2015 May 24 | West LA VB, VG party, LABV, poker, online poker

Jeanette Klug hand knit a blanket for our wedding.

You can tell it's home-made just by feeling it. What a wonderful gift.

What happens when I leave my receipts and to-do list in my pocket and wash my pants. I can kind of peel them apart, but certain areas are pretty hard to read.

Lots of beer in the fridge; we're going to have to get people to drink it at parties this weekend.

Even more.

Ogii added some additional strips of tape to the bottom of my shoe. So far, so good.

That's not what you want to see on the schedule. The patient is usually fine when they get in to me, though.

Accident on the highway.


Volleyball on Thursday evening.

Getting low.

Punching it over.


A reflection of the rest of the court in his sunglasses.


Service with a smile.

Big serve.

With the sun in the background.

It makes everyone a shadow.

I went out on the pier area to get a sunset picture.

But I saw this injured sea lion. Poor guy. I emailed some animal rescue service but never heard back from them.

Ogii made chislic for dinner.

That's awfully close to saying sex in some way.

Videogame party on Friday night.

Street Fighter 2.

Super Smash Bros.

Lots of people in the living room.

Tekken, a tiny character vs a huge one.

And two guys playing Doctor B, who is usually lying on the ground.

This was cool; they play the game on the TV using their phones as controllers.

The future is amazing. I'm not even sure how they connected everything.

It's a cool looking game.

Old bomberman.

Knocking down blocks.

Mario Party.

Pressing the buttons like crazy.

Switching stars between players; what a bunch of BS.

How did we both get exactly 1.80 seconds?

They said they wanted Mario Party 3, but we're definitely not getting it from Amazon for $449.99.

Press Your Luck.

Twisted Metal.

Volleyball on Saturday morning.

With a boat in the background.

These photos look so much better because the background is simpler. Early in the day I can face this way and have the ocean as the background. Later on, when the sun moves, I have to face inland, and then there are lots of distracting objects in the background. Even the bicycler and people on the beach make the picture a little worse.

Although I like the sailboats and helicopters.

I love the shiny sunglasses, too.

Big serve.



Jump serve.

Over the net. See, here, with all the stuff in the background, the picture just isn't as clean.

So many options for Memorial Day. We haven't been down to Long Beach in a while, though, so maybe we'll go to that one, especially because there's dodgeball down there too.

Poker on Sunday evening.

We had a lot of players this time.

And had three tables.

Quad 7s. I kind of like the four-color decks, too.

AQ was way ahead until A5 hit runner runner for a straight.

AA vs JJ vs TT and AA held up, although there was almost a straight on the board.

Another big pot. Three 9s vs another three 9s with a worse kicker vs top pair vs a straight draw.

Flush on the board, and someone had the 7 of clubs for a slightly better flush, but nobody had a club bigger than that.

Flipping for dollars.

Lots of excitement.

KK vs an inside straight draw that hits on the river.

That's just overkill.

Big pot, $1000 even.

Three queens but a straight flush on the river.

The top two finishers.

Time for some cash after the tournament. This was by far the biggest cash game hand of the night; four players were all in. Made straight vs three queens vs nut flush draw vs flush draw, and a second king came, giving the player with queens a full house to win a massive pot.

His chip stack afterwards.

Online tournament. Hard to beat quads.

Runner runner for the QQ.

He hit his flush on the river.

Aw, this would have been a nice hand to have been in.

Just a slight overbet.

I would have had a straight flush draw.

I have an overpair but with a bet and a raise, I don't even know if it's good now, let alone if larger overcards come.

Again, top pair on a middle-ish board against a bet and an all-in.

I think I'll wair for a better spot.

Any 9 beats me; otherwise I'd assume I'm good here.

Just continuation bet on the flop and they'll often fold.

It'd be nice to see a flop, but no way am I calling two all-ins.

Yep, right decision.

Again, continuation bet wins.

A flush is nice.

On the other hand, I'm glad I didn't hit a flush here.

I folded here, although maybe calling was better. He's right at 10 big blinds, which is usually shoving any pair or any ace. So any low pair I'm flipping, any high pair I'm crushed, any smaller ace I'm crushing, and any larger ace I'm crushed.

This hand I feel a little more confident about, though.

Especially when he has that.

A single ace is sometimes all it takes.

Hopefully we can get all the money in here.

He even made three 8s, but that just means I have a full house.

I'm surprised he's still in this hand; that's not very good on this board.

Maybe I'd hit another diamond, but easier to just bet and have him fold.

Doing pretty well so far, 19th out of almost 600.

Bet and take it.

No, I don't think I'm calling that.

Whew, glad I folded on the flop, even though I was ahead.

I'd consider raising this hand if nobody else raised before me, but now it's not even worth playing.

Yep, good choice.

They were all-in preflop, but I still probably would have folded on the flop if anyone bet. Would have been nice to make it to the turn, though.

That's pretty sick.

He made a huge overshove preflop, which is pretty weird. Sometimes they'll have AA when they do that, but usually it's small pairs or crap, so I called, and this time, it was crap.

We were all-in preflop and he hit.

I hit two pair, but he could be well on his way to a straight or a flush, so I need to charge him if he wants to draw to those.

He bet on the flop and I called, then I folded on the turn. I probably should have raised the flop to see if he'd fold there and to get a better idea of where I'm at. Or I should have just folded preflop.

Two players all in.

K9 was dominated by A9 but hit one of the three remaining kings to win.

They both hit a king, but the one's flush draw never came in.

I bet the flop, I win.

Aw, this would have been a nice one to play.

Time to give up now.

Three players all-in preflop.

Two pair vs a flush draw that hits.

No way am I playing this.

Yep, good decision.

I bet the flop, checked the turn, and bet tiny on the river. Either I should have bet bigger or I should have just given up on the flop. That took around a quarter of my stack.

Everyone limped preflop, everyone checked on the flop, so I decided to bet on the turn and everyone folded.

They were taking a very long time making decisions here, even using their time banks.

Because we're near the money bubble. It pays to 81 players and there are 84 left.

I shoved this one and again they took forever to fold for the same reason.

Now the bubble is over so back to playing normally. This is tough, but against three players, I think I fold second here.

Aw man, I was against two straight draws; I would have won.

All in with a flush draw.

And get called by pocket sevens which holds up.

At least I made a little money.

Reviewing hands afterwards. This one pretty much every single player has a playable hand except me.

If I would have called, I would have hit 333 and won.

They both have the same hand, two pair.

I remember playing this hand a while ago. A few callers, I raised, the guy with AA raised big, I called probably incorrectly, but then I hit two eights on the flop and got all of his money.