2015 Oct 04 | videogame party, Roku

Pretty sunrise over the highway.

Didn't have any vegetables in the house for lunch, so I stopped at a grocery store on the way to work to buy some. I brought a couple of tupperware containers to put the corn in, but I spilled a bit of it on the floor of the car. So I had to go back in to the store and buy some water to clean it up because I don't think corn juice is going to smell very good at the end of a hot day.

This woman definitely needs to pay a little more for thinner lenses.

Some people put their household trash in the laundry trash. Come on; the trash chute is only 20 feet away.

My cereal formed a smiley face.

Animal lover.

Hiking lover.

Someone threw a rock through the window at an office I work at.

It's quite large and they threw it hard enough it rolled all the way to the back of the room. The police said there was similar vandalism up and down the street.

The FedEx tracking number for Ogii's computer said it was delivered, except it says Lebanon, TN, not LA.

Looks like it was actually damaged and they need to send out another one. Weird.

I bought a Powerball ticket on Tuesday, checked the numbers that night, saw they didn't match, and threw the ticket away. It wasn't until the next day that I realized they draw for numbers on Wednesday and I had looked at old numbers. Thankfully the Powerball wasn't a 13 or I'd have been digging through the dumpster looking for the ticket.

The guy in front of me wants to go straight. Unfortunately some jerk drove ahead instead of stopping behind the intersection and is blocking both of us now.

Google Maps now shows when some businesses are busy and slow.

My task manager has preset times, but I'm usually up at 6am, so it really needs an "early morning" one.

It's 10:30am and none of these businesses on Melrose are open.

This art gallery also isn't open until 11am. In fact, most of the businesses here open around then. I guess rich housewives don't get up early to go shopping.

The gallery was in the Pacific Design Center.

Neat faucets.

It took me a while to figure out this wasn't a map of where the galleries are located; it just lists them.

Pretty stairs.

Neat old car.

Some interesting sculptures.

There were a variety of very-upscale household stores in here.

Along with art galleries.

This is the one I wanted, although it didn't have very good signage; I walked past it once.

It's pretty dark inside.

And this door just has some freaky recorded noises coming out of it.

Some sort of movie projected onto cutout shapes. I actually think I got there before the employee opened because someone was turning on lights in areas I had already been in. Oh well.

Weird artwork.

The outside of the building is pretty cool looking.

There are actually three buildings: blue, green, and red.

I was sure I had lost this hand when I bet and he called, but somehow ace high was good.

My hand might have been good on the flop, but it's now the absolute worst hand possible.

That's a nice flop.

And he raised me all-in.

He had KK. Exactly what you hope for when you play small pairs.

That 8 was really good for me; now I have a straight.

And we split the pot.

That is not a good flop for me, especially after he reraised me preflop.

I have a straight draw and a flush draw, but I'm only about 30% to win the pot with one card to come, and a pot-sized bet is way too big for me to call.

I believe quads beats two pair.

Top pair not good enough.

Hey, someone parked in my spot. I left a note and he said management told him to park there, but I called management and didn't hear back. Since then he hasn't been in my spot, though.

A patient left some treats for us at work.

Sorry, spider, if you were at home you'd be fine, but I can't have to at work scaring patients.

When I go in to the local pharmacist for a flu shot I like to see what he has available so I know what patients can get easily when I prescribe it.

Someone keyed the side of my car while I was at work, both doors and the back panel. I have some touch-up paint, so I can try that, although I think it'll still be pretty obvious.

The first person to our videogame party wins my old monitor.

We had a decent turnout.

Ogii actually won a game of Mario Party, although I had to tell her what to do on the last turn.


Those are some big bombs.

Another Mario Party.

Gauntlet Legends.

Playing on the Wii.

It's actually a nine-player game, pretty cool.

Not sure what this one says.

We got this new credit card which gives 5% cash back on gas and groceries up to $250 each and up to $750 on Amazon. We spend right around $250 on gas and groceries, so hopefully it works well for those.

I bought a Roku, which attaches directly to the TV and allows you to stream various shows and movies from online stations, like Amazon and YouTube. It also had a free Tetris game.

You can also cast the screen from your phone, iPad, or laptop to it.

It didn't have sound, but it came with headphones you can put into the remote. Not really a long-term solution, though.

The HDMI port it goes into doesn't have sound, but we could plug audio cables in back here...

... and the other end into the remote with an adapter. You have to leave the remote by the TV and you can't use it, then, but if you're just watching a show, it works well.

Also, it's a projection TV, and the red projector is off a bit and causes ghosting. I had tried to fix it when I first bought the TV but couldn't get it correct.

Time to try again since we're messing with TV stuff. First, look up the model number online and see if there are any solutions.

After Googling around a bit, this page explains how to get into the TV's service menu.

However, it's not a nice menu. It's just a bunch of numbers, and I could never tell if I was in the main menu or a submenu or a submenu of one of those, so I had to follow the instructions exactly to get to the correct place. I hit a few wrong buttons and couldn't find my way back for over ten minutes once.

That moved the image, but it went too far to the right.


A lot of garbage sitting on the road downtown. I wonder how often this gets cleaned up.

A patient came into the office. He had had a red eye, went to urgent care, and they gave him antibiotic plus steroid drops to use. A week later it was still red so he came to me. It just looked like pink eye, so I was about to tell him to just keep using the drops and it should resolve in another week or so, but I decided to take a quick look at him instead. It's a good thing I did; it was actually herpes simplex keratitis and the steroid in the drop was actually making it worse. Hopefully some antiviral pills will clear it up for him.

Pretty colors: shiny red and shiny silver.

A giant Sequoia tree.

It's pretty old.

Shu-Ling's sister took these pregnancy photos. Very cool, both the black and white and the colored one.

I'm surprised the voice search spelled his name correctly. I guess he's big enough it knows him.

Haha, Forty Whiners.