2015 Oct 25 | West LA VB, Guy's Night Out, Oktoberfest

Dodge Viper with a spoiler, pretty car.

Ogii: "I bought you a cookie." Me: "Why are there already bites out of it?" Ogii: "I got hungry."

That sucks.

Clouds over downtown.

The roads were closed off downtown.

For quite a ways. I found out it was for Ciclavia, when a bunch of people bicycle.

I'm OK with you unloading your stuff in the street, but move over enough that people can get around.

Clouds over mountains.

Vasquez Rocks.

Another big cloud.

This one was hanging over LA.

It brought a little rain. What are the chances there are no accidents on the way?

Yep, of course not. Traffic was all slowed down around this tow truck...

... which was there to help this smashed car.

The cloud over downtown LA.

It's been a couple of weeks and they still haven't fixed this dryer.

Cleaning the highway. Although you think they'd do it at night since there's less traffic.

Pretty dress at the Cabazon Outlets.

What I came for: 70% off shirts.

Some funky shoes.

Butterfly ones. Hmm, if they're like $40, I'll buy them for Ogii.

Oh, not quite.

This looks like one of the metal sculptures by Ricardo Breceda from Temecula.

I guess that's to get to I-10 west and east, because otherwise it doesn't make much sense.

Another big cloud.

Someone riding a horse in town; not something you'll see in LA.

These shorts at Target were the same except the olive one was a bit more expensive. Well that's annoying; the olive one is the one I want.

We went to watch Crimson Peak and Sicario at the Vineland drive-in movie theater. It was their 60th year.

We definitely have to buy more than $10 in snacks now.

The T-shirt selection.

Good thing Ogii is small; she can fit in a kid's shirt with Minions.

It was really slow because it was a Tuesday night and they were out of napkins. However, I just opened some of the cabinets under the condiments and found some. No need to bother an employee.

A view looking back from the car.

And looking forwards.

My darling.

One of the best thing about this home poker game is the unlimited snacks for $2.

This Cooper Mini wanted to turn, as did a lot of cars behind it. A larger car just went beside me and turned, showing there was plenty of room to do so, yet the Mini stayed there. What a horrible driver.

That'd be a great plate for a surfer.

Aw, the burger joint by Ogii's old apartment is getting turned into a Coffee Bean.

This surplus store has MRE entrees, but just a single entree is $4, which seems quite a lot considering what you're getting; think of how many cans of tuna that would buy.

A white pigeon walking around inside of Home Depot.

The boat on the beach in Playa del Rey has been removed.

And they're digging out the sand where it was.

I wonder if there are toxic pollutants or something.

Volleyball on Thursday night.

I think he got his hands under the ball.

Flat arms.

Punching it over.


Hitting around the blocker.

Serving from behind.

Jump side hit.

Last point of the game; have to jump serve.


And jump serving.

Both sides keeping their eyes on the ball.

Kevin blocking his own teammate so he hits it to the line and not across the court.

Hitting while down.

Jump serve.

Cool silhouette.

And another one.

It's getting darker.

Going up for the ball.

My arm is getting better. I think I knocked off a few scabs bumping the volleyball.

A patient who sells ice cream dropped this off for me as he was passing by.

The 7s and 2s and Zs all kind of look similar.

Friday night was Guy's Night Out at the Bicycle Casino. Last time we showed up a bit after they started and didn't even get to play, so this time we showed up early. They had dancers on the tables and a DJ.

Free drinks.

And free food.

A coupon to draw for a $200 rack every thirty minutes.

The radio show guys were walking around giving out other prizes, too. I don't remember what this guy got but he had to do twenty pushups for it.

This guy at our table won a ticket to Knott's Scary Farm, and the guy just to my left won one of the $200 racks.

A guy excited he won.

We played $2/$3 Texas Hold'em, so most people buy in for $200-$300. I can't imagine who plays the $100/$300 games; that's like a $30,000 buy-in.

A lot of balloons from Party City.

This Mexican family was begging for change outside of Target. Not a good work ethic to instill in your children.

Tents for homeless people on a bridge near downtown.

I wonder what the blimp driver instructions are... "fly around up there"?

Sun going down over palm trees in South Central LA, or as I call them, the ghetto palm trees.

Moon coming up.

We went to Old World for Oktoberfest on Saturday night. They had a live band.

Giant pretzel along with a bratwurst and apple strudel for dinner.

It got crowded fast.

Buying a beer.


We got there really early so we manged to snag a spot at a table.

No space left after an hour or so of opening.

No drinks on the dance floor.

And thus, nobody on the dance floor.

The organizer of the event.

Heidi is still doing contortionist acts even though she's quite old. Up until a few years ago she used to do the acts with her sister, but she has since passed away. Heidi also fell at some point and now limps a little, but she still does her act.

The gals with Heidi.

Doing the chicken dance.

I'm left holding the beer on the side of the dance floor.

The band doing a Village People song.

A few of the people were in German outfits, which were fun to look at.

Gotta finish.

And we're done.

Ogii the farmer.

And me the maid.

I bought these pens for the office.

But they actually write in color, not just black. Well that's worthless.

This patient is really picky with his contacts. Even though he has a huge prescription and can't see better than 20/100 with contacts, he keeps wanting to make tiny changes in his prescription which he says make him see better but doesn't change his visual acuity. The newest ones he said fall out of his eyes more. However, I'm not sure if they even make the version he likes any more or if they have changed the name. Time to order another set and see.

There's still a public pay phone here; you don't see those almost anywhere any more.

Poker at our place on Wednesday night.

We had two tables.

Flopped set versus flush draw. The river made the flush but also made a full house.

Ogii is chip leader; keep it up!

The top three; Ogii got second place.