2015 May 29 | Long Beach VB, dodgeball, West LA VB

For Memorial Day we went down to Long Beach to play volleyball. Normally we don't go there because it's farther and they're better players, so Ogii doesn't have anyone at her level to play with, but we were also going to dodgeball down there, so we figured we'd check it out. Here's me hitting the ball over the net.

And me bumping.


Fight at the next. Cool shot, even though the focus is on the pole, not the players.

Everyone looking up.

Good bump.


Another net fight.

Jump set.

Me serving.


Getting down.

Eyes on the ball.

Big sand cloud.

Apple serving.

Big hit.




Lots of food.



I always like multicolored sunglasses.

Planes overhead.

Punch serve.

Apple's hair flying out.

Big hit.

With her partner.

Jump hit.

Around noon we left volleyball and went to dodgeball. Before enough people showed up to play that, we played cornhole. Ogii throwing a bean bag.

Our opponents.

One flying off and two falling in.

Starting up the grill.

And Frank on another one with chicken.

Looks good.

The table is starting to fill up with food.

Lots of hot dogs.

Puppy licking.

We played the national anthem and used this guy's shorts as the flag.

Getting ready for dodgeball; some people were a bit more serious about it.

Here we go.


Me throwing.

She's throwing hard.

Ogii with a skip throw.

Two guys flying across the line.

Ogii terrified of a ball that's coming at her.

Another throw.

Multiple throws at the same time.

Gripping the ball hard.

This guy was good at dodging balls.

Here he has two balls to block, too.

Three incoming.

Multi-person toss.

Big windup.

And another.

The one guy is hiding behind the girl, ha.

Another tight grasp.

Two women in similar outfits.

Trying to listen to this podcast. I have to turn on bluetooth on the phone and on the car first; if I try to turn them on after this podcast has started, it will stop. Which makes no sense; they should have absolutely nothing to do with each other, but it does.

Hauling a palm tree.


Hauling the car away.

Voodoo doll.

Interesting brake lights on this Jeep.

Shiny gold paint.

Cool statue.

Accident on the highway.

Volleyball on Thursday.

Dodging to let the ball go out.


Diving the other way.

Jump hit.


Running set.

Eyes on the ball.

Good platform.


Using forceps to fix the jammed shredder at work.

Wait, what exactly does this guy do? And how does he do enough of it to stay in business?

Training bus.

The new Firefox update added all of these new crappy search engines to the fast search bar. First step of update: delete all of those.

The Cirque du Soleil show doesn't show up when you search for Mystere.

You have to have the little accent mark above the "e" for that. I don't even know how to do that with an American keyboard.

The ad for Marc Savard, a comedy hypnotist. Her eye is staring right at you, her lips are parted, and her breasts are emphasized. I guess it's an eye-catching ad, but it doesn't have much to do with his show.

"Do Tom, Reyes and company ever find their way out of the jail? You'll have to watch and see." Or you could have just told me right there, in text.

Free same-day for Amazon Prime in Los Angeles. That's cool.

The first appointment at the DMV is almost a month away. Uh, no; I think I'll try to walk in instead. When I tried to call them it was a 2-hour wait to get ahold of someone, too.