2015 Jun 21 | LABV, Hush party, online poker

The hills get lighter as you go back into the fog.

Haze in the basic of Los Angeles.

I wonder what that really long antena is for?

Car accident.

Someone must have parked in my neighbor's spot.

A guy up in the top window. It's nearly 100 degrees out; I wonder how hot it is in there with no A/C.

Pretty clock tower in Pasadena.

We ate dinner at King Row's Pub.

Because on Thursday nights they have a whole pig roast.

Watching the women's world cup. They also have a few video games; nice place.

We're going down to Temecula this weekend. This place was full, but I'm putting it on the list for the next time. In the right middle picture you can see the picture of a cabin with a tree growing through it.

And this is Twin Palms Ranch, a bed and breakfast. Also no availability but they have tons of animals there.

Friday night, playing online poker and watching the MMA fight.

We went all-in preflop and I have no idea why he called. Maybe he thought we had nothing, which is pretty much all he's beating. But he got lucky and we're out.

The fight was Bellator 138, which had Ken Shamrock vs Kimbo Slice. A lot of people like me were hyped for this fight because even though the fighters are old, 51 and 41, and not in great fighting condition any more, they're two great fighters from when MMA started getting big.

The new National Geographic has Pluto on it. Good; I didn't feel like I could put the one with the weed cover out at the office because of all the families we see.

Some Meetup group I saw when I was looking for things to do. They're trying to summon a UFO.

Ooh, what do they see?

They had like 50 pictures of this up on their site and nothing else. I'm pretty sure I can identify that.

I figured it was a misprint and they meant "Herp and Reptile Show," but no, it actually is hearse.

This is how I always used to go to volleyball: I-10 to I-45.

However, it's actually faster to take I-110 and then I-105. Even though you go a little too far and have to backtrack a bit, there's much less traffic, especially because I can take the FasTrak lane.

I like all the kicked-up sand.







The darker balls make much worse pictures than the brighter ones.


George and Lila taking a picture together since it's Lila's last day. But who's that coming up in the back?

It's Nader!



We went to the Fairmont Vilebrequin volleyball tournament again. However, no other teams showed up; it was just our team, and few others we invited, and a few random other people who had played before. That was fine, though; we just played each other a few times, switched the teams up, and played again. Nice, fun games.

Appetizers and drinks afterwards.

After that Ogii and I walked down to the Santa Monica pier where they were having a HUSH concert. For $10, you could rent a set of headphones, listen to the music, and dance with other headphone wearers. Without the headphones you couldn't hear the music.

The DJs.

Us with our headphones and the sun.

They had live singers.

There were two channels. The blue one was the live music and the green one was top hits.

It looks pretty evenly distributed between blue and green.

Reflections under the pier.

A giant "I love dad" wooden structure for Father's Day.

At the top of the pier some street performers had a huge crowd.

We walked all the way up to the top of the parking structure and didn't see the car. Thankfully there are two parking structures a block away from each other and we just went up the wrong one, which happens to a lot of people. For a second I thought the car had been stolen.

Aw, I moved my bishop a little too late. I was going to get his queen because it would have been pinned to his king, but now all I get is his rook.

Emailing chess games to myself. The bedroom and bathroom get poor wifi reception, and since that's where I mainly play, it takes a while to send the games.

I was looking for flag swim trunks for the 4th of July. I would have loved to wear something like this, but they didn't have trunks with this design, only a bikini. And it's $60 when I'm looking for something in the $10-$20 range.

Going through glowsticks from last year and seeing if they're still good. The blue ones aren't; the black ones are. Good thing I only paid $1 per tube.

Uh oh; Ogii got some on her hands.

This is so annoying. If the internet goes out while I'm on a site, like here weather.com, no other parts of that site will work; it'll say page not found. So I can't look up the weather in LA, Temecula, etc at all. After a day or two it'll be fine again, but it's quite a pain.

Zone poker is basically like a cash game, not a tournament, except as soon as you fold it sits you at another table, so you can play way more hands. I made a little money with AA here.

Always nice to make the nuts on the river.

Same thing here. Usually hard to get paid off, though.

I raised preflop, everyone checked the flop, and then I folded on the turn. Maybe I could have bet the flop, but in Zone it's often better to just move on to another spot.

On the turn, he bet, I shoved, and he folded.

I might still be good here anyway.

Aw, everyone folded to my raise. That happens.

Time to get out of this hand.

Again, everyone folded.

I don't know why in the world he was calling me here.

I had lots of outs on the river and hit one.

I bet the turn and the river and he still called with just a pair of fives. That's ballsy.

I raised, he called.

I shoved because I don't want the board getting any scarier. Also, if he's on a draw, he might call here whereas by the river he'll fold if he missed and call if he hits.

He folded, and good thing for me, because he would have made his straight.

I have two pair here, and I'm probably good unless he happens to have a queen or two hearts.

Ah, he has two queens, an extra one just in case.

I called the flop and turn and then bet a lot on the river and he called. Bad play by me, easy play for him.

I raised preflop, then bet, bet bet and won. Always nice when that happens.

Low pairs: if you make three of a kind, great, if not, usually fold. Especially with those cards.

Yeah, probably good I folded.

You almost never see this; everyone at the table limped.

I need a 5.

I'm not getting the right odds to call and someone probably has a higher pair, so I folded.

Yep, good fold, a pair of threes won.

Nice to make your flush, although it can be scary if your opponent has a bigger one.