2015 Nov 15 | Health Fairs, WSOP and UFC poker, Wi Spa

Big clouds.

Accident on the highway causing a big traffic jam.

Wow, that car is destroyed.

I hope they lived.


Star Wars fan, but not sure about the 15.

Palm trees and traffic.

The blimp.

This exit ramp is closed, but thankfully the local streets are almost as fast for where I'm going.

We had the annual Feria de Salud health fair again.

This year they moved it from Olvera Street to the county hospital.

Which resulted in much fewer attendees; in the past we saw 200-300, this year we only saw around 85.

Also, because our contact person for the event was no longer with the American Diabetes Association, I didn't hear about it until two weeks in advance. By then, all of the other optometrists and students who usually volunteer were attending other events, so none of them could make it.

It worked out OK, though, because a lot of students from the Los Angeles College of Nursing were volunteering, so they helped out with checking vision.

Nini from the office also came.

Explaining the results to an attendee.

There were dancers at a nearby stage as well.

Little girls dancing.

They came by to get their vision checked, too.

The front of the building.

A colorful tree.

Sunday night we watched the final table of the World Series of Poker and played poker.

We played a tournament based on the TV show Shark Cage, where if you bluff on the river and get called, you get sent to the "shark cage" for an orbit, and if you bluff and the opponent folds, they go instead. Jesse was the first one in the cage.

Aw, one of his hands while he was in the cage was JJ.

Straight versus flush on TV.

Set vs set vs straight on our table.

I was the chip leader at one point.

Although Katelyn caught back up to me with this hand, and then she went on to win while I got second place.

A hand in cash afterwards: I made a straight flush versus a full house.

Cool phone cover.

I like this one.

These lid things are a nice idea but never seem to work well.

What's this? No Monopoly? Bah.

Big clouds.

Following along on Twitter to the action on the WSOP final table when it was down to three players.

The final hand.

The winner got $7.5 million.

11:11:11 on 11/11.

We got a new electronic health records system at one office. There's just so much stuff to wade through. "Chases the dragon?" Really?

Got moved to a different parking spot; of course some maintenance guy parks in it in the middle of the day.

We went to Wi Spa, a Korean spa just a couple of blocks away from our apartment, on Thursday night.

The big coed area.

With lots of different saunas on the sides.

A rooftop area.

Love the TVs everywhere with various sports games on. There was even one in the male sauna.

One of the coed saunas.

Us in the ice sauna.

Playing chocolate Monopoly.

I think something's wrong with the spinner; we landed on no orange or pink spaces.

Yep, it's not clicked into the paper.

I had fewer properties worth more money...

... while Ogii had more properties with less money. I'd normally win the game, but in this case, she gets to eat more chocolate, so she's the winner in this version.

Haagen-Dazs ice cream bars.

Friday we went to the Midnight Mission in skid row for their Veterans Stand Down event.

Color guard.

The mayor's wife speaking.

We were in the gym with a variety of other groups.

We were doing vision screenings.

Me talking to one of the participants.

Google Maps shows gas prices; I can't believe these two are a block away from each other but have a $0.70 difference in price.

I never knew there was a Five Guys by USC; it's on the corner and kind of blends in.

Dumb drivers during rush hour who turn without realizing they can't fit into the lane; now they're blocking all of us.

A Whole Foods just opened up in downtown near Ralph's; I wonder how that'll do there.

Saturday night we watched UFC 193 and had a low stakes cash poker game.

The winning kick.

Ronda knocked out.

And the crowd goes wild.

We gave away gifts to whoever was closest to the winning fighter and time of each fight.

Ooh, I have a great queen and rook fork with knight.

Unfortunately, I moved too fast and moved my pawn instead.

And he got my knight for free.

He's getting pretty aggressive.

Although I'm close to trapping his queen.

Got it on the next move with my bishop.

Queen and rook for with a bishop.

It looks like I won on time.

But the game says he won on time; I guess I must have a bad connection, even though it says I have four bars in the top right.

Now it says I only have one bar, and even though I'm moving very quickly, I have almost no time left because of the bad connection.

So annoying.

A sneaky move in these 1-minute games if the opponent is moving too fast in the beginning: move my bishop here.

If he plays too slowly, I get his bishop and his rook. Although if he plays just a touch slower, I lose a bishop, so it's a big gamble.

He's sacrificing a bishop for a pawn to get my king to move.

Although I can just move my pieces around and basically end up castled with a loss of a few tempo.