2015 Aug 09 | UFC 190 and poker, jelly bean tasting party for Ogii's birthday

A window cling for people who don't like the family member window clings.

Medi-Cal had a glitch in their system and rejected all of the 92015 refraction charges the past few months. Thankfully it's a known glitch and they're working on fixing it, but it's still annoying to deal with.

A huge box for a couple of coupon sets. Couldn't they use a large envelope?

A fly flew into our orange juice. I just drank around the fly, but Ogii didn't want any more.

The computers at this office were down, and rather than wait for them to restart, I just wrote the findings on this fluorscein strip. I wonder if I can scan it and just use it as the exam instead of rewriting it into a new exam?

This guy was in my spot last week. I left a note on his window this time to please not park there.

A cool old car.

The Colorado Bridge in Pasadena at sunset.

There were some cool clouds over the area.

The bridge lights.

Looking the other way is the full moon, and now the bridge lights are on.

The moon and the lights. This is actually two pictures merged together because you can't get both the moon and the lights in focus in the same picture; one will be blurry if you focus on the other.

Making Jell-O shots for poker.

I refilled the hummingbird feeder at the same time. Both use boiled water; one you add Jell-O mix and vodka and the other is sugar. I hope I didn't mess it up and put vodka in the hummingbird water.

The finished Jell-O shots. The bottom three are "normal," just Jell-O and vodka, the next one has Fireball and spice drops, the next gummy bears, the next has a Swedish fish, and the last one is grape with a chocolate mint.

From farther away the "Volvo" looks a bit like "Tesla" although the cars are a little different shape.

I wonder if it's legal to not be able to see out of your back windows?

A pretty sunset.

Moonrise over downtown.

We had a poker plus UFC 190 watching party. I made some betting sheets and envelopes for people to put money in, but nobody used them; they just made bets on their own.

Three-way all-in. I had AA which lost to the K5 flush.

Both players have two pair, but the A7 is bigger than 27. We were playing the 2-7 game where if you win with 2-7, I give you $5.

Table one.

Table two.

Not playing poker; just watching the fights.

Jell-O shots between UFC rounds.

That's a scary board.

Pausing the poker games to watch the Ronda Rousey fight.

I don't think it's going to last very long.

Everyone's surprised reactions when she wins super-fast by a punch rather than an armbar.

That's great.

If they shortened that string just a bit, the stuffed animal wouldn't drag on the ground.

My new shoes have a few scrapes at the front. I think they are new, but from what? I don't think I drag my toes when I walk.

A lot of eye drops have become much more expensive the past few years. Thankfully there's a website, goodrx.com, where you can look up the price of drops at surrounding pharmacies, so you can get an idea of what different ones cost.

One of the cards is damaged.

A little hard to see, but in the bottom-left is a crease that can be seen on the back of the card, so we can't use it. However, Copag has a card replacement program, so if I send in the card and $3, they should send me another one. Cheaper than buying a whole new deck, but not that much cheaper, since a new deck is like $15. And when you consider the time to get this all together and mail it, it's probably not really worth my time to get the replacement. But it's the principle of not wasting a whole deck for one card.

Tuesday morning laundry, where I dump the warm laundry on Ogii and then she throws it to me to hang up. I tried catching a shirt on the hanger to save the step of me catching it and putting it on the hanger. I figured it'd never work, maybe get like 1 in 100, but we did it on the first try. OK, no more of that; we'll stay at 100%.

A little book borrowing stand.

I raised preflop, bet the flop, then we both checked the turn and river. Maybe I could have won by betting on a later street because the board gets pretty scary, but then again, maybe he was on the draw that I would have been representing.

I don't think I'm good here; usually large bets on the river aren't bluffs.

I was behind on both the kicker to the king and having no flush. Thankfully this one we also just checked through.

All-in preflop, 88 vs AK, and he held up.

A singing balloon. Although I left it in the car all day, and it got really hot, so a lot of the helium leaked out.

Korean BBQ.

Lots of meat, but it's a lot of work to cook it yourself. It's nice because you have a lot of variety; we ate around ten different types of meat.

Setting up jelly beans for our tasting party. We had to make sure we labeled them correctly.

Ready to go. We didn't quite have all 50 official flavors, only 44, because some had been discontinued, but it was good enough.

A closer view.

The beans and label.

Crackers to clean your palate between beans.

These were too strong tasting, though; they actually interfered with the taste rather than clearing it.

Some water, too.

Lots of balloons. Although around half of them popped between us blowing them up in the morning and the party.

The singing balloon.

Everyone tasting the jelly beans.

Using the sheets to grade them.

It was a good number of people; not too crowded.

When you had one you didn't like, you blew on a kazoo.

And when you liked one you clapped with these little plastic hands.

Everyone also got 8 gold coins to put in the the cups of their favorites.

Me putting a coin in.

My list, with favorites circled and yucky ones crossed out.

Pina Colada was a group favorite.

As was lemon lime.

Cappucino and licorice were also winners.

And the group's favorite...

... chili mango.

Everyone also brought a dish for dinner.

Time for cake.

Us with the cake. It was a Dairy Queen icecream cake.

Ogii blowing out her candle.

Group photo.

Ogii with her presents.


Her cards.

Google Maps actually lists the ski lifts at ski resorts.

And even the ski runs themselves.

Stephen King has a new collection of short stories coming out in November. I always liked his short stories more than his novels.

Jetpack Joyride had some new download. When I opened it you sliced fruit because the same company made Fruit Ninja and it was the fifth anniversary of that game.

This optometry magazine published a Q&A they had with me.

A few of the optometrists in LACOS wanted to restore vision benefits to adults under Medi-Cal, but I guess our state association didn't think it was important and worked on other things. However, those things failed, and the dentists who did work on getting a restoration of adult benefits under Medi-Cal got it through. I'm pretty disappointed we didn't work with them on that as well.

This was some random house that showed up on Google Maps, but I like the conflicting "reviews."

I put some of the optometry textbooks I never even read up for sale on Amazon nearly a year ago. Finally I received a notification that one of them sold.

Interestingly, the used textbook store that was just north of the optometry school in Houston was the buyer.

Checking the prices on the other books, they're not even worth selling any more, so I think I'll just keep them on a shelf in the office. Especially Opthalmology 2e; we bought it for around $400 and it's selling for $35 now.