2007 Dec 30 | skiing

The California DMV keeps sending me letters that I need to prove I have insurance, and I keep sending letters back saying I now live in Texas. I think this is about the 4th letter they've sent.

Birds were all over the parking lot for some reason.

This plant is at the end of a hallway in the optometry school, and it always make me sad. I don't know if it's too heavy to keep itself up, if it needs a larger pot, if it needs more water, or what, but it never looks like it's doing well. On the bright side, it's still alive.

They were showing a daytime talk show in the Dairy Queen while I was eating. Honestly, who watches this crap? This woman had been on the show 5 times and they still hadn't figured out who her baby's daddy was.

Target gave me a $5 gift card when I bought something there. It became more of an annoyance than a benefit because I rarely shop there, and I would forget to take it into the store with me and would only notice it when I got back in the truck.

I love this little shipping center. They can ship UPS, FedEx, DHL, and even USPS, and they don't have the 45-minute line that the post office has.

I went to the law library to get a book, but it was on the upper forum level. There was nobody there to check it out, and all the exits but one had barriers that would beep if I went through them with the book. I went through some doors and then these, which I couldn't re-enter. Now I was in the unloading dock or something. I eventually had to walk all the way around the building and then back into the main library to check the book out.

Southwest now has a specific number that each person gets when they check in, so you can't cheat with the "cut and paste an 'A' on top of your 'C' method" anymore.

Our condo in Winter Park, CO. Having a kitchen was really nice. We went to Safeway the first night and stocked up on groceries.

The living room.

The only slight annoyance was that we had to go into town to get our boots and skis rather than picking them up on the mountain.

Thankfully, they had a very handy free bus service that went all over the town and up to the mountain.

Some of us went to a local bar one night. The night bus that was on our route always had a very nice young bus driver, and she dropped us off right by the bar even though it wasn't on her route. We tried to talk her into coming back at 2am to pick us up, but she turned us down on that.

These are a great idea, but the only part of your foot that gets really cold are the toes, and this doesn't do much for them.

These lockers are so nice. I just left my ski boots at the mountain overnight and wore my tennis shoes. I hate clomping around in those boots.

Right outside the main lodge they had competitions going on so you could sit and watch them.

It was really relaxing to sit in the hot tub after skiing all day.

Tada! I generally hate going out to bars unless there's live music or some other entertainment. If all you're going to do is drink, you might as well stay at home where you can play poker or video games or watch movies or something while you're drinking. It's all about efficiency.

The top of the mountain.

This lift is the only one that goes all the way to the top and it had just opened that weekend. They were apparently still working on a few glitches because it would stop for 5-10 minutes every once in a while. The only time that was really a problem was when our chair was near the top. There weren't any trees to block the wind and it was extremely cold. We kept looking down and saying, "It's not that far; why don't you jump first and we'll follow?"

We went tubing one night, too.

You'd slide down on the right, and then they'd hook your tube onto a revolving rope and it would haul you and your tube back up.

You could hold onto to each other's tubes and go down together.

We ate pre-made lasagna and brownies the third night. After eating mostly sandwiches for lunch and dinner the first two days, everyone was looking forward to it.

The mountain.

Some of the lifts had maps of the mountain built in, which was a great idea.

Neon-orange cammo makes it pretty easy for people to pick you out.

My boots were a little tight, so I took them in and got slightly bigger ones. They rubbed on my right ankle, though. I told the guy working at the ski shop about it, but he said there wasn't anything they could do. I eventually noticed if I didn't step down all the way it wasn't too bad, so I stuffed a folded hat under my heel and it worked perfectly. Later I mentioned this to someone on the lift and he said that a little heel lift would often work wonders, like it was something every skiier knew. I wish I had know that before spending an entire day with my ankle in pain.

This was one of my favorite runs. Most of the black diamond runs had moguls, and I hate moguls, but this run mainly went through trees, which was a lot of fun. Plus there were tons of different mini-paths you could take.

This bowl area at the top of the mountain was fun, too, because you could go down it any way you wanted.

This run had a bunch of baby trees you had to ski around.

Nobody could figure out how to get the channel up and down buttons to work on the remote in the condo, so you just had to type in the numbers of the station. It was pretty annoying, but we got pretty good at it.

And every single person in our condo hit their head on this light at least once.

I don't understand this sign. What does "filing three owners" mean? The most likely thing I can think of is that three guests have filed paperwork to use the firewood, but I'm not sure if that's even close to correct.

At the Denver airport school bands were playing in the main area.

I thought there wouldn't be a single person in line at the Great Lakes counter, but I was wrong.

Not your normal boarding pass; it's just a receipt. The joys of small airlines.

And not your usual passenger list; it's just penciled in.

Oh, yeah, pat them down well. I guarantee they're terrorists. They probably have sawed-off shotguns hidden in the wheels.

A bird was flying around in the airport.

The automatic change machine gave me two dimes and a nickel rather than a quarter. I wonder why; wouldn't 1 coin rather than 3 be easier?

I mentioned to the guy working at the counter that I would prefer and aisle seat, and he said I would get both an aisle and a window seat. I thought he meant there was nobody sitting in the seat beside me; as you can see, I was wrong. Also, you'd think they would mention there's no bathroom before everybody gets on the plane.

It obviously wasn't the warmest airplane, either.

Almost all of these kids are apparently abducted by one of their parents. It's sad that their parents couldn't work out some sort of suitable visitation rights, but at least they're with a parent rather than some maniac killer.

Everybody in Pierre knows Noah.

A neat coffee table.

I wish I would have invested in Zip-Lock before 9/11.

I've called the numbers on these annoying supermarket coupon mailings and asked them to stop, but that doesn't do any good at all. There is always a huge stack of them on top of the trash cans on the day they are put in our mailboxes, too, so not too many people are using them.