2015 Aug 23 | stripper women's MMA at Dames N Games, Magic Mountain

That's a funny bumper sticker.

Accident on the highway.

Always lots of traffic on the beach.

An oil derrick right next to someone's home.

Monday night was stripper MMA wrestling at Dames N Games.

Mostly they stood and swung.

Knocked her down and wailing on her.

She actually went for an armbar here; I think she might have been more of a real MMA fighter than the other strippers.

Lots of $1 bills afterwards.

A compilation video of some of the fights.

Another week, another broken washer or dryer.

And another accident.

That's a fun state-issued plate.

Nice being in the carpool lane.

Smith Fred? Smith fired?

That's a cool case.

So is that one.

Order within 65 hours and get it today by 9pm? I don't think so.

I didn't see the accident, but I think someone smashed into this guy and then drove away. Thankfully it looked like his family was OK and a cop had just pulled up at the corner so he flagged him down.

A view from the other side.

Lots of people put that heart symbol on their plates.

That black car third on the left squeezed through and then the bus couldn't fit. The line of cars wasn't moving anyway, so he blocked traffic and didn't even help himself. Idiot.

Interesting name.

Friday night we went to Six Flag Magic Mountain.

Nobody in line.

Because they kicked all the regular guests out at 7pm and after that it was a private event that you needed a wristband for.

We had a private dinner, too. It's interesting how we got the tickets. I was just mentioning at work how we might want to go to Six Flags some day, and someone mentioned they have discount tickets for us to a private event. Sometimes it's good to just chat with people.

Grab your food here.


Scary skeletons.

No lines at all.

I forgot to check which rides are easy and which are scary. I guess we'll start with whichever one we run into first. X2? That doesn't sound too bad. It's kind of cool how it tilts you backwards, too.

Even here there was no line. We only had to wait for one or two sets of people before us.

Ready to go.

Not reading about the coasters ahead of time was a bad choice. Apparently X2 is one of the scariest roller coasters in the world. It was crazy; there was music and fire and you spun all around. Ogii was too busy holding on her shoes in her lap and I was too busy holding my wallet and keys in my pocket to enjoy it much, though.

Tatsu was up next.

X2 had you starting face-up; Tatsu is face-down.

I think you can go up this for a view of the park, but it was closed.

In front of Superman.

So awesome with no wait times.

It was a little weird; the left two doors were for groups of two and the right two were for groups of four, but we didn't see anything about that before we got in line.

Me ready to go.

Ogii skipped that one, haha. It says it's the world's first 100-mph roller coaster, but it's not really a coaster; it just goes backwards and up a ramp and then comes back down. Boring.

Time for an easier one.

No shoulder harnesses = not extreme.

This one had lots of turns.

And you stand up on it. This one was pretty boring, too; the loops don't really twist you around since you're just going forwards on all of them.

The longest line so far was for the bumper cars.

Onto some carnival games.

Having fun.

OK, I really want to win a prize; time to be serious.

I smashed the far-right plate in the third row.

Hedgehogs might be illegal to own in California, but we got one here. And this one doesn't poop and pee all over its exercise wheel during the night.

A big basketball game.

This drop ride was extremely loud if you were anywhere near it.

A big coaster.

"Honey, this little girl is super excited to go on the roller coaster. You can't be more scared than this little girl."

Nope, she was definitely scared.

In jail.

Taking a shower.

This looks like an awesome place, but it's only for kids.

Sitting in a wonky room.

The longest hybrid coaster in the world.

This was the first time we had to wait in an actual line. The wait was about 20 minutes. Considering the wait time is usually over 2 hours, it was pretty awesome to be here for the private event.

Up we go. It didn't have shoulder bars, either, but it was still pretty scary.

A view of the park from the top. It was a really cool coaster; you and another coaster were side-by-side on two separate tracks, so you basically raced each other.

Lots of twists on this one.

Same with this, except it's not really a coaster; you ride in a little ball that fits four people at a time.

Aw, the Street Fighter games are shut down for the night.

Us in front of the sign. It was a really fun time, although I think I'm spoiled now. I don't think I'll be able to go to another theme park with all of the lines, even if I pay extra for the fast passes or whatever.

They switched property managers for our apartment complexes and they're making sure everyone has the correct parking permits. Apparently some people don't and are angry about it.

This was scary; it said the exit was closed ahead, but my cell phone died, so I didn't have navigation to tell me how to get back onto the highway I needed if I missed the exit. Thankfully only this local exit was closed and not the one to the highway.

We went to play volleyball on Sunday afternoon and saw some guys playing dodgeball on the beach.

This couple was there from Switzerland.

They were actually pretty good players.


This guy also showed up and he was really good.

Having fun even though we didn't get the point.

Me hitting it.





With my new Swiss friend.

Even before we started, I noticed my forearms were a little sore from holding on to the should bars on the roller coasters a few nights before. After bumping the ball all day, my forearms were even less happy.

It's so annoying how Craigslist and eBay have become infested with businesses selling their crap instead of just regular people. It makes it really hard to find what you want.