2015 May 17 | Western OCT showcase, online poker

I can't believe that in this day and age there are still companies that require you to mail in a paper form instead of just doing it online.

House up on a hill.

Ogii saw a roach and didn't want it getting into the bedroom.

But this giant spider she's fine with.

Throwing my newly-washed clothing from the bed for me to hang up.

Wait, the one on the right says it has 0 TB storage capacity. The other ones have 6 TB of storage. So what are you buying? Is it all online? If so, why do you need the physical device?

I caught this dumb cold that's going around. On Tuesday my throat was sore. That was gone by Wednesday but I still sounded very raspy if I wasn't constantly sucking on cough drops. That was gone after a few days but my sinuses are still rather plugged up or drippy a week later.

All of my newspaper clippings from high school.

Normally, you can reserve seats.

However, on Tuesday night, which is half-priced discount night, none of the theaters have reserved seats. The woman next to us in the theater said it was because people were printing fake seats.

I love all the Jasmine on the wall.

The green lights mean the parking spot is open, the red mean someone is in it, but I'm not sure about the blue/purple. It doesn't seem like they're reserved or handicapped.

I wonder if enough people have honked to get the neighbors to complain enough to require this sign.

Even though I already had parked far to the right, this guy still parked super close to me. Even if there was previously someone to the next spot to the left forcing him over, there were tons of other spots all over this level that were available.

I can barely get in, and I'm skinny. What a jerk.

It's been rainy, and all of the sudden my foot was wet. I looked and there's a big tear in the bottom of my left shoe.

I called Ogii and she threw down some dry socks for me.

Cloudy weather.

Pretty mountains and clouds.

I don't think the person they're looking for should be called a "student."

Western University had a technology showcase on Friday night.

There were four different vendors with their OCTs.

You could check them out, ask questions, and sometimes even try them.

There were appetizers...

... and drinks...

... and desserts.

Four-color poker decks were completely unavailable from anywhere a few months ago. It seems that they're now for sale on Amazon again, so I bought some to try out. I also like the jumbo size.

No, Word, I'm pretty sure that's not what I'm going for.

I have a lot of trouble with listening to podcasts on my phone. For some unknown reason this one sometimes simply won't play, and the only thing I've found to make it work it to restart my phone.

When it does play it works pretty well, even though there will be an error message in the back at times.

Whereas this one is even worse. It almost always starts, but if it gets interrupted, I can't start it again from where it's at; I have to listen to the entire thing again. Which, considering how sketchy my phone service is pretty much everywhere, means I can never get through an entire cast. Infuriating.

Shiny car wrap.

I get a ton of emails from this company. I've opted out of a lot but I keep getting them. Did I really sign up for them all at some point or are they just sending them to me?

I wasn't even sure if I was winning on the flop, but I'm pretty sure I'm not winning now.

We were all-in on the flop, but he hit his flush.

That's why you play small pairs.

Neither of us had a flush.

My straight keeps getting longer.

Another flush.

Stupid ten on the river.

He bluffed the river and I called.

Aw man, I was winning until we both made straights.

Aces hold up.

Evil flush again, only this one was runner runner.

Bad turn and river for me.

A flopped flush vs my better flush draw that didn't make it.

This is a tough decision.

Start of a tournament and I got two paired.

Normally I'd like to see a flop with this hand. But with a raise, a re-raise, and then an all-in, no way.

I reraised preflop, called his flop bet, bet when he checked the turn and I hit my queen, and then called his river all-in bluff. If he would have had A2 he would have made his straight on the river, so thankfully he didn't.

There were five players in during the flop and everyone checked. I bet a bit on the turn and got one caller. We both checked the river and I won with bottom pair.

I raised preflop and both of these guys called. I bet the flop and both called. On the turn I bet again, 412 called, then 796 raised. Hmm, now what to do.

I called, but then 412 shoved. I might be beating 796, but 412 is almost surely beating me. However, it's only another 1000 to call a pot of 12,000, so even if I think I'm behind I have to call.

Sure enough, 796 folded and 412 won. Back down to a starting stack after that.

A little win.

Aw man, it would be nice to still be in.

Hit a set.

Against three players, I don't think I'm winning here very often. And even if I am now, two more cards higher than a four are almost certainly going to come later.

Or maybe a diamond draw hit. Either way, I would have folded here. Folding earlier just saved me some money.

Aw, I would have hit my straight. However, the player with AA gave a huge tell. He only called preflop, and then when the other player raised, he re-raised. A call followed by a reraise is almost always a huge hand, so preflop I made the right decision.

This is going to be a huge pot.

And all the hands made sense.

The third ten would have been nice, but I won already.

I made a pair, but I doubt it's good on that board.

All-in preflop and he hit his ace. Now I'm almost out of the tourney.

I raised to 500 preflop to keep 116 back just in case and two other players called. That's about the best I can hope for with this hand; you want lots of other players in the pot with connected cards. Then I hit the flop about as well as I could hope, so might as well put in my last 116 here.

I didn't make the flush or straight but I did hit a ten. I'm still pretty low, though.

Maybe by the river I would have been good, but maybe not.

Aw man, I would have made a straight here, too.

KQ suited is good enough to shove when I'm so short, but 66 held up and knocked me out.

Didn't do so well this time.