2015 Jul 26 | It's a Wrap, 1100 Wilshire Sky Deck

That's an interesting app; you can have them deliver food from Koreatown restaurants.

It's called Dr. Tattoff, but they don't list any doctors. I guess you might not need to be a doctor to perform laser tattoo removal? After all, you don't have to be one create tattoos. But it's a little weird they have can have "Dr." in their name, then.

Tons of food trucks along Wilshire.

It's A Wrap is a store that sells clothing after it's been used in TV shows and movies.

I didn't see any clothes from Fifty Shades of Grey, though.

Or any from Fast & Furious 7. Although I don't think I could fit in anything The Rock wore.

They had this list, but it didn't have nearly all of the codes. If you asked at the register, though, the employees could tell you.

It basically looked like a thrift store.

These are fun, but I'm not sure when I could ever wear them.

Sames goes for Ogii and this outfit.

She did find this fun shirt, though.

Salt & Straw is a popular ice cream store on Larchmont. There's usually a bit of a line.

Us with our cones. It wasn't anything that special. Also, it was really hot out, so they melted fast.

There are a ton of businesses here, almost none of which I would ever go to.

Some neat graffiti.

Enjoying our balcony by watching hummingbirds along with the EVO 2015 fighting game championships.

Cool clouds.

A giant school bus.

Gas is always so expensive at this station. Just a block away it's like 50 cents cheaper.

What a winner of a parent. She had a young boy with her who wasn't getting an eye exam while I examined her other child. First I noticed the candy wrappers he left on the floor. Then I noticed him running all over the exam room, playing with the water faucets, grabbing things, turning off the slit lamp power while I was using it to examine his brother, almost getting his fingers run over by me when I wheeled backwards on the exam chair because he was crawling on the floor, etc. Then I noticed the only way she could get him to sit still was to play Finding Nemo on her phone at the loudest volume possible. After they left, I noticed two, TWO! of my little puppets missing. I used to get them for free from iPromotions with larger orders, but they don't send them any more since being taken over by Hilco, so these were the only five I'd ever be able to get, and now I'm down by 40% from one stealing kid. In the past two years or so he's been the only person who's even considered taking one. Oh, and one final parting treasure: the mother left a diaper sitting at the top of the trash basket out front for the staff to find.

This guy broke down in the carpool lane. Considering how fast you're going, you'd think you'd have plenty of momentum to get across the lanes to the shoulder, or even pull over to the left shoulder. Why would you ever stop right in the middle of the lane?

This guy has a lot of ads on his car, but when I look him up online, I don't find much.

Grabbing a quick bite at McDonald's in a less-than-great neighborhood. We're a little overdressed; Ogii is in a nice dress and the guy behind her ordering has no shirt. Which I'm pretty sure is a health code violation.

At Johnny's loft listening to Geoffrey J.

I went to the Jelly Bean Factory in Burbank to buy some jelly beans. When I got there, I found out they were closing down in just a few days.

They'd been there for over 40 years, sad. I'm glad I happened to come by before they closed, though.

Then I ran to Ross to buy some pants. I had been craving some Buffalo Wild Wings a few days earlier but there were none nearby, so when I saw there was one in the same building, I had to grab some.

Another guy parking in my spot on Thursday.

So I just parked behind him and put a note in my car with my phone number to call me if I was in anybody's way.

A lot of stuff to carry on Friday morning.

Right after I left Ogii called me and said there was a giant roach guarding the front door and she couldn't leave. I came home and it wasn't there. This is how big she said it was, which I think it just a tad exaggerated.

After I left it came back. I guess it really didn't want her to go to work.

As a last resort, she could have hidden in the bedroom and removed some of the slats from the windows and crawled out, but instead she threw this container over it.

This newspaper reporter emailed me asking if he could use my picture for a story in the Minneapolis Star Tribune.

I saw he had put it on his Twitter page, so I emailed him back asking how much they paid for usage rights.

I guess I was too slow, though, because they used this guy's picture instead.

I wanted to watch this at poker, but they don't have it online. Thankfully it was showing on Fox, which we get over the air.

Friday night RJ invited us to the 1100 Wilshire Sky Deck. The office I work at on Thursday is the white one right behind me. If we lived here, I could zipline to work.

Lots of plants and couches.

A view in the other direction.

A fire pit.

A panorama to the east-south-west at sunset.

Looking in the opposite direction, up the building.

A slightly wider panorama which includes the pool and lounge area.

People talking by the pool.

Zinnia hanging out in the hot tub.

Playing poker in the BBQ area.

Sunday night was poker at our place. This was one of the first hands at my table. They got it all in on the turn and three aces was beaten by a full house.

A three-way all-in: AA vs JJ vs AJ.

A huge stack of chips midway through the tournament.

A straight draw doesn't quite be quad tens.

That is the biggest fly I've ever seen. But just taking a picture by the chair doesn't really show how big it is; I need something to show scale.

Ogii, go sit by the fly. OK, that's pretty good, but we still don't have a great idea of the size.

Let me measure you head with this ruler, and then we can use your head in the other picture to judge the size of the fly. The size of the fly is at an angle, so we have to use the Pythagorean theorem, so sqrt(65 pixels wide ^2 + 65 pixels high^2) = 92 pixels long fly, and her right upper central incisor in that picture is is 52 pixels high, so the fly is about twice as big as her tooth. Now in the picture with the ruler, her right upper central incisor is about 95 pixels high, and 95 pixels on the ruler is a little more than 1/4 inch, so the fly is about 1/2 inch long. If I did the math right, which I probably didn't, and if the fly / tooth / ruler are close enough in plane to use to scale, which they probably aren't. Either way, it's a huge fly.

The dumb laser printer at work decided to stop printing because it said it needed new toner. Thankfully you can hack it top make it print again.

So much more getting anything done on Sunday afternoon; Ogii loves Meet the Fockers and I love Demolition Man.

Playing an online poker tournament while watching TV. In most tournaments you start with 100 big blinds; in this one you start with 750, which is super deep.

Just a slightly-too-large raise.

And I"m pretty much out of the tournament already. I called a turn raise with the nut flush draw and shoved on the river to represent that I had it, but he called. I guess he had the third nuts, so pretty hard for him to fold there. I should have not bet the turn and folded the river instead and I would have lost some chips but still had plenty left.

Then all-in with 77 against a flopped straight.

Onto the next tournament. This time I hit my nut flush on the river and he even raised me; nice.

He could possibly have a full house or a bigger straight, but my straight is probably good here.

I like QT suited, but not against two all-ins.

I would have won the pot. Good play by them to force me out before the flop.

I bet the flop, we all checked the turn, I bet the river and he called and lost. I guess he had A-high because I only have bottom pair.

Why you have to be careful with top pair weak kicker.

A three-way all-in.

I bluffed the river and he called. I really need to stop bluffing rivers when there is two pair on the board because A-high hands often call.

Another hand I rightly folded preflop but would have won by the river.

I'm glad I'm not in this hand because with a straight flush draw, it'd be hard to fold and I would have lost.

We all just checked it down the whole way. If I would have bet at any time I probably would have won.

That's a scary river, because while it makes my flush, he makes a full house with either a 6 or a 9.

I called and he had a missed flush draw.

Another top pair weak kicker loss. Gotta stop doing that.

No, I don't think I'll be calling with 27 offsuit with two all-ins in front of me.

It would have been fun to hit a flush, but I would have missed anyway. Fun seeing AAA on the board.

Onto cash games. I checked the river to induce him to bluff, and he obliged by overbetting all-in.

A bad choice by him considering what I had, unless he happened to have flopped a straight.

I called on the river with second pair thinking it might be good. No, it most definitely was not.

Full house for the win.

I have two pair, but you usually don't want to make two pair when you're going for a straight...

... because somebody else often has the straight.

That third queen on the river saved me if he had an A.

I have quads. That's nice. I was hoping he'd have an A or K and call me, but he folded.

I called his river bet and thankfully he didn't have a K.

I bet the flop and there were two callers. I really don't like that third diamond because flush draws are a big part of people's calling ranges on flops like that.

I don't know, he might not have the flush, but against two opponents playing like that, one is pretty likely to have it unless he's really overplaying a K, so I folded here.

All-in on the flop, set over set, nothing either of us should have done differently.

I bet the flop, he called, and then we both checked the turn and river. I probably could have won with another bet at some point, but I don't think giving up with my hand was a bad idea.

Why did I have to hit my K on the river; it was an easy fold otherwise.

Bottom pair on the flop improves to two pair on the turn and a full house on the river.