2015 Nov 08 | Button Mash, Extra Life videogame marathon

How can a pizzeria be out of bread?

I don't even understand how a shirt can have 24 different looks.

This is a podcast on photography. The earlier shows had good descriptions.

The newer ones are just full of ads.

Even the super-short descriptions of the earlier ones were better.

Because the new ones just have the same starting crap on each one.

I can't believe I have to sign in to text. Dumb Hangouts program.

I ordered these little hooks on October 17th; estimated delivery is November 12th to December 1st. They were supposed to arrive in three days. Dumb Amazon.

Watching the World Series of Poker. Those are some scary starting hands.

I got a cold sore and looked into some medications.

All of the studies agree penciclovir works best, acyclovir next, and Abreva was worthless.

Healio, which comes up when you Google cold sore treatments in general, used the study data.

Same with webMD. Although it says OTC meds may help a bit, but by only a couple of hours or a day, so that's kind of iffy.

Oh, well so much for getting penciclovir.

And the same for acyclovir. It's not worth $150 let alone $700 for a couple of days.

I thought about driving down to Tijuana to buy them instead, but it's too long of a drive. If I happened to know someone going there for another reason, though, it'd be worth it to ask them to grab some for me.

The day after Halloween right as Walmart opened, people were swarming the discount Halloween stuff. Not quite Black Friday levels, but still pretty crazy.

This Asian guy just spit in the middle of the aisle and kept walking.

It was huge. I know many Asians spit all the time wherever they want in Asia, but come on, this is America; at least call someone to clean it up.

The New Beverly Cinema always has cool old shows.

On Friday the 13th they're doing an eight-movie Friday the 13th Marathon. Fun idea, but I have to work.

Ogii was watching Arabela one night, which was a Czech TV series she watched as a kid. When I Googled it I put another "L" in there, though, and got this.

Honestly, I think I prefer the other Arabella.

Cool profile picture of a guy on Meetup.

Ogii and I bought some journals to write our goals in. Not too expensive, but a little nicer, with buffalo-leather covers and hand-made paper.

Lots of hummingbirds at breakfast.

Five at one point. The one cheeps a lot.

I got moved back to the farther apartment complex parking. However, this spot is insane; I had to move back and forth a few inches at a time for like 5-10 minutes until I could turn out of this spot when I parked inside the lines, so I have to park a bit out of them to be able to get in and out with only around 10 back-and-forths and turns instead of 100.

The Silver plan isn't too much more than the bronze plans and it's much better benefits and much cheaper if something catastrophic happens, so we went with that.

Optional dental and vision plans.

The vision is crap; it's cheaper to just pay for an exam and glasses or contacts out of pocket for the year.

The dental I don't understand as well, but figured we might as well get something in case something expensive happens. Although it says some of the procedures have a six-month waiting requirement, which is pretty insane if your tooth hurts.

I bought this cleaner but the push cap was missing. That makes it worthless.

Big storm cloud.

It looks like Cooper is going to require you to sell contacts to get trials of some of them. But if I use trials, I obviously prescribe them, so why does it matter if the patient buys them from us or elsewhere? Cooper still makes money either way.

Demodex mites on the eyelids has gotten big in the past few years, and there hasn't really been a good way to treat it; all of the tea tree oils that are sold are too strong, so you have to cut it down yourself. Now it looks like Ocusoft is making some swab sticks, which is nice.

Always nice to see flowers and "have a nice day" on a fax.

Super-bright rubber balls in a Mexican grocery store.

Not a good night for Ogii and me at poker. I flopped a set and the other player flopped a straight. I flopped another straight and another player made a straight. Then on this hand I went all-in preflop with QQ and got called by JJ and K9. Of course a K and a J come on the flop and I don't make a straight. Then a few minutes later Ogii went all-in preflop with QQ, got called by A3, and the flop was A35. Not a good night for queens for us.

Since we busted out of the tournament early, we went to the new Asian fusion restaurant plus arcade in Echo Park, Button Mash.

There was actually a waiting line even on Thursday night. Thankfully it wasn't too long.

Crowded inside.

Pictures of Toejam and Earl.

Pinball machines out front.

Me playing Medieval Madness.

Beside those was a little room we thought was an office but actually was a store.

Selling hipster video-game stuff at not-very-cheap prices. I think they'd be better off putting more games in here instead.

The bar.

The restaurant.

Ogii playing a Michael Jackson game.

Another table in the back.


We played NBA Jam together but Ogii had no idea what to do, so that was a little too frustrating for both of us.

On a motorcycle game.

I played a couple games of Street Fighter with a few different guys; fun.

A Pac-Man game where you can jump.

The old Mario Bros.

A group of guys on NBA Jam.

A cat sitting on the hood of a car in our parking garage.

Ogii bought us some new toothbrushes, although my green one is a little too pastel; I'd prefer brighter.

We had another video game party on Saturday night.

It was part of the Extra Life Gaming Marathon, where they collect donations and give them to the Children's Miracle Network. A few of them played and streamed it online for 24 hours, from 8am on Saturday to 8am on Sunday.

Mario Party.

Press Your Luck.

Uh oh, Whammy.

The fun little animations from the TV show are in the game, too.

No chance of winning now.

The players.

Tekken in the front, Mario Kart in the back.

Tekken and a board game from the other direction.

Mario Kart.

Wine, rum, and games.

They were playing a lot of even older games on the computers, like Sonic.


A lot of people smashed in there.

Most people left around midnight but a few guys stayed until morning. Ogii and I both slept and then Ogii made everyone breakfast in the morning.

We got a $150 coupon to use at Dell. Maybe this monitor for $600?

Although it's almost as cheap on Amazon without the coupon as it is on Dell with the coupon, and I don't trust Dell with shipping any more.

Maybe this cheap computer for $350?

Again, almost as cheap on Amazon, at least a used one; only $20 more than a new one through Dell with the coupon. It's hard to compete with Amazon.

Amazon also gave me some $25 appstore credit, but you have to buy the apps through Amazon, which I never do.

I wonder why Google Navigation wants me to leave the highway and then come back on? It it just some glitch?

Ah, nope, there's an actually accident on the highway. I wish it would have pointed that out on the previous screen.

Google Navigation also wants me to turn onto Columbia and then turn left onto 6th. However, I used to live there, and I know that's a really hard turn to make in rush hour because there's no light; you'll often be stuck there for quite a while. They really need to figure that out better.

Barely won this chess game on time; 0.1 second left.

Always love the king and rook forks with knights.

Free pawn first...

And then I get his rook. This is one reason you want to move your knights out.

I think theoretically he should win this, as he has pawns on both sides of the board, but it's close.

Except I let one of his pawns slip away and I can't get my bishop over there to stop it any more.

Early queen attack.

Although he got greedy with it instead of getting it out of there and now I trapped it.