2015 Jun 14 | LACOS CE seminar, videogame party, GRMuD

Sunday morning was our CE meeting.

One of the speakers.

We usually get around 80 people; this time we got a few more.

A vendor talking to an attendee.

The last speaker.

Raffle winner.

June gloom, the marine layer makes it foggy all morning.

A commuter train coming down from the north.

Pretty hills.

Lots of little bushes on this one.

Usually nobody is at this intersection. This morning there were a lot.

Clouds, mountains, and palm trees.

A fire hydrant dressed up as a graduate.

I bought two sets of mints at Rite-Aid and got this huge roll of coupons. I would actually use about half of the coupons except they're only like 50 cents off things I'll buy in a few months, so there's no way I'm hanging onto the coupons for that.

More June gloom.

There's a website that lists the wait times at the different DMV offices. It says the downtown one is the fastest with only a 20-minute wait time, which I find hard to believe; the last time I went there it was more like 2 hours. Unfortunately it doesn't list Santa Monica and Culver City, which are also usually faster.

I went to the downtown one, and sure enough, the line was tiny.

In and out in 32 minutes, wow.

I walked by Market Optometrix. It's looking really nice. I like the couches in the corner.

I love these tortilla chips, but they're on at Trader Joe's. But there's one across the street from the Farmer's Market, so I can grab some when I go there.

The Petersen Automotive Museum was recently renovated and it looks really cool.

People stuck in the intersection with a green light the other way.

This luggage bag was advertised as really light. I didn't believe it, but when I picked it up, it weighed almost nothing. I wonder how the durability is.

Poker on Thursday evening. I bought in for $100 and left with $1050. I was on fire the entire night. I had pocket pairs about eight times and made three of a kind with them about five times, and most of those times I ended up getting all of the other guys money because they hit two pair. You're mathematically 1/8 to make a set and I was 5/8, and even then often the opponent folds because they have nothing. I also had large pocket pairs multiple times, including AA like two or three times, and again was up against slightly worse pocket pairs and won. Crazy night.

Videogame party on Friday. Five-player Bomberman.

Everyone's avoiding each other.

Wii baseball.

It was a much smaller turnout than usual, but still fun.

Saturday was Global Reddit Meetup Day. We brought a 36" pizza from Big Mama's & Papa's Pizzeria.

They even made the reddit alien with the toppings like I requested.

Also, they didn't cut it into slices because the alien wouldn't look as good then. So we let everyone look at in and then chopped it up.

There was lots of other food, too, including these sandwiches.

Pinata time. The whip guy even had a go at it.

Candy on the ground.

Finishing off the pinata.

A guy in a shark costume went around with donuts on a fishing pole for people to bite.

The whip guy taking out a donut.

The organizers.

Playing chess in front of city hall.

City hall reflected in her sunglasses.

Boardgames on the grass.

Sunday night was poker at our place.

We had 20 people for two full tables of 10 each.

Crazy hand; six players all-in. AK made a full house.

Full house versus quads.

Ew, worm in some corn we were making.

Only $200? I'm definitely going to have to rent this for something.

I like that the English Conversation Practice group has an event titled with English with poor grammar.

Even though it's new to Amazon Price, I don't think we're going to watch this one.

That's cool. Lushness, one of the costume volleyball tournaments, is advertising Smackfest, another one. It's nice to see these guys cooperate instead of compete.