2015 Apr 11 | wedding

The top half of the beach house.

Ogii and I enjoying the front window.

Neat lights.

There were fireworks for Marina Del Rey's 50th anniversary.

They were really close, just a little ways up the beach.

Nice timing for the day before the wedding.

Some yummy snacks.

Off to Michael's to get Ogii some more sticks.

Setting up the guest gifts up front.

There are a lot of them.

A close-up.

Flip flops.

Lots of wine.

And beer.

Hanging out in the bottom of the house.

The couch was huge.

Nap time.

Ogii's sister with the cake.

Personalized champagne glasses.

Customized M&M's.

With the guest glasses.

Monica working on the flowers.

Brendan working on balloons.

Hard at work making food.

Ogii and her sister.

Their dad.

Lots of deer sausage.

Mom with a pot.

Dad with a pot.

Nice dish.

The setup on the beach.

Pretty flowers.

A police officer actually came to check that we had a permit.

All dressed up.

With Ogii's dad.

Here comes the bride.

Kissing her father.

Meeting her groom.

Me reading vows.

Ogii reading vows.

She looks happy.

Time for the rings.

And one for me.

Mongolian milk ceremony.

Some for Ogii.

And her sister.

And Ron.

You may kiss the bride.

Our guests.

Walking out.

The happy couple.

Ron giving a speech.

The two families.

Just us.

Walking out for photos.

A stylized one.

Lifting her up.


Emphasizing the rings and flowers.

With the sunset.



The traditional Mongolian rings.

Flower on me.

Ogii's bouquet.

Looking out.


Looking at each other.

Looking ahead.

Another kiss.

And another one.

Time for food.

Mongolian snacks.

A musician played a few Mongolian songs.

The cake.

Serving knives.

Cutting the cake.

She wants a cupcake.

Kendra using a shoe and a wall instead of a bottle opener to open a bottle of wine.

More milk.

For Ogii.

Passed around.

Ogii and her father.

Some gifts.