2015 Sep 13 | Long Beach VB, Howl at the Moon

A car with a lot of extra parts stuck on.

It and this new Corvette were in line on the highway; two fast white cars.

My hiking-in-water shoes have a big tear in them.

I last wore them to the beach and they had a ton of sand inside.

It was even all over the back of the car.

The new BMW i8 is so pretty, and you don't see many of them, unlike the Teslas, which you see a lot of.

Nice styling.

I went down to Long Beach for volleyball on Saturday.


Apple hitting.

Apple holding the ball.

Leaping tap over the net.

There's a lot of construction in the background.



Hitting it over.


A bunch of motorcycle crops cruising together.

After moving to this garage, usually a white minivan parks beside, which is great because they park really close to the yellow concrete pillar on the other side, leaving plenty of room for me. I also park really close to the wall, leaving plenty of room for them. Every once in a while this car is there instead, though, and they park closer to the middle, which is really annoying.

You don't always need a professional sign if a home-made one works just as well.

I sent off for a replacement card for my poker deck a few weeks ago.

And just got a new card in the mail, very nice.

Poker at our place. Full house AAA77 vs four of a kind 7777.

We were watching the UFC fights again. Only one table this time.

They're fixing the divider on the highway here.

I think this car had slammed into it, then spun all the way around to the other side of the highway.

I could go buy the book at Goodwill in Orange County, but it would be a minimum two-hour round trip drive, so it's actually cheaper to just order it online.

We wanted to order new laptops on Labor Day. However, the one I wanted was out of stock. It didn't say that until I got all done customizing it and had entered all of my payment and shipping info, which was really annoying.

I emailed them, but they weren't very helpful; they just said if it says out of stock, it's probably out of stock.

It was the cheapest option I could find with all of the specs I wanted (IPS display, Intel i7 processor, 16GB ram, 7200rpm HD) anywhere on the internet, though, so I tried again the next day and the sale went through. I wonder if they just ran out on Labor Day? Hopefully it comes.

Another jerk parker, this time at work. They guy on the left went out of his way to park way over by the wall so another car could fit in easily, which was very nice of him, but then the idiot in the white Mercedes is basically on the line, making it a really tight squeeze anyway.

Best part about Vision Expo in Las Vegas next week? Not free continuing education, not being able to write off a trip to Vegas, not checking out all of the new equipment... it's the free food the vendors give out. Looking through my email: spam, spam, spam, spam, spam, spam, spam... ooh, but there are cupcakes! I will definitely be visiting their booth. Although it's gonna be hard to top the freshly-baked chocolate chip cookies another vendor has had in the past.

I haven't had a phone in like three weeks now, so back to maps on Post-It notes.

I haven't had a phone because even though it got to the hub on Sunday night and was supposed to be delived on Tuesday because Monday was a holiday, it still wasn't there by Wednesday. When I stopped by to ask on Wednesday and Thursday, they said it was supposed to be out on the truck, but the regular delivery person was out on vacation. Well, that's great.

So I waited by the pool until the driver came on Thursday to have him check the truck if he didn't leave it. However, that day he did leave it with the normal mail.

My new phone, the right one on the right. I went to a Sprint store to activate it, but they said they couldn't because it had been taken off the network or something. On Friday I then went online and chatted with a Sprint representative, and she said it had been unlocked to work with a different carrier. She said she'd have a technician check the device and then I'd have to contact them again in 5-7 days to check the status. This is so dumb; it's a CDMA phone, so the whole "won't work on their network" is just something they created to make it harder to switch; there's nothing incorrect with the hardware of the phone. It's so annoying.

There's going to be a lunar eclipse on Sunday, 9/27, so I scouted out a few rooftop locations to see if they'd be good. They weren't, though; there was always crap in the way, like an electrical pole here.

I wonder if they have an anti-spam company.

Hollywood sign and backed-up traffic; so LA.

The sign on the left says no public parking, tenants only, but the sign on the right says retail parking only. Those aren't compatible. I thought maybe there were two separate entrances, but the left is an exit and the right is an entrance.

That's a weird place for an optometry office...

... in the middle of a bunch of apartments. But I guess the office is on the other side, which has retail stores; this back is just for parking.

Fun dresses on the mannequins at Goodwill.

Trashy lingerie, I like it. Don't try to pretend to be something you're not.

A neat mural at this gas station.

Saturday night we went to Howl at the Moon with David and some of his friends.

We bought one of the buckets of alcohol.

Ready to drink.


This woman also came around with shots in syringes and whipped cream.

Ogii full of cream.

Me doing a syringe shot.

Ogii doing a syringe shot.

Everyone doing syringe shots.

And one more.