2015 Jun 07 | West LA VB, First Fridays at Abbot Kinney

No more free carwashes at the dealership.

That's a need idea. Except that you need to add a little dongle to your keys, it only works on iPhones and not Androids, and it's fairly expensive.

No thanks.

Lots of ads have been placed on this post.

A huge rose.

This house has a huge driveway, especially considering this is around Hollywood, where space is at a premium.

It almost says "swim."

There were two of these yellow birds dive bombing this crow at the beach.


Hitting it just above the block.


Overhead swing.

A bit after he hit it.

Great platform.

Jump serve.

Sand knocked off by the ball.

Huge backwards dive to get it.

Punching it over.

This was impossible. I was trying to turn right to get onto the freeway, but the traffic wouldn't even move at all because there was one more light before the on-ramp, and people from that intersection would fill in all of the spots.

A couple of cars tried to come through but they ended up getting stuck in the middle of the intersection. Literally zero other cars came through for a few light changes.

While I had already committed to turning onto it and could just go straight because of the other cars blocking the intersection, thankfully I could sneak down the side of the traffic here and make it to the next intersection.

So I went down there, turned right, turned right, turned right one more time, and came back to the initial intersection. However, I just went straight instead of turning. It might take a little while to go through downtown traffic than via the freeway, but if you can't even get onto the freeway, it's pointless.

June gloom, very cloudy in the morning.

This McDonald's gives you a timer when you pay. If you don't get your food in a minute, you get something.

Interesting, they're allowing everyone to upgrade to Windows 10 for free. I guess they don't make as much money off of selling the operating system as much as they used to, and since Windows 10 is going to be integrated across desktops, tablets, and cell phones, they're trying to get as many people onto it so they can charge for apps and such.

Lots of laundry machines are out again.

This Burger King has a shark as one section of their play house.

We almost never eat in Koreatown, at least partially because it's impossible to find parking. I wanted boba, but I wasn't about to valet for a $3 drink. Thankfully we found a free spot on the street nearby; otherwise I would have just skipped it.

A cool apartment complex near the beach.


We decided to check out First Fridays at Abbot Kinney. It's a street near Venice, and the first Friday of the month, they have shops that stay open late, many with free music or art shows or talks, and tons of food trucks. It gets pretty packed, though; here everyone is sitting on the sidewalk to eat because there's no place else to set your food.

The main grouping of food trucks is super busy.

More people eating on the sidewalk.

One of the stores.

Some jewelry.

Clothes. I'm not really into most of the shops here; it's just kind of like random, hippy-ish clothing that you could get at a thrift store except it's way more expensive here.

Some of the stores were hidden down tiny little alleyways like this one.

And this one.

A free lecture by a pretty big author.

We were too late for it, but that's a very nice room.

Neat rock.

I like how this one is semi-open and has a random rock sticking out of the middle.

A very shiny, multi-colored one.

A hair salon.

Most of the stuff was pretty expensive, but this one said everything was $16 or less, so not so bad.


Some musicians.

And free alcohol.

In addition to the main group of food trucks, they were also scattered along the road. It was a bit hard to get by them because so many people were standing in line to order.

Some cool shoes.

This store had so much stuff jammed into it that you couldn't even walk to everything. I wonder how they get to the stuff up front by the window if someone wants to buy it?

As much as we wanted to try a food truck, the lines were way too long, so we settled for pizza instead. I actually like these pizza places; there was one in Berkeley I'd go to on Friday nights at times.

We found a spot to sit, but then saw the little roach on the left, so Ogii refused to sit there. Good thing; there was an even bigger roach nearby that she missed.

Very upscale eyeglasses.

Some group was handing out bags and they had this inside: a container of mints and toothpicks. Very neat.

Saturday night we went to San Andreas at the Fox movie theater in Westwood Village for Boaz's birthday. It's still famous for having many movie premiers, and they shut down the surround streets for the red carpet. It has only a single theater but it's huge; it seats 1400 people.

They also have a tub of popcorn you can buy that lets you get free popcorn for a year.

Aw man, I wish I would have played this hand.

Nope, strike that, he made his flush. I'm glad I folded.

I didn't make too much money with AA, but at least I didn't lose.

I bet and he shoved. Usually a massive overshove like this is a bluff, so I called.

I was right, he was bluffing, but he got lucky and made the best hand to knock me out. When you put the hands and the flop into an equity calculator, I was 60% to win against his hand on the flop, but he got his 40%.

AA again in another tournament.

This time when I raised a ton of people called, which isn't good. But I might as well bet on the flop to see what happens.

Still two callers by the turn and that jack made it even scarier.

Everyone checked on the river and I won.

One player had a pair of fives and another a pair of jacks with not much for draws. I would never have guessed they were both that weak by the end.

I'm just going to sit this one out and let them have fun.

Yep, that wouldn't have gone well for me.

I bet, hoping he didn't have the flush.

And he didn't have the flush, but his three nines still wins. I didn't put him on that.

I'll take one stab at the pot on the flop, but he called...

and then he bet the turn, so I'm probably not winning this one. He might only have a one-card flush draw, but I have almost no outs if he has anything else.

What happens when your cards are just slightly behind your opponent's: you lose a fair amount of chips.

I was playing two tournaments now. I would have liked to have the flop for the left one on the right one instead.

Especially because I would have made four of a kind on the river.

Two jacks are still good by the river.

We both just checked and he beat me by one card. Although if I would have bet, he still might have called and I would have just lost more money. But maybe he would have folded. Tough call.

Not a good flop for me.

I like the bounty tournaments because you win money just by knocking other players out.

Again it'd be nice to switch the flops.

I didn't flop a set, but I turned one.

And this one even though there four other players saw the flop, my bet just won. Good thing, because I'm not likely to win the hand, especially when the turn is a 4 of hearts.

My straight flush didn't come in.

This was an interesting bet. The opponent had a spade draw and a king, but he still folded when I bet the river. It's pretty rare that I would have a club draw here.

Aw, I almost played this hand, too.

The player on the right raised, I went all-in, and all four other players called. That does not bode well.

Nope; I was pretty dominated.

Still going in the other tournament. A fairly scary board, but I still called his river bet to win.

I bluffed on the river and turns out it was a pretty bad time to bluff. I should have just given up; no hand that makes sense gets there on the river.

We were both all-in preflop and I stayed ahead, although the diamond draw was getting scary.

Another bounty hand.

He shoved with nothing, but this time he had bad timing, because he basically played the board while I had a full house.

The ace on the river probably saved me.

Another river save.

I'd normally play this hand, but the player to my left raised and the other went all in, so I folded. I was actually ahead of both of them but would have lost the hand.

He was in big trouble once the flop hit.

I bet the turn and the river and got the other guy to fold.

Yep, that hand isn't going anywhere after the flop. It would have been better to not hit the 9 on the river.

Now the opposite happens to him; I hit the flop and he hits the river. Although he had actually shoved on the flop as a bluff, which, considering his cards, was horrible.

After the hand, the guy on the right showed an ace, and the other guy showed ace king, ha.

Unless he has an ace, I'm probably good here.

I shoved the turn and both opponents folded. On a board like this, I'm rather surprised in hindsight, although it was a pot-sized all-in.

I made three of a kind, but they both had the straight. Thankfully I didn't put too much money in.

This was annoying; we were both all-in preflop, I had him dominated, and he hit not just one but two queens.

The very next hand I went all-in preflop again, just like the last one, and again he got lucky and hit his card. Out of the tournament in only two hands, both of which I should have won. Oh well, that's poker.

I didn't even make it into the money with 20th place, but I did make enough money from multiple $5 knock-outs to at least get my buy-in back.