2015 May 03 | Hamburger Mary's, ping pong, and bowling with Ogii's family, APCH health fair

Homeless person walking in the crosswalk even though the light is green.

Accident at this intersection.

I didn't have any lacrimal cannulas in the office and I saw a patient who might need some antibiotics squirted in there, so I ordered some in case the oral antibiotics I prescribed for him didn't work.

He didn't come back, so I guess the orals took care of it. It's weird the hole for the cannula is on the side; I assumed it would be more in front. But then I guess it'd be more likely to get stuck.

Us with Ogii's family in a little park by downtown.

On a bench.

Jumping off the bench.

At Dino's, a little Mexican place. The food was pretty good.

But spicy. There were a ton of spices on this section of fries.

At the Standard to play some ping pong.

Ogii's sister and her husband.

Ogii throwing a ball into the little holders.

Them getting ready.

Ogii and her sister bouncing the balls while he juggles them.

A video of us playing Berlin-style ping pong and then Ogii's sister and her husband playing.

Someone smoked a lot of cigarettes here and left the butts.

The biggest chain of cops I've ever seen. There were about 15 police vehicles headed this way.

What? You can't even go into the kitchen if there's a dead roach there? Just sweep him up.

When I got home, he was barely alive, so I decided to set him outside with some meat.

When I checked on him later, he didn't seem to be doing too well.

So I put him out of his misery. Poor guy.

Me sticking out my fingers like roach antennae to chase Ogii. She figured out that the best way to get a roach to leave you alone is to give it some candy.

I give one of these pencils to kids at the office. One kid didn't want a pencil but did want one of these mini post-it notes. That was a first.

We went bowling at Shatoo 59 Lanes.

Ogii's sister.

And her husband.

Three of us got strikes in the same frame.

Ogii's ball was too heavy, so she ended up using a 9-pounder, which was the lightest we could find.

That's great use of a strike; get a single pin in the frame after it.

I won this game.

A ton of jasmine on this wall.

Saturday morning was the annual health fair at A Place Called Home.

Some guys in big costumes.

Nini talking to some attendes.

Some example glasses we made that are fun for the kids to try on.


Sports area.


Lots of fruit.

Healthy food information.

More vendors out front.

Some singers.

Clouds by the mountains.

We went to EightyTwo, a barcade downtown. They have a six-player X-Men game.

Us playing the X-Men game. I found like $3 worth of quarters jammed into one of the coin slots; lucky day.

The Simpsons, Ninja Turtles, NBA Jam... lots of great multi-player games.

Street Fighter II, Champion Edition.

Which projects above the bar.

Ooh, I found some free quarters at the bottom of this machine.

An outdoor area.

And pinball machines on the other side. They don't have Monster Bash, but they do have Medieval Madness.

Beer holders on the machines.

Playing pinball.

Having fun.

A little more serious.

After that we went to Hamburger Mary's for their bingo.

Ogii had to translate the letters and numbers for them.

Our group.

Good food.

When you win, you have to run through the audience so everyone else can throw their bingo sheets at you.

The various games they play.

I won! Ogii went up and we got some free movie tickets and some candy. Lance won a few games later, but since another person also got a bingo at the same time, they drew numbers for who got the prize, and the other person won. So Lance got to pick from the crappy prizes sack and got some bubbles; a guy earlier got a spoon.

If you called a false bingo, you got a spanking.

Ogii winning.

The little Wells Fargo ATM room seems cleaner.

This little restaurant has the cups of the regulars up on a wall.

Police on horses.

People stopped in the intersection when it's busy.

This McDonald's was remodeled. It's kind of in the ghetto, so I didn't think it would be that nice, but they really upgraded it. They have the little caller devices that ring when your food is ready and they even bring the food out to you.

You can also order and pay at these kiosks.

The mixed fruit cans never give you many cherries.

The painting on the back of this truck is rather tacky but still very pretty.

More cars jammed up in traffic with pedestrians having to weave between them.

This route home usually isn't very busy, but there was some kind of accident a few blocks up, so it was barely moving. Only one or two cars got through the intersection at every green light, and sometimes not even one got through.

Watching poker online while playing poker online. To bad we didn't switch our hands; he needed J2 and I needed J3.

Well, not much I can do about that.

These "important messages that require my immediate attention" are never important.

I bet the flop, he called, we both checked the turn, and then he bet on the river, I raised, and he called. He should have played stronger on the flop and turn to get me off my draw.

I just about called here, but I folded preflop. I think I would have won.

I have the nuts.

That's a scary flop for QQ.

Aw, the other guy folded. I would have really liked to see what they had.

I would have won, but they both shoved on the flop, so no way I would have called that anyway.

We both just checked the entire way. I didn't think there was any way I was winning this.

I called his shove preflop and stayed ahead.

A bad runout for JJ after they were both all-in preflop.

I had KQ the last hand; this would have been a nice flop.

51 shoved all-in on the flop; I'm surprised 43 called.

The small blind shoved preflop with KT two hearts, but he was so short stacked I was getting correct pot odds to call with any two cards, so I did. He hit a ten on the river, but I also made the lowest flush.

We got it all-in on the flop and he hit a card.

Three players had flushes, but only one can win.

Wow, three pairs.

I folded here; I'm likely behind unless he's also shoving any ace.

Yep, glad I folded.

I shoved preflop because I was down to 10 big blinds, but a big stack had AK and called.

It knocked be out of the tourney.

They pay to 99 and I was 113, so perhaps I should have just folded my way into the money. Although it was only $83, so I'd rather play to try to win a bit more instead.

Nice, I can just pick this up instead of paying for shipping.

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