2015 Jul 12 | Fairmont and glow-in-the-dark volleyball

This guy has gold mud flaps.

Big house out on its own.

I hate this automatic sink at this office. If you get even close to it, it will turn on, and it tends to spray water all over instead of straight down.

The glasses repair kit at this office.

It's actually fairly well stocked. I never use it, except a nurse asked if I could fix her glasses after a screw fell out and the temple came off. Normally I wouldn't be able to with these tools because it's a spring hinge and you need something to pull the spring out or a special type of screw, but I actually got a screw in without those. Lucky me.

A cloud over the hills.

The computer at the office wouldn't let you log in. I Googled the problem on my phone and it said to use System Restore to go back to an earlier save point. I've used that in the past and it's pretty bad; it takes 5-10 minutes and even then it usually doesn't work. It didn't work this time, either.

It was actually much easier and faster to use the registry edit to switch the backup files around manually. ALthough you have to be much more careful with this; you can really mess your computer up here.

What I had to do.

Driving in the car with three different lenses ready to go for the camera. Two of them fit in the cupholders perfectly.

A bright paint job.

Are they covering up pre-release vehicles so nobody can see the details or just keeping normal vehicles clean?

Both washers on this level were out. What a pain. At least they fix them pretty quickly when you call.

So I used the laundry on the first floor. However, I usually don't use that one and when I come this way with something in my hands, it's usually a trash bag I'm throwing away. I wasn't thinking and my body on automode almost threw my laundry down the trash chute.

This woman was using the elevator to go from the second floor to the parking garage. Come on, that's only two flights of stairs; just walk.

Aw, the patches I put on my shoes have already worn away. I guess new shoes it is.

Accident at an intersection.

One car.

And the other. It looks like they collided head-first when one turned instead of waiting.

This patient brought her two small children in with her. She kept moving them and the chairs around. But that's where I need to sit.

Construction on this street, but it's really not affecting traffic very much; they keep it moving.

I've had this beach umbrella for over a year now and I never realized you could tilt the top.

This woman was waiting at a crosswalk with green pants...

... and this woman was at the same corner with a green shirt.

We got a few more garage door openers since we park in two separate garages; that way if we need to switch spots for a bit we can.

And also because of this. Workers tend to park in my spot because it's right by the elevator, but then I can't park there. I could call the towing company, but then I might end up getting my tires slashed or something. The nice ones leave their phone number on the dash so I can call them and ask them to move, but if not, I just park elsewhere for a few hours.

I'd prefer they park here, but maybe someone else will complain and get them towed. Plus, it's hard for me to get out; I have to go around or open the clicker and change the code to the other door. Still better than having them in my spot, though.

I put an anti-glare screen protector on my laptop, but it had bubbles.

I even cleaned the screen very carefully to get all of the dust off, but even after squeegeing out a lot of the bubbles, there were still some around tiny pieces of dust.

So now I have to decide if I want to leave it as it is, but a new screen protector and try again, or just go without. What a pain.

This paper towel holder has little arms, but it's too small for the size of rolls we get, so they just keep it from moving.

I ordered some water bottles and some grocery bags to give to returning patients. We'll see if they do any good.

I also made a new sign for the a-frame out front. However, the lettering is a little small. It's fine for walkers on the sidewalk, but it might be a bit hard for drivers to make out. In comparison, the Chinese restaurant next door has bigger wording. We'll see how it goes.

Considering we only order contacts a few times a month and shipping is like $5-10, having it free helps a bit.

Aw man, so close. I need to get to the left lane and then it's wide open, but I have to get past these few cars first, and they're not moving.

Accident on the highway. All these signs say you're supposed to move out of traffic after an accident if possible, and so many people don't. This guy walking around is likely to get squished.

Traffic at the beach. All the people on the right side in the left lane are trying to turn left across traffic to get to a beach parking lot, but that traffic never stops, so I don't know how anyone ever gets to the beach. It'd be better to go up a ways, turn around, and come in from the other side.

Volleyball sponsored by Fairmont and Vilebrequin. Last year there were always like six teams of really good players; this year it's been very slow and it's usually just us and a few other people we know that split into three or four teams. Thankfully this time we have a few hotel guests join us, including this girl.

Her brother.

It's pretty with the palm trees up there.

Marie Grace with a jumping punch.

There were a few good players and the net was low, so there was a lot of spiking and blocking from them.

Me watching the ball come over the net.

More fighting at the net.

He really compressed that ball.

Leaning bump.

Big jump.

And another.

Dmitry setting.

Going backwards.

The group.

Appetizers and drinks afterwards.

Right after that we headed to Cha Cha Chicken.

And then back to the beach for some glow-in-the-dark volleyball.

Some of the glowsticks had multiple colors inside a single stick.

Ogii charging up a ball. The balls only stayed lit for a few minutes, so I think we need some new ones.

The group taking a break.

Checking out a light-up glove.

You can see some of the planets in the sky above.

David with a jumping hit.

His shirt was fun.

In or out?

Ogii by the net.

I finally got annoyed enough by all the podcasts dropping their connections while listening to them in the browser that I downloaded a podcast player. It works much better.

This is a nice new notification in Google Navigation: it tells you if your destination will be closed when you arrive.

Although I hate this. Every time you start a route now the voice has a long message about how your route is clear, you're on the fastest route, and how long it will take to reach your destination. Just stay quiet; I don't need to hear that, I can glance at the navigation and see it.

A cute little face when you clear out all the spam.

Amazon had a 1-day sale for Prime members. I wanted this monitor.

One thing to check first is camelcamelcamel, which tells you the price of the item over time. Sometimes the retailer will jack up the price right before a sale, so during the sale you're just paying the regular price. If this drops back down below $200, though, it'll be good.

Almost time.

I put it in my cart right when it went to zero seconds. Did I get it?

I guess not; the price in my basket still has the original price.

Even though this link still says they are all available...

... when you go onto the product page it says they are 100% claimed.

I tried joining the waitlist, but it seemed to keep kicking me off.

I did a little more research on the monitor, and it seems like it's actually a VA screen because it's the Abid version.

The bid version is what I want, with IPS. So I guess it's good I actually didn't get it.

Just to make sure the sale was working correctly, I put an item in my cart that wasn't selling out instantly. Yep, it shows the deal price.

Well, maybe I'll try again with this fisheye lens for my camera. But nope, same thing happened; it was gone instantly, even though I tried to put it in my cart just after the timer hit zero. Well, that was extremely frustrating. Also, people complained the entire day that most of the sale items weren't very good. Amazon really screwed up on this.