2007 Dec 10 | San Francisco

The jeep in front of me had some fairly graphic stickers of women...

... so I'm guessing the woman driving wasn't the owner.

There was some school function going on and somebody was stopping traffic to let kids cross. However, there were a lot of people who wanted to turn left, and as soon as the guy put his stop sign down, the traffic on the other side would take off and nobody could ever turn. If he would have taken a few seconds to let a couple of cars turn every time, he could have allowed everything to run much smoother.

I like these "spaces available" signs, but as far as I and everybody else driving around in circles could tell, they lied. There wasn't a single space open on level 5 that anyone could find.

The fastest way to get a parking space is to go all the way to the top, especially if it's uncovered. Level 5 was completely full as far as I could tell but level 6 was practically empty.

The BART from the San Francisco airport pulled in going into the city, but then when it left it went backwards away from the city. Everyone was pretty confused because that's just where they had come from. I was kind of worried we were going to hit another train at 50mph, but thankfully we just looped around.

The doors on this car were broken, but there weren't any signs on the outside saying so. People would stand and stare at the door for a few seconds and then sprint to the next car when they realized the doors weren't opening.

Hall and Szeto Christmas party.

It was fun seeing everybody again.

I stayed at Maria's place, which is right across the road from Monster Park.

On Sunday morning there were people tailgating right outside the window. There's a fence, but it actually has a fair amount of space under it, so people can crawl under it rather than going all the way around.

It also had a very good view of the bay and some nice patios.

To get to the buses or trams, though, you have to walk under this bridge, which apparently can be scary for some people. Actually, I thought it was well-lit, short, and didn't have any places for anybody to hide. Then again, I've almost never been scared to walk alone at night pretty much anywhere.

Maria recommended a little sports bar called 7 Mile House nearby. It looks kind of grungy and isn't in the best area, but the food was really, really good and the staff were very nice. People kept calling and asking if they were showing the fight that night, but apparently they would have been charged thousands of dollars to show it, and since they don't charge covers and probably wouldn't make that up even if they did, they couldn't afford it.

Let's see, gay guys, interracial family, black guy, single mom... that's a pretty diverse crowd. They missed a few, but not many.

Why not just 12am to 4am? Maybe they think people will be confused with the 12 am/pm. I know I always have to stop and think for a second first, just like whether a time zone is before or after another one. Although for that I just remember, "sun rises earlier is later; sun rises later is earlier" and picture the earth rotating in my head.

At the airport security, when people kept beeping while going through the metal detector, they had to stand in this little plastic container while waiting to be wanded. I'm not claustrophobic, but it still would have been unsettling to have to be in there.

Who doesn't use digital displays by now? If there's nobody around to change the signs, people would never know if their flights were delayed.

This man was extremely fastidious. I see very few people who use lens cloths to clean their glasses, but he did. Plus, he took the cloth out very slowly and carefully, cleaned his glasses very slowly and carefully, checked and re-cleaned them a few times, and then folded the cloth back up in just the right way before putting it away. That's the kind of person I'd hire to do anything that requires precision.

Boarding is such a mess. They should line everybody up at the gate from the back of the plane to the front, window to aisle, and then march them all in.

San Francisco financial district and the Bay Bridge from the plane.

And the Golden Gate Bridge.

Ah, Texas drivers. There's a car that wants to turn from traffic going the other direction, but since these two guys stopped in the middle of the intersection rather than before it, he's going to be stuck until all the traffic behind us clears up. You could never get away with this in California.

You don't often see intellectual discourse in the bathroom, but the retort to "sux" of "it wasn't too bad" seems pretty mild for graffiti.