2015 Sep 03 | LA Live Dark Nights, miracle fruit tasting and outline painting

This bridge was blocked off for some reason. Never seen that before.

All lanes blocked. Thankfully I'm exiting before that.

I love when they put the number of spaces available on these signs.

Accident on the highway.

It's hot outside.

The tips of my shoes seem a little more scuffed up than when I got them. Maybe they were really this bad when I first got them and they were just covered up by a lot of shoe polish, but I'll have to watch them in the future and see if it's me.

Not sure what this license plate means.

Neat clouds.

A lifted truck with it's wheels also stuck outwards.

Hey, why can't I pull forward any more?

Ah, because this truck pulled in way too far.

I'd assume Cooki is the nickname for someone, but I also love cookies.

Big Irish Wolfhound.

It's sad seeing a 7-11 taking over a private burger joint.

We went to LA Live Dark Nights where they had musicians, artists, and vendors.

Interesting outfits.



Hula hoop dancers.

Lots of vendors.

A dance act.


This woman likes to paint dogs.


Another painter. Kind of a semi-cartoonish cityscape.

Character paintings.

Stilt walkers.

Dueling piano players.

All of the restaurants around there had cheap menu items for the event, but they didn't advertise them, so you had to ask them. They put them into the computers as kids menus.


Spray-paint artist.

And another one.

My phone died, so I ordered one. That one kept getting delayed, so I cancelled the order and ordered a different one. However, when I got it, I realized it was a Nexus 6, not a Nexus 5. So I returned it and ordered another one. That one was also delayed, and when I finally got it, it was a GSM phone, not a CDMA phone, so it didn't work on my Sprint network. So I sent that one back, too. Then I was trying to figure out what to do for a while. I tried taking an old phone in to get it activated, but it was too old and they couldn't make it work. Then I thought I'd get an older iPhone until the new Nexus 5 comes out in a few months, but all of the older iPhones cost just as much as used the current Nexus 5s, so I ended up just ordering a used Nexus 5 on ebay and am waiting for that. I wonder how many missed voice messages I'll have when that arrives and I won't have had a phone for around three weeks.

Amazon's search is so dumb. I specifically put CDMA in the search and yet it shows a bunch of GSM phones.

Poker at our place. Straight flush.

Not back from break yet, so we folded her hand. Then we looked at it afterwards and it was KK. A good reason to be back from break on time.

Three-way all-in: AA vs KK vs AQ. And KK hits a K to win.

Table one.

Table two.

Guys with leaf blowers blew all this trash from the parking lot onto the sidewalk and exit ramp. It'd be nice if they'd actually pick it up rather than just blow it somewhere else.

This is not a good meal to realize you have two spoons instead of a fork.

You always worry about a spider hiding down in a little crevice when you want to plug something in. Well, this time there actually is one.

Accident on the highway.

And second one on the same drive.

The front of the white car.

Road closed for a movie or TV show filming.

Ogii took us around Rodeo Drive. Here's mom with the dress from Pretty Woman.

With the movie showing in the background.

An expensive car out front.

And an even more expensive one just in front of it.

It's interesting when the custom Porshe is the cheapest car in the line.

Some sort of custom Mercedes.

Looks like it's from Saudi Arabia.

A new custom car in front of Bijan.

Personalized door.

Free drinks and appetizers at Guess.

The girls in front.

And up on top drinking champagne.

Ogii trying on a dress.

Cool skull.

In front of a Rodeo Drive sign.

The sun reflecting off a skyscraper.

Mom watching hummingbirds.

Another one.

Outline painting and miracle fruit party.

We'll start with making outlines.

Monica, that doesn't look like outlines.

Time for miracle fruit.

Monica trying Tobasco sauce.

Didi trying some vinegar.

Marie Grace and Dmitry.

Kendra and Kat.

The food.

Didi tasted something strong.

Empty drink containers.

Different drinks.

Trying some alcohol.

Alcohol over there.

Alcohol over here.

And alcohol over here.

A little strong, too.

Lots of different foods.

Monica and Kendra.

The fruits tasted very sweet.

Trying Didi's brownies.

Describing how different foods taste.

Ogii trying a lemon.

Really sweet.

Group picture.

Back to the paintings now that the onlines have mostly dried.

Trying to figure out what they see.

Filling them in.

Coming along.

Ogii being very careful to stay inside the lines.

Monica and I using about the same color.

Kendra and Kat getting closed to done.

Didi with purple.

Lots of dots.

Mom's not using just the lines.

Precision required.

Monica finishing up.

Ogii and me getting close.

The plate of mixed colors actually looks pretty cool.

A raptor and a duck.


Strong Frenchman and a worm.

Two pictures with eyes added in.

Fisherman and swirls.

Swirly colors by Mom and Snoopy with sunglasses by Didi.