2015 Jul 19 | Mongolian Festival

Sunday afternoon we went to the Mongolian Festival. Here is some wrestling.

The new Mongolian restaurant on Wilshire was closed; they were here instead.

Ogii buying some horse milk.

With her friend.

A family giving out stuffed animals to the children.

Children's horse race.


Outfit contest.

Two little ones.

My favorite: guys shooting bones.

Someone parked in my spot.

Maybe that area of Mexico is known for horses? I don't know why else they'd put up a horse.

I like the Monopoly pull-offs for McDonald's; I don't want Minions.

Pictures of them along the sidewalk.

Especially when it's this crap where you type in a code online instead of instantly knowing if you won.

No, those are definitely not Cali shoes. Ugh.

A giant metal head of Lenin.

A long line waiting for something.

This moron drove into the oncoming traffic and then had to squeeze back into our lane.

Looking back, it's pretty obvious it's only two lanes. So many jerk drivers around WeHo.

We went to the Mondrian Skybar to watch Ace Ventura by the pool.

Nice view.

Someone doing a photoshoot there.

With our beers.

Chips and salsa, too.

Ready to go.

So much for it being a free movie.

Weird, this little road is almost always empty.

Dumb "not in service" buses taking up the left lanes.

I parked really close to these flowers and hit them. A bee came out and was pretty annoyed; he kept buzzing around the car. I decided to wait a few minutes for him to leave instead of getting out and risk getting stung.

We almost always cook and eat leftovers for lunch now, but every once in a while our plan doesn't work. I don't think I've had a TV dinner in over a year or two, though, so we're doing pretty well.

Nice license plate for a photographer.

Some funky hydraulics on this car. He actually lifted it way up at the stoplight.

Giant Korean medical center.

I saw another billboard for this brand but it was just some rapper-looking guy looking to the right. Definitely a different vibe.

Tourists looking at the Disney Concert Hall.

I've been looking for new dress shoes but haven't seen anything good in any stores. I decided to check out online, and Amazon had some basic stuff, but nothing great, so I tried eBay. EBay used to be all normal people just selling extra stuff they had, but now it's 98% online stores. Almost all of the shoes were brand new from China, and most were just the exact same 20 versions sold by different stores. I did find these used ones, though, and figured I'd give them a shot. I'd actually prefer to buy something like this used because it if looks this good after being used a bit, it's probably good quality, whereas a ton of new stuff is total crap. So far they've been really good, and I paid $45 for $700 shoes.

They were showing the old Robin Hood cartoon at this office. Fun to watch again.

I'd forgotten that grocery stores outside of LA haven't banned plastic checkout bags; it was weird to see them again.

The weather was weird; it rained in the summer, which is unusual on its own, and then it also would rain a ton for ten minutes with thunder and lightning (which are super rare around here) and then stop. Some parts of the roads got pretty deep, too.

And, as always, there are people who don't know how to drive in the rain.

Cloudy downtown with palm trees.

This has been like this for a while now. Maybe it's my computer's cookies or something because how can a major corporation have a messed up website for that long?

TV cash game with some big-name players, some regular pros and some online streamers.

They were playing 72, so if you won with 72, everyone at the table had to give you $200. Which I guess is why Esfandiari called Stapes' all-in. Especially considering Stapes is an online player and this game was way more expensive than his regular games. It didn't hurt that Antonio was up huge in this game and $3000 was basically nothing to him at this point.

Lots of cigarettes by this door near our apartment.