2015 Oct 18 | Blade Runner rooftop movie at Montalban

Ogii made some pretty apple desserts shaped like flowers.

They only tasted OK, though. That's not fair; something that looks that good should taste amazing.

It's been super hot and humid lately.

Some bumps I got on my arm.

That sucks; I hope they don't break into our cars.

Road is closed. Filming a movie?


Shopping in a thrift store and see something interesting.

A football with bunch of signatures.

I have no idea if it's worth anything, though, and I don't know any Patriots fans.

This Dollar Tree used to be half Mexican with cheap items, but they changed it and now it's just a regular dollar store. Too bad; the Mexican stuff was more interesting.

Melrose Trading Post, a big flea market.

Neat books made into clocks.

Didn't find anything we needed, though, especially because stuff was more expensive than it would be at a rummage sale.

The table legs are chains.

It's so hard to find The Golden State; the name is tiny and way up on the wall.

Although maybe that's on purpose because they're already pretty crowded.

Good burgers.

That's an interesting way to handle it.

That's really nice printing on expensive paper for a yard sale.

This ramp goes to nowhere. Although it looks like you can open that door, so I wonder if they still ever use it or if it's just closed off now.

Oh come on, park a little closer to the right.

Dumb Google. When I try to search my contacts it brings up all these random people all over the internet.

And it doesn't even find the one who's my contact. Worthless.

Hey, Ogii took a bite out of both toasts; what's up with that? She said it's because she wanted me to have the non-burnt toast but accidentally took a bite out of it. Well, that's nice.

There's also a chunk of this apple missing. She claims it's because the sticker left some sticky residue behind and she chopped it off. I don't know; this is getting suspicious now.

A bunch of people lined up for something.

We've been waiting for Ogii's computer for a month now.

The first one was damaged in transit and they didn't automatically remake and resend it, but now the second one isn't here in the 3-5 days it was supposed to be, either.

This time there's a parts shortage.

I tried calling customer service to see if they could use a different part or something, but I was on hold for over 40 minutes and gave up.

A lot of people getting gas in the evening.

The bumps are a little worse now.

Another problem: our air conditioner is leaking and getting the carpet wet. We called the manager twice, both times he said they'd come to repair it the same day, and both times nobody came. Finally after over a week they fixed it, but now we're worried about mold under the carpet.

An accident right in front of work.

Neat clouds.

We have AT&T at work, but it's really slow. Time Warner is more expensive but it might be worth it because sometimes we can't even look up people's insurance coverage online.

Teaching Ogii rummy. I really hope she doesn't go out soon.

Nope, nice points for me.

She wanted to go to 700 instead of 500. OK. But then I figured I should let her win halfway through the last hand. I had to do some math to figure out how it could look like I was trying to win by putting cards down on the table for points while at the same time keeping enough cards in my hand so that I wouldn't have more than 5 points in case she had less than 90 points.

A garbage truck in front of me. Normally not a big deal.

Except he was leaking liquid and it was getting all over the road and therefore my tires. Yuck.

A new apartment complex going up.

Interesting outfit.

The blimp over the highway with palm trees.

Closer to a tree.

Cumulonimbus clouds over the mountains to the north.

Big tree.

Zoomed in on the sunglasses of the driver in front of us reflected in her rearview mirror.

We went hiking in Wildwood Canyon Park on Thursday night.

This spot had a ton of cacti.

Ogii is the little pink dot back where the trail starts to come down on the right.

A cute little plant at the top.

Us with the sunset. It's been really humid out and the path was quite steep, so we're both sweating like crazy.

The sun going down over Burbank.

You could also see downtown LA from here.

Pretty colors on the clouds.

Us on a bench.

Coming back.

Just a sliver of moon.

Ogii at the entrance of this trail.

We played poker at the Moose Lodge in Burbank afterwards. It was a mix of good players from the Rounders poker group and Moose Lodge members, a little under 40 people total. When it got down to the final table I had a pretty big stack and when it got to the final five I was the chip leader.

When it got down to just two players, we were about equal in chips, so we decided to split first and second place rather than keep playing.

I also had the high hand of the night so I get a free entry into next month's tournament. Nice!

We ate at Tommy's afterwards. Even at one in the morning it was still busy.

That one is pretty funny.

Letting a guy out on a major road during rush hour. Really? They could have easily turn the corner and not blocked traffic.

I saw this Mentos in the chapstick section and decided I wanted it.

Which is interesting, because I would never have thought about buying it if it were in with all the other Mentos in the candy section. Maybe just because it stuck out it was more enticing.

A ton of birds on these wires.

The driver of the blue car stopped inside of the intersection, not just in the crosswalk. At that point, just go through.

Friday night we went to the Montalban theater.

Well, not the actual theater, but the roof.

They show movies up there.

A bar.

Also food.

The guy cooking the burgers right there.

Snacks and tickets.

The projector.

They were playing Danger Zone over and over before the show, even though Top Gun was only one of the other movies they were advertising.

I could see my car from here. Right now someone is parking right beside it, so better watch to make sure he doesn't ding my car.

If you wanted a middle seat you had to get there really early. We were an hour early and still people had reserved all of the central seats. Although they just put their sweaters down on the chairs and then walked around.

A candle on top of film canisters.

It was right by Hollywood Boulevard; you can see the W Hotel.

Us with our food. They also had individual headphones instead of speakers. The headphones were by Hush, the same company that had the silent dance at the Santa Monica pier a while ago.

Here are the stairs down, and there is the parking lot. We could just jump across; it's only a few inches wide.

But it's a long ways down if you slip. We decided to be sissies and walk all the way down and all the way up instead.

Funny Jaws t-shirt.

A nice player on chess.

Dumb Google messaging app. It has some sort of proprietary Hangouts conversation which is automatically uses instead of SMS. However, if the other person doesn't have Hangouts, it won't send it to them and it won't notify you that it didn't get sent. It should just automatically use SMS. Dumb.

A blackjack tournament? How does that even work when there's no real skill involved in the game?

I'd pay $19.05 for an Oktoberfest outfit.

What? Small is the most expensive size?

And X-Large is the cheapest? That's weird. So much for that idea; I'm not paying $50 for one.