You have to know which door handle to pull on to get it. We didn't know which one it was, but Monica looked for the hinges and figured it out.

It was dark inside.

They made us deflate the doll to get her in.

A nice outdoor area.

On the way out.

More fun in the limo.

In the morning my hand was a bit red from the mechanical bull.

And my thighs were bruised.

Police blocking off the street and I hear a police helicopter above us. I think I'll get out of here.

Cops blocking traffic at an accident.

I'm not sure what exactly happened, though.

Another accident where they're stopped in the middle of the road.

This was a really big one.

All of these people are going into the Dockweiler beach parking lot at 9:30pm, but it closes at 10:00pm. Maybe they're letting you stay later if you get in, though?

It seems if you're religous enough to put it on your license plate, you should be giving more of your money to the poor instead of buying a Mercedes.

Cops ticketing cars at Dockweiler. The sign does clearly say no stopping any time, though.

The sign in the parking garage says the store is to the right, but if you take two seconds to look around, all you see to the left is wall, so it's not exactly a hidden entrance.

Google Maps spazzing out.

Lila's face is way too big on my recent contact list; it makes me want to jump back.

Driving home from the beach. It says it will be 12 minutes faster to take local roads instead of the highway, which would get me home at 6:41 instead of 6:53...

... but since I can use the carpool lane and the GPS doesn't account for that, it's usually faster to just stay on the highway instead, and yep, I saved 10 minutes over it's alternate route, even though there was a fair amount of traffic in the carpool lane.

Fortune Builders, i.e., we'll give you one free seminar to suck you in to the next one, one kind of cheap seminar to get a bit of money, and even that one is really just a big ad to get you to shell out thousands of dollars for the next level. What a scam.

Good ol' king and queen fork.

Messed up start.

Skewing the king and a rook.

You don't often get a fork with a bishop, but it's fun when you do.

He ran out of time, but after this fork, he would have lost anyway unless I really messed up.

Another bishop fork.

You always have to be careful of this when you move your bishop that's protecting the pawn diagonal to your rook.

I think this is a bit obvious; why would I move my pawn instead of my knight?

But it worked, and I got his queen.

I didn't have a really definite plan here, just push pawns and try to eat up his pawns, but after he took my a3 pawn, I saw something.

Yep, worked perfectly.

This seems like a normal developing move.

Oh, he got my pawn, and then I moved my knight too fast, so he gets my rook, too.

Revealed queen on king pin. That's fun.

Later on in that same game I do pretty much the exact same thing, moving my bishop for a revealed attack on a queen, except this time I did it to myself. Whoops.

Free pawn on a4.

And I fork his king and rook.

Except I didn't see that I could take the rook until after I moved my bishop back.

But he didn't either, so I got it on the next move.

Bad mistake by him; free bishop for me.

And now I get his queen for free. Maybe this was his original plan, because he bishop would have protected his queen, but I took out his defending piece and he moved too fast.

He gets a free pawn on c6.

Then another on e6 and then f5. Aw man, that hurts.

Just keep shoving stuff down on the queenside.

That's a pretty solid position for me, and I get a free pawn, which will give me a passed pawn...

... which turns into a queen while taking his queen, and then it should be an easy win for me.