2007 Dec 02 | Thanksgiving

I parked at Parking Cents, an airport-run parking lot, because it was $6 per day vs $15 at the terminal. There are a lot of other private parking lots; I think they're all around $4 per day. The exits had been rearranged, though, and our driver circled around inside the lot a few times trying to find the exit, which exasperated a lot of people.

Hmm, I wonder how much of my ticket went to paying for that.

I read that if you book the middle seat in an empty row you're more likely to get an open seat next to you because couples and groups won't want to be split up. Well, it worked this time; I had the whole row to myself.

Aw, the only reason I like A&W is because of their floats.

The Bingo caller's least-favorite square because the invariable "before what?" yelled out by the players gets old after about the second time.

I hate candy machines. Every time I make a choice I wait in horror of the possibility that my selection will get to the end but not fall off. If it takes a really long time to get to the edge and it seems like there's a good chance it will not fall, my blood pressure probably doubles.

This woman was coming back from China with her kid and was trying to get on our flight, which would arrive in the afternoon, rather than her flight, which would arrive late at night. As mean as it was, I was really hoping our flight would be too booked because that kid was screaming a lot. She got on, though, and the kid just fell asleep.

Downtown Minneapolis.

If you're on the little planes, never book a window seat. A good chunk of the leg room is taken up by this little ledge thingy.

Aw, the midwest; flat forever.

I haven't actually had to pass anybody in years; I've been driving on multi-lane roads the entire time.

Grandpa's going to be pretty busy cutting all of these up.

Ron with the deer he scalped a bit with a bullet before actually killing it.

In Pierre, there is no other gate.

I hate the airlines. The plane from Pierre to Minneapolis broke down, so I stayed overnight in Pierre while everybody else was bussed to Aberdeen to catch a flight out of there the next morning. Then I went from Pierre to Minneapolis to Memphis to Houston. There was a direct flight from Minneapolis to Houston, but all of the agents said they couldn't put me on it for some reason, and I didn't feel like doing the amount of yelling it would take to get me on it.

I wish someone would run an airline like they run trains. The second it's a minute late, they tell you. I'd gladly pay a little more to know the truth right away. By the time they told us the flight was cancelled in Pierre, the rental car employee had gone home for the day. Thankfully there was a guy from Pierre whose family was driving him to Sioux Falls at 4am to catch a different plane, and they gave me a ride to a motel.

The walkway is a tad rusty; I hope the plane is in better shape.

There was only one gate agent in Memphis, and she kept going off and doing other things, so when people wanted to find out if the flight was still on time, there was nobody to ask. After a while some pilots came by and started doing things on the computer. A woman asked them if she had missed the flight (the boards all said "on time" even though it was 30 minutes after departure time and we hadn't even boarded), and one of the pilots responded, "I hope not; I'm flying it," which settled everyone down a bit.

One of the benefits of going home to hunt was I got new shoes. Can't show up for school with shoes covered in blood. I would have taken my painting/OK-to-get-dirty shoes, but I didn't have room for them, and there was no way I was going to check luggage.

The construction at this house is a pain. The workers always park their trucks in the road, which really gets in the way, especially considering the left lane is turn only and cars tend to back up a lot in it. Plus, the pickup is about to back up, but the truck blocked his view once he started so someone behind me almost ran into him.

I try to avoid being behind busses here because they have to stop for the railroad tracks, but with one bus in each lane, there's not much I can do.

I'm not sure how the city determined the timing for this light, but from this direction it's horrible. If you go the speed limit when the previous light turned green, you will always get a red here. Most people go about 5-10 mph over on these roads, but that results in a red, too. You actually have to go at least 12 mph over the speed limit to make the green.

The sign says the "hot lunch deals" are from 11am to 1pm, but if I ever order anything at another time, they always ask me if I want the lunch special.

You have to get really close to the gate control to open the gate, much closer that you think you would have to, so people are always leaning way out of their windows or opening their doors and getting out. I once saw someone get it wrong the other way; he was too close and took his side mirror out.

All of these cars were tailing each other very closely because the person in front was going really slowly. I can see getting close for a few seconds to encourage the person to speed up, but if that doesn't work, you might as well fall back to reduce the risk of an accident.

My vehicle is equipped with a theft deterrent system, too. It's called a lock.