2015 Apr 26 | UH dinner, West LA VB

Pretty sunset from the beach house.

Some interesting people out on a photoshoot.

Very shiny car wrap.

Aw, the boat has been covered in graffiti.

I wonder how long it takes to drive up the driveway to this house.

This Prius has a green sticker, but it's not a Plug-In. I wonder how they got that.

My thights are still pretty bruised from the mechanical bull.

Accident on the highway.

This guy is out here with his metal detector. I don't know who else would ever be out in this pretty abandoned area to drop stuff, though.

The button to make a payment doesn't work.

Thankfully I can look at the HTML code to find the site the button links to.

Cops blocking the freeway due to an accident.

Looks like these two cars collided.

It caused quite a large backup.

We went to Fast and Furious 7 at the 4DX theater downtown.

The seats move, there are srobe lights and smoke, and there is wind and water that gets sprayed at you.

You also have an option to turn the water off.

Although we only got sprayed one time in the movie, and it was a tiny amount.

What a pain this is. At least one is moving a little faster than the other.

She's stunning, but I still don't like the look of those glasses on her.

After we clean the floor in the office, when I move the chair, it leaves these black streaks everywhere. They're easy to clean up again, but it's a pain. If I don't move the chair for at least a few hours, it usually doesn't leave the marks, but every once in a while it still will.

One of my least favorite things about the Prius is the setup under the driver's seat; there's all this stuff in the way and lots of little crannies that makes it really hard to find and grab anything you drop down there.

Four pens I rescued from below the seat that had fallen down there over the months.

This Tesla at the medical center added its own private Tesla charging system.

The other one is blocked off right now.

It's sad that so many YouTube videos just have pictures of women in bikinis to attract views.

And this one is a fail compilation; the woman in the bikini probably appears in it for like 10 seconds.

I stopped by this little restaurant.

The prices seem fairly good.

And the food was amazing.

Very pretty, too.

With a nice atmosphere.

Lots of fun treats.

A very cool bathroom as well.

Wide trees.

Tall trees.

I've seen pizza with pieces of bacon, but never an entire strip.

Ogii and I went to a UH alumni dinner. She forgot to write "Ottenbacher" as her last name.

There was a lot of open area with little tables for people to hang out at.

Some appetizers.

A banner of an optometry student.

President Khator speaking.

Me with her.

A very nice little pond next door.

With a fire pit.

The entrance.

The freeway ramp was closed, so I had to get on a different way.

Love, Notre Dame, Mom, 8 is a lucky Chinese number, I guess.

I'd be pretty worried about carrying a phone in a belt holster on a motorcycle.

I'm free.

Oh man was I in trouble until I got lucky on the river.

Top pair and a straight draw loses to a set when the straight draw doesn't get there.

It's alway fun to play Motherload for an hour or so every once in a while. Below me there's some Amazonium and an Ankh, both worth a ton of money.

Thigh bruises still pretty bad.

This jasmine is all over a tree in front of our apartment and it's in bloom right now; it's so nice to walk out and smell this every morning.

Way too much beer in our fridge left over from the wedding. Hopefully people will drink it at our next poker game.

AA loses to A6 when 66 comes on the board.

Flopped two pair vs flush draw vs two overcards turns into bigger two pair turns into flush vs two full houses.

Set over set, just unlucky for the 66.

Table 1.

Table 2.

On break, people can throw in a dollar and get dealt hands they make no future decisions on; we just run the cards.

It's pretty entertaining.

Ooh, that would be cool to have as an MP3.

Except it's 52 seconds too long for this converter to do it.

Possible viruses on a SD camera card.

West LA volleyball.

Good set.

A bit in the air.

Big block.



Hitting from the side.

Going up for a punch.

Good platform.


For some reason IrfanView couldn't read a few of the files I converted from RAW formats.

Good to glance through spam before you delete them all; this one is actually a good CE course.

Stupid Ticketmaster. I bought Nightwish tickets for $12 with no fees a few years ago. Now the minimum price is $30 + $13.50 in fees. I'll just listen to a few of their songs on my iPad that evening instead. If the money went to the artists, I'd be happy to pay, but not if it just goes to some useless middle-man. Louis CK, on the other hand, has the right idea. You want his new album? $5 on his website. Fast, cheap, easy, no excessive fees.

It's nice the app says there's an accident, but it'd be more useful if it said which lane it was in.

I can grab his pawn if he doesn't move it.

And it begins.

Eat another one with discovered check so he can't take my rook.

And another.

And another.

He needs to block by moving one of his pawns in front of his king up.

But instead he goes for a free pawn.

So I get checkmate.

Well that's ugly; I get taken out of the ability to castle and he gets my rook.

And then he got a free pawn and then another one. This game is going downhill fast.

And my knight as well.

Queen to king pin, ouch.